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Inc Authority Review

Working with an LLC formation service can help get your business off the ground by taking some of the paperwork and filing requirements off of your shoulders, leaving you free to focus on your business. There are a lot of LLC formation options available, with each providing different services at both budget and premium prices.

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Inc Authority – 3.9 / 5

Inc Authority provides great customer service and features, all with a free LLC formation option. The add-ons can be expensive, however, so consider a money-saving bundle if you know you want these extra services.

Inc Authority ($0- $399 + state fees)

Inc Authority Pros and Cons

Inc Authority Pros

  • Free Formation Option– Inc Authority has a free formation plan for businesses who want the most basic service without paying for any extras beyond what is required by their state. The free formation option waves any service fees and overhead, only requiring clients to pay the state registration fees. This is a great way to get your business started with very little up-front cost.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Many clients who have set up LLCs with Inc Authority credit their amazing customer service as the reason they continue to use this company for their ongoing business needs, like Registered Agent services and annual compliance. With 96% of their 5,800 reviews on TrustPilot being Excellent or Great, Inc Authority is one of the top-rated LLC formation services out there.
  • Partnerships – Inc Authority has numerous partnerships with top business service providers, such as Quickbooks and PayPal. If you already use these services, setting up your LLC with Inc Authority may come with some additional perks that you can use to streamline or improve your business operations.

Cons of Inc Authority

  • Frequent Up-sells – While it is free to use the free formation option, prepare to be targeted for additional services before you even finish your registration. Less than five minutes after I input my email and phone number, a customer service rep was leaving me messages and sending me emails trying to get my business. Inc Authority’s goal is to provide great service so that they become an integral part of your business operations. This isn’t necessarily a problem but does result in frequent calls, emails, and up-sells to try to sell you more services.
  • Exclusive Banking Partnership – Inc Authority has an exclusive partnership with Bank of America when it comes to business banking. If you like Bank of America’s service, this can work out great for you. But a lack of competition for banking business doesn’t always result in the best options offered for customers. You are not required to use Bank of America, but any financial consultations that Inc Authority advertises go through Bank of America and focus on their products.
  • Confusing Pricing – It takes quite a bit of navigation through the website to find the package options, with the majority of marketing pointing users to the free formation option. This is designed to get customers signed up and then turn them into paying customers down the road. If you are okay with some additional fees for add-ons later, then this isn’t an issue for you. For some customers, however, it is unnecessarily complicated and feels a bit like a bait and switch.

Should I form an LLC with Inc Authority?

We recommend Inc Authority for business formation if you know what you want and aren’t prone to being talking into more expensive services that don’t actually fit your needs. Their packages are all priced well and include great features, but the sales tactics used by the company seemed more aggressive than supportive.

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Inc Authority Pricing and Packages

There are three main tiers when working with Inc Authority to form an LLC. The company pushes its free formation option, which sounds like the best deal for most new business owners. While it does cover the basic essential steps to form an LLC in your state, there are a few key items that are not included, such as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is required by the IRS. If you choose the free formation option, Inc Authority will market these additional services frequently, with a goal to turn you into a long-term paying customer.

If you know that you will need additional services, such as an EIN, email, and website, and other business services, choosing one of the bundles offered by Inc Authority can save quite a bit of money over paying for these add-ons after you opt for the free formation plan.

Inc Authority Starter Business Bundle

Most businesses will get the most value out of the Starter Business Bundle. This package includes:

  • Verifying Business Name Availability
  • Custom State Filed Articles
  • Complete Operating Agreement/Bylaws
  • Record Book & Company Seal
  • Initial Meeting Minutes & Resolutions
  • Ownership Certificates
  • IRS Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Business Credit & Funding Evaluation
  • Tax Consultation
  • 1 Year Success Advisor

To get your business started with the state and federal government, you are required to submit your business’ Articles of Organization and application, as well as have an EIN. To set up a business bank account, most banks require an Operating Agreement/Bylaws and a Banking Resolution as well. This bundle takes care of all of these documents, which allows you to get started on growing your business from the very beginning.

Many of the consultations and evaluations provided through Inc Authority are in partnership with specific businesses and organizations, such as Bank of America. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t reputable businesses that offer good services and reasonable prices. But it does mean that any consultation or advice you receive will be geared towards working with these businesses, which may not be the right fit for you.

The Success Advisor does offer great value, especially if you are starting a new business and have a lot of questions. For an entire year, you will have unlimited phone and email support through your Success Advisor, who can answer questions and direct you to resources dealing with taxes and accounting, the IRS, state licenses, payroll, lawsuits, and business banking.

The price for the Starter Business Bundle is not listed on Inc Authority’s website. The company really pushes customers to their free formation service, clearly hoping that you will pay for extra services a la carte. I was able to get a quoted price of $356.90 on the phone, which included my state fees of $127States set their own registration fees, typically between $40 and $520. The Starter Business Bundle is a good value, even if it does take some digging to get to it.

