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Written by: Katie Begley

    Starting an LLC is an exciting step for your business. Whether you are starting something brand new or getting your legal structure set up for an existing business, working with an LLC service can help you save money and make sure that your paperwork is in order. With a plethora of options on the market, it’s important to find the right fit for your business needs as you get ready to take the leap to LLC ownership.

    Read our guide to the best LLC services to decide which partner is best for your business.


    Our Picks for the Best LLC Services
    Best Overall (#1 Pick)

    Visit ZenBusiness

    $39 + state fees

    Best for Free LLC Formation

    Visit IncFile

    $0 – $299 + state fees

    Best for Premium Service

    Visit NorthWest Registered Agent

    $37 – $225 + state fees

    Best for Business Partnerships

    Visit IncAuthority

    $0 – $399 + state fees

    Best for Multiple Legal Services

    Visit LegalZoom

    $79 – $349 + state fees

    ZenBusiness 4.8/5

    $39 + state fees

    ZenBusiness is StateRequirement's top-ranked LLC formation service for its affordable price options, great customer support, and easy-to-use setup interface. Whether you are starting a business for the first time or a seasoned business owner who is looking to take some of the paperwork requirements off your plate, ZenBusiness has an option that will work for your needs and budget.

    Best LLC Services

    IncFile – Best for Free LLC Formation

    For business owners looking for the most economical LLC formation option, the free services offered through IncFile provide the essentials that you need to create your LLC with the state for free. You will need to pay state fees, which are standard with any LLC formation, and vary by state. The Learning Center helps you understand the ins and outs of running an LLC, from annual compliance requirements to bookkeeping and payroll. Just be ready for frequent up-sells and pricey add-on services if you decide to get more help later in the process.

    IncFile services start at $0 – $299 + state fees

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    Northwest Registered Agent – Best for Premium Service

    If you are willing to pay a little more for the best in service and protection, Northwest Registered Agent is one of the most privacy-conscious LLC service providers around. Their Privacy by Default® service ensures that your personal information is never shared or sold, protecting your business interests and privacy. Their customer service is also one of the top-rated, with knowledgeable Corporate Guides available to answer questions and walk alongside your business at every step. This is one of the more expensive LLC service options, although you do get premium services and support. They do offer a monthly subscription-based service, which starts at a lower up-front cost.

    Northwest Registered Agent services start at $37 – $225 + state fees

    Inc Authority – Best for Business Partnerships

    You may be looking to establish multiple business services, such as payroll, bookkeeping, or banking. Inc Authority has partnerships with top business providers such as Quickbooks and Bank of America, offering exclusive deals and customized support to set up these valuable tools. If you want to take advantage of other offers to get your business up and running when setting up your LLC, consider one of the budget-friendly options from Inc Authority. They do offer a free LLC formation service (plus state fees) but their package pricing is a bit confusing. It’s best to talk to a customer service rep to outline your needs and see which services are the right fit for you.

    Inc Authority services start at $0 – $399 + state fees

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    If you want comprehensive legal services and document preparation, LegalZoom is a great place to find everything from LLC formation to wills and trusts. You can even work to legally protect your intellectual property or get contracts for tenants and landlords. With so many services offered, however, it’s hard to get the personalized service you may want from such a broad company. The prices are alright to start but do increase quite a bit as you go to higher-tier plans.

    LegalZoom services start at $79 + state fees

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    ZenBusiness Service

    Our top recommendation for LLC formation service, ZenBusiness is the perfect balance of great service, budget-friendly pricing, and continuous user support. If you want to work with a company that will take your business from formation to growth, ZenBusiness is the way to go.

    ZenBusiness Pros

    • Affordable Pricing – ZenBusiness offers some of the best pricing for comprehensive LLC formation packages. If you are looking for the best value, this company can’t be beaten.
    • Ongoing Support – Running an LLC requires annual reports and compliance filing. ZenBusiness offers all of these services and more to help you focus on running your business instead of buried in state and federal paperwork.
    • User-friendly Setup – We have found that setting up your LLC with ZenBusiness is one of the simplest, most user-friendly interfaces on the market. Their annual compliance outlines are also particularly helpful to make sure all business owners understand the next steps.

    ZenBusiness Cons

    • Customer Service Unavailable on Saturdays – If you are turning your side hustle into an LLC, chances are you work on the weekends. Zen Business’ customer service is not available on Saturdays, which may present a problem for some business owners.
    • Up-Sells After Formation – No matter which formation package you choose, ZenBusiness will offer additional services after your LLC is formed. Most of these offer great value but can be more expensive when purchased as an add-on.
    • More Expensive than DIY – It is cheaper to DIY your LLC formation than pay for service through ZenBusiness. Some companies also offer free formation services. ZenBusiness has one of the best values for the service that you get, however.

    ZenBusiness Summary

    Our number one LLC formation recommendation is ZenBusiness. This company provides top-level service and support while still maintaining a budget-friendly price. If you want the best value for your money, ZenBusiness is the choice for you.

    Other companies offer free LLC formation services but end up charging more in the long run for ongoing support and services. ZenBusiness doesn’t have a free option, but their packages all include valuable services that will keep you coming back as a satisfied customer.

