What is a Property and Casualty Insurance License (P&C License)

A career as an insurance salesperson can be an incredibly rewarding experience. On any normal day you could be helping a family save money on their car insurance, assisting a client with their claim, or just learning more about your community by networking with people that live there.
The beginning to any job in insurance sales is licensing. In this guide, we’ll go over the Property and Casualty License, which is one of the two basic insurance licenses (along with the Life and Health License). You’ll learn what a Property and Casualty license is, what products you can sell with it, and much more.

What is a Property and Casualty Insurance License?

A career selling insurance can be extremely lucrative, but it all depends on which lines you choose to represent. You can choose to become a specialist and sell very focused products to people or businesses, or you can take an insurance license exam for a broader field and get involved in a variety of coverage types.

For those people looking to take the proper steps to become a more universal insurance agent, there is the career of a property and casualty insurance licensed professional.

It is always a good idea to be licensed in as many insurance disciplines as possible to make yourself more attractive as a sales professional and to be able to offer comprehensive solutions to your clients.

We can help you meet the requirements of becoming a licensed property and casualty insurance professional, which will go a long way towards enhancing your career prospects.

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How to Pass the Property and Casualty License Exam

Depending on your state, the property and casualty license exam can be one exam or two. Some states separate property and casualty into two different lines, but most folks choose to get both, as they go hand in hand when selling insurance.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to take a proper exam prep course from a reputable course provider. These exams contain specific, non-common sense information that you won’t get anywhere besides a course.

Once you’ve began your course we recommend taking a look at our article: How to Pass the Insurance Exam. This article goes over some of basic study tactics, questions on the test, and tips and tricks to help you to pass on your first attempt.

The property and casualty exam is difficult, shown by pass rates at about 55% nationwide. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pass, however. With the proper materials and study, we know that you can handle the test and pass with flying colors!

What is Property and Casualty Insurance?

Property and casualty insurance covers a broad range of products that are designed for personal and commercial clients. While the products cover a wide variety of areas, they are all designed to protect the client from financial issues that could come from any kind of damage or injury caused to others.

The following insurance lines are covered under the property and casualty license:

  • Personal auto insurance
  • Personal homeowners insurance
  • Personal flood protection
  • Personal earthquake insurance
  • Personal umbrella liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance

Within the fields of personal and commercial property insurance, there is a series of subcategories of insurance that you will also be licensed to sell. Those fields include:

  • Builder’s risk coverage
  • Boiler and machinery protection
  • Glass coverage
  • Ordinance insurance to make sure a property is rebuilt to code
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Crime protection
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Fidelity bonds primarily for contractors

What does it Mean to Be a Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent?

As a licensed property and casualty insurance agent, you will have many responsibilities to your clients and your agency. Your job will be to talk to clients individually and determine how the products you sell can meet their needs. Each client is different and each situation is unique, which means that you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of all of the commercial and personal lines you offer.

The process of becoming a successful property and casualty insurance professional starts with the steps you take with us to pass your insurance license exam. We will walk you through all of the requirements for becoming a licensed agent, and then we will help you to prepare for your licensing test.

As we help you through the process, we give you valuable information you will need to be able to do your job once you pass the test. We not only provide you with the information you need to pass your test, but we also provide you with much of the information you will need to build a solid foundation for your career.

What Types of Customers Need Property and Casualty Insurance?

One of the benefits our customers enjoy when they become licensed property and casualty insurance agents is the broad range of personal and commercial clients they can choose from. Anyone who buys a car or runs a business will need your property and casualty insurance products. As a licensed agent, it will be your job to find ways to bring together your client’s needs into one policy that will make everything easier for you and the client.

To be an effective property and casualty insurance agent, you need to become involved in your community.

To be an effective property and casualty insurance agent, you need to become involved in your community. You can offer your services to speak at public functions, give presentations to corporations, and have regular appointments with personal lines clients looking to buy insurance.

Your success as a property and casualty professional revolves around your ability to make yourself available to all elements of the community to answer questions and solve problems.

Is There a Career Path for Property and Casualty Insurance?

Since the property and casualty insurance field is so broad, your career can be whatever you make it. Your products will apply to any consumer or business in your area, so your career path can be as elite as you want it to be.

We will give you all of the information you need to deliver solutions to your clients, and you will take that information and establish a professional name for yourself in your area.

It is also good to remember that you can hold as many insurance licenses as you want. When you start finding success with property and casualty, you may want to start thinking about getting your health and life insurance license as well.

The proactive insurance agent makes their own career path. With a field such as property and casualty, you are able to explore a wide variety of career options as you build and maintain your customer base.

One of the first steps you should make in your pursuit of a property and casualty insurance license is to check out our resources and read up on the requirements for taking the licensing test.

\We have all of the information you need to prepare for your test, and we also have plenty of information to help you get your career off to a strong start.

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