Who is the Inc Authority Starter Business Bundle Best For?

Businesses that need everything set up to get up and running with their state authority and the federal government. The extra consultations and advisors can also help you take the next steps to start growing your business.

Try Inc Authority Starter Business Bundle

Inc Authority Executive Business Bundle

If a business website is on your to-do list, the Executive Business Bundle can lock down your domain name when you first register your LLC. Many businesses want a website name that is easy to remember and find, often choosing their business name or some simple variation. If you wait too long between registering your LLC and setting up your website, another business may take the domain name. This leaves you to choose between settling for a website name that is not as good or going through the lengthy process to rename your LLC.

Pricing for the Executive Business Bundle was not listed on the website. A Business Startup Specialist advertised it as included in the Starter Business Bundle, which is a great deal. Make sure to get a personalized consultation before purchasing this higher tier bundle, as the additional services may be better added to the Starter Business Bundle.

Who is the Inc Authority Executive Business Bundle Best For?

Businesses who want to secure their preferred website domain name when registering their LLC. Talk to your business startup specialist to see if you can get this service included for free.

Try Inc Authority Executive Business Bundle

Inc Authority Tycoon Business Bundle

For the fastest LLC formation, the Tycoon Business Bundle from Inc Authority offers expedited processing in states that offer it. This does add to the overall cost to form your LLC and will vary by state. This highest tier option from Inc Authority also includes BizCredit Express. These extra services are designed to help you establish, grow, and understand your business credit.

Remember that Inc Authority has an exclusive partnership with Bank of America, so these features will be tailored toward their offerings and accounts. If you plan to use a different bank, you may not be able to take advantage of a lot of the services included, such as pre-approval for business credit and Inc Authority’s credit-building system.

Like all of Inc Authority’s packages, the price was not listed on the website. It took some digging to get a quote, mostly because the overall costs are so variable based on state fees. If you want to take advantage of some of the most comprehensive services offered at Inc Authority, your best plan is to talk to a Business Startup Specialist to get the best deal for your set of business needs.

In North Carolina, the Tycoon Business Bundle adds $200 to the overall cost of LLC formation to have an LLC formed within 3 days instead of the standard 10 day processing time. This is not a significant time difference for most and not always worth the higher cost. If forming your LLC right away is a priority, it is nice to have this option available.

Who is the Inc Authority Tycoon Business Bundle Best For?

Businesses that want the fastest processing to get their LLC formed or those who want to start growing by establishing business credit right away.

Try Inc Authority Tycoon Business Bundle

Inc Authority Reviews Across the Web


TrustPilot ranks Inc Authority 4.8/5. They have an impressive 5,835 reviews, with 96% of customers rating them Excellent or Great.

Endorsed by Shark Tank’s Daymond John

Inc Authority is Shark Tank’s Daymond John’s official business formation partner.

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We rank Inc Authority as #4 in our review of the Top LLC Services. Other services that competed against Inc Authority were:

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Ready to form your LLC for a low up-front cost?

The features included in the free LLC formation service really are second-to-none at this price point. Just be ready for some marketing aimed at getting you to purchase expensive add-ons as you go. If you know that you want additional features, consider the Starter Business Bundle or another package for the best deal overall.

Inc Authority ($0- $399 + state fees)

Inc Authority Review FAQ

Is Inc Authority legit?

Yes, Inc Authority provides legitimate business formation services and has over 5,800 reviews from happy customers. This is one of the highest-rated LLC formation services in the industry. Their customer service is cited by many clients as the reason that they have been happy with their experience, with business startup specialists available to answer questions during the LLC formation process and a Success Advisor available for a year after formation to help.

Does Inc Authority act as a Registered Agent?

Yes, the Success Advisor acts as the Registered Agent for your business. They can also answer questions that will help your business grow, including pointing you to resources for tax advice, website creation, and other business needs. This service is included with LLC formation through Inc Authority.

What Does a Success Advisor Do?

One of the top-rated aspects of working with Inc Authority is its fantastic customer service. This mostly comes from the Success Advisor who helps you get your LLC off the ground. Covering everything from IRS requirements to how to navigate your state’s licensing system, the Success Advisor can answer questions or point you to other resources and professionals. Inc Authority does have professional partnerships that they promote, so some of the resources that you get are tailored to working with these partners.

Why is Inc Authority Free?

Inc Authority definitely points customers in the direction of their free LLC formation service. This includes the essentials that you need to register as an LLC with your state. What is not mentioned is the additional extras that you will likely want to purchase after you take advantage of the free stuff, which can quickly add up for a higher overall cost. These add-on services are extremely useful for new businesses who want to take administrative paperwork off their plate, although you can DIY many of them for free. If your budget is the most important priority for your business, use the free formation service and say “No” to the extras. If you want to let a third-party service handle the paperwork for you, the Starter Business Bundle may be the best option for you.

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