    The company offers three package levels: Starter, Pro, and Premium. All packages come with a year of Registered Agent service. The Pro Package is especially great for those who want everything set up with their state and the IRS initially so that they can get their business running from the very first day.

    ZenBusiness also offers a 100% accuracy guarantee for every customer. If your documents are not prepared or submitted correctly, the company will ensure that they are corrected without any disruption to your business.

    ZenBusiness Service

    This LLC formation service offers great value for basic LLC setup, ongoing support, and compliance filing, as well as additional packages and services; perfect for business owners who want great service at a great price.

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    IncFile Service

    For the most budget-conscious business owners, the free LLC formation service from IncFile is hard to beat. While additional services can add up when purchased a la carte, IncFile also offers packages that provide everything you need to get your business created and operating.

    IncFile Pros

    • Easy to Understand Interface – IncFile walks you through creating your LLC with the state as part of their free package, then adding on getting an EIN with the IRS and filing your annual compliance paperwork.
    • Lots of Freebies – Filing your LLC paperwork with your state is free with IncFile. They also offer a year of free Registered Agent service. With additional resources and education available on their website for free, it’s easy to become a savvy business owner without paying more than the required state fees.
    • Learning Center – This database of resources can help you learn everything you need to know about running a business as well as industry-specific information for businesses like food trucks, retail, and others. You do need to create a free IncFile account to access most of these downloadable packets, however.

    IncFile Cons

    • Frequent Up-Sells – While the most basic LLC formation service is free (plus state fees), IncFile relies heavily on pricey add-on services to reach their own bottom line. Be ready for frequent up-sells that may be more expensive than opting for one of their packages from the beginning.
    • A La Carte Services Cost More – If you know that you will want more than just basic LLC formation with your state, consider one of IncFile’s higher-tier packages. These options cost more up-front but almost always result in greater savings in the long run compared to their a la carte services.
    • State Fees Required – All business owners are required to pay state formation fees when creating an LLC, so this is not unique to IncFile. Their advertising may mislead some customers, however, who are expecting to get everything they need, including filing with the state, for free.

    IncFile Summary

    IncFile is a fantastic LLC formation option for business owners who want to save the most money while still getting some professional help getting their LLC formed with their state. If you want any additional services, however, this formation service doesn’t offer the top value or the best customer service. Starting with IncFile to get your initial paperwork completed then upgrading to a higher package down the road may be a cost-friendly way to take advantage of their free services.

    The Learning Center through IncFile is a great free resource for business owners of all types. You will need to create a free IncFile account and deal with the resulting targeted marketing that will come to your email. As long as you can say no to costly a la carte services while still taking advantage of the company’s free resources, you have nothing to lose by accessing these downloadable guides.

    IncFile Service

    For business owners who want the most cost-friendly state LLC formation option, IncFile’s free filing service is a great choice.

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    Northwest Registered Agent Service

    For a high-end LLC formation option that offers the best of everything, Northwest Registered Agent is ready to walk you through creating your LLC and offers ongoing support. The prices of packages and a la carte services match their high level of service.

    Northwest Registered Agent Pros

    • Privacy by Default® Service – Northwest Registered Agent takes customer privacy and support seriously. They always put their company address and contact information on documents when possible and never sell your information.
    • Outstanding Customer Service – When you work with Northwest Registered Agent, your assigned Corporate Guide is available anytime to answer questions and make sure that your business needs are met.
    • Free Resources – All state and federal regulations are referenced in every one of Northwest Registered Agent’s numerous free resources. This helps business owners learn the ins and outs of running their own business while also staying in compliance with the state and federal governments.

    Northwest Registered Agent Cons

    • Expensive – Premium services cost premium prices. The higher cost of Northwest Registered Agent is enough to turn some customers toward more budget-friendly options from their competitors.
    • Monthly Service Costs More – For a lower upfront cost, Northwest Registered Agent offers a monthly VIP service that includes everything you need to create your LLC and keep up to date with your business needs going forward. It is more costly in the long run than their annual service, however.
    • Expensive Add-On Services – Like most LLC formation companies, purchasing a la carte services is the most expensive option to form and grow your new business. With prices already on the higher side, going with add-on options from Northwest Registered Agent is one of the most costly ways to run your business.

    Northwest Registered Agent Summary

    One of the most expensive ways to create your LLC is through Northwest Registered Agent. If premium service and data security are top priorities for your business, the higher cost of this high-end service may be worth the corresponding higher prices.

    The Privacy by Default® guarantee applies to all packages, a la carte services, and correspondence with Northwest Registered Agent. Whenever possible, they will always put their own address and contact information down to ensure your privacy and protection. Registered Agent services are included for every customer, which comes with their famous customer service and support.

    If you want the option to pay monthly for Registered Agent, LLC formation, and other services, the monthly VIP package from Northwest Registered Agent offers everything you may need for a reasonable monthly cost. This option does end up being more expensive than if you paid the upfront annual fee, but may work better for some businesses.

    Northwest Registered Agent Service

    Premium service and data security combine with this highly-regarded LLC formation service. Just be ready for some premium pricing to go along with their great service.

    Inc Authority Service

    With another free LLC formation option, Inc Authority offers services for business owners who want to get started on a budget. Their professional partnerships with other top business service providers can also result in discounts and customized support that works for your business’ needs.

    Inc Authority Pros

    • Free Formation Option – If you opt for this basic state LLC formation service, all you need to pay are the required state fees. It doesn’t include any extras but is a great way to get started for very little overall cost.
    • Outstanding Customer Service – Inc Authority has one of the best reputations for great customer service. Many of their almost 6,000 reviews credit their customer support team as the reason they have remained loyal and happy Inc Authority clients.
    • Partnerships – With partnerships with top business service providers like Quickbooks and PayPal, you can enjoy additional benefits with these companies when forming your LLC with Inc Authority.

    Inc Authority Cons

    • Frequent Up-Sells – The marketing team at Inc Authority is aggressive, with targeted ads, email and phone follow-up, and frequent up-sells once they have your contact information. It’s best to have an idea of your budget before working with them so that you don’t exceed your cost limits or business needs.
    • Exclusive Banking Partnership – Inc Authority works exclusively with Bank of America to offer business banking recommendations and services. If you plan to work with another bank, you won’t be able to take advantage of the customized business banking specialists as part of your Inc Authority plan.
    • Confusing Pricing – Inc Authority heavily promotes their free LLC formation option, with additional add-on services marketed later in the process. They do have package deals that can save money overall, but the pricing structure is hard to find and understand.

    Inc Authority Service Summary

    The business partnerships available through Inc Authority offer a great addition to their free LLC formation plan. If you plan to use Quickbooks, PayPal, or another of their partner services, the business specialists at Inc Authority can make custom recommendations on how to make the most of these business services.

    Be prepared for some aggressive sales tactics when you create your LLC through Inc Authority. They emphasize their free LLC formation service to get customers in the door, then offer costly add-on services later in the process of formation.

    Inc Authority does offer a couple of additional business plans, including getting your website domain name set up, but it’s hard to find the pricing structure to see how much money you can actually save compared to their a la carte services added on to the basic free plan. If you know that you want to set up additional parts of your business’ operations with a company, your best option is to speak with a customer support rep directly.

    Inc Authority Service

    For businesses that want comprehensive recommendations and partnerships with other professional services, Inc Authority can set up your LLC and get your other business needs met.

    LegalZoom Service

    For a broad offering of legal services, you can find almost anything that you need offered through LegalZoom. You won’t get a customized or concierge experience, but if you need the basics to form your LLC and don’t have a lot of questions, this company may be the perfect fit.

    LegalZoom Pros

    • Comprehensive Legal Services – You can find everything from LLC formation to personal wills and trusts under the LegalZoom umbrella. If you want a one-stop shop for all of your legal documents, it’s hard to beat their comprehensive offerings.
    • Basic Services Are Affordable – The introductory tier LLC formation services are affordable, although they do just cover the basics. Any additional documents or services cost extra.
    • Offers Ongoing Legal Advice – You can pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to legal services and advice as you navigate your growing business. This service is ideal for those who have continuing legal questions or will be taking advantage of the many other legal document preparation work through LegalZoom.

    LegalZoom Cons

    • Large Network – LegalZoom offers a broad range of document preparation but they don’t dive deep into one particular area or offer personalized service for their customers. Be prepared to be shuffled from one step to the next without a lot of customized interaction.
    • Top Tiers Are Expensive – The basic LLC formation is budget-friendly, but if you want to add on any additional documents or need a faster processing time, the overall cost will jump up quickly. The top-tier packages are more expensive than many of those offered by other companies without providing any additional value.
    • Fast Processing Costs the Most – The basic LLC formation processing time is 30 days, longer than most other options on the market. But to get faster processing times of 15 or 10 days, you will need to pay twice as much or more.

    LegalZoom Summary

    Many customers know and trust LegalZoom for document preparation. Whether it’s taking advantage of their business services or using them for personal use, the broad range of offerings sets LegalZoom apart from other companies. This expansive service, however, often means that customers get less customization as they move through the process.

    The legal services offered through LegalZoom are some of the most comprehensive on the market, with everything from LLC formation to intellectual property protection. You can do all of this, as well as personal documents like wills and trusts, under one legal umbrella and using one interface. For those who want to take care of everything in one place, LegalZoom is a great option.

    The pricing for LegalZoom is only okay, with the top-tier packages costing more without bringing a lot more value other than faster processing times. If you can deal with longer processing times, you can keep your costs in a very reasonable range.

    LegalZoom Service

    For a one-stop company that can handle all of your legal needs, LegalZoom has everything from business formation to personal legal documents. These services are broader than they are deep and you’ll have to pay quite a bit more for anything beyond basic document preparation.

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    Ready for form your LLC?

    $39 + state fees

    For the best balance of value and service, ZenBusiness is our top recommended LLC formation company. They offer multiple packages that offer outstanding services without blowing your budget. The 100% accuracy guarantee for all customers will help you know that you are getting the best service available to keep your business running.

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