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Written by: Mary Gerardine

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    Before settling on a business name or a domain name, you should conduct a limited liability company (LLC) business name search. This important step can help you avoid potential lawsuits and costly trademark infringement claims.

    A trademarked name is a unique word or domain name a company uses to distinguish itself from others and to prevent confusion in the marketplace. Slogans, logos, and symbols also can be trademarked. The trademarked name must prompt customers to recognize the product in the marketplace.

    Your state has a directory of registered business names you can search. Just follow the instructions to determine if the business name you want to use is available in your state.


    How to Search for an LLC Name

    In naming an LLC, almost any name will work as long as it isn’t the same or deceptively similar to a name already used by another entity and registered with the state filing office — usually the Secretary of State’s office. The name must end with the words “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation like “LLC” or “L.L.C.” The ending, such as “LLC” or “Inc.,” isn’t considered part of the name when you search for its availability.

    When searching for an LLC name, you must:

    • Check if the name you want for your LLC is available.
    • If your desired name is unavailable, you can search for an existing business entity to check its status with the state.
    • Confirm that your own LLC has been officially formed in your state.
    • Carry out administrative tasks for your business (only in some states).


    Why You Need to Do an LLC Name Search

    Creating credibility with an LLC name can help convince people to do business with you. That means it’s definitely worth it to expend the effort to set your business up this way.

    An LLC name search can provide key information about a business already using your desired name, enabling you to choose another name to ensure you don’t infringe on other businesses’ trademarks.

    Depending on how long you’ve been using a specific business name, if another company already registered that name in your state, you may have to incur the expense of changing your signs, advertisements, business cards, and domain name. If you use someone else’s federally registered trademark, the costs can be even higher. You can be held liable for damages and be forced to pay attorney fees.


    Where to Search for an LLC Name

    You can look up an existing business entity or DBA name in all 50 states. Use the relevant link below to see if your desired business name is available for use in your state.

    State Department Business Name Search 
    Alabama Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    Alaska Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development Corporations Database
    Arizona Arizona Corporations Commission eCorp Business Entity Search
    Arkansas Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    California Secretary of State Business Search
    Colorado Secretary of State Business Database Search
    Connecticut Secretary of State Business Registry Search
    Delaware Department of State: Division of Corporations Business Entity Search
    Florida Department of State Sunbiz Division of Corporations Entity Name Search
    Georgia Secretary of State Business Search
    Hawaii State of Hawaii Hawaii Business Express 
    Idaho Secretary of State Business Search
    Illinois Secretary of State Corporate and LLC Search
    Indiana Secretary of State Business Search
    Iowa Secretary of State Business Entities Search
    Kansas Secretary of State Business Filing Center – Name Availability Status Search
    Kentucky Secretary of State Name Availability Search
    Louisiana  Secretary of State Business Filings Search
    Maine Secretary of State Corporate Name Search
    Maryland State of Maryland Business Entity Search
    Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Business Entity Search
    Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Business Entity Search
    Minnesota Secretary of State Business Filings Search
    Mississippi Secretary of State Business Search
    Missouri Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    Montana Secretary of State Business Search
    Nebraska Secretary of State Corporate & Business Search
    Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    New Hampshire Department of State Business Search
    New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services Business Entity Name Search
    New Mexico Secretary of State Business Search
    New York Department of State Corporation and Business Entity Database
    North Carolina Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    North Dakota Secretary of State Archived Business Records Search
    Ohio Secretary of State Business Name Search
    Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Entities Search
    Oregon Secretary of State Business Name Search
    Pennsylvania Department of State Business Entity Search
    Rhode Island Secretary of State Business Entity Search
    South Carolina Secretary of State Business Name Search
    South Dakota Secretary of State Business Information Search
    Tennessee Secretary of State Business Name Availability Search
    Texas Secretary of State Taxable Entity Search
    Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code Business Name Search
    Vermont Secretary of State Business Name Search
    Virginia State Corporation Commission Business Entity Search
    Washington Secretary of State Corporation Search
    Washington DC District of Columbia Registered Entities Search
    West Virginia Secretary of State Business Organization Search
    Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Corporate Records Search
    Wyoming Secretary of State Business Entity Search


    LLC Business Name Search FAQ

    How do I check if an LLC exists?

    Check your home state’s and other states’ business name search records and directories. Begin your search by looking at the website for the Secretary of State in the state where you will operate your business. Also, search the web, social media, and the federal trademark database.


    Is my LLC name taken?

    Find out if someone else already registered your desired LLC name by checking the federal trademark database, and then search the web to find businesses with the same or a similar name.


    Can I get my LLC name for free?

    No. There are filing fee requirements to reserve an LLC business name. These fees vary by state.


    Can I name my LLC anything?

    No. Your LLC name must be unique and must include the phrase “limited liability company” or one of its abbreviations (i.e., “LLC” or “L.L.C.”). In addition, your LLC name can’t include words that could confuse your LLC with a government agency (e.g., “FBI,” “Treasury,” “State Department,” etc.).

    For LLC naming guidelines, check out our Naming an LLC page.


    Can two LLCs have the same name?

    Yes. But, certain requirements must be met to avoid trademark infringement and to distinguish which company is the rightful owner of the business name.


    Should you put LLC in your logo?

    No. You don’t need to put the “LLC” designator in your logo for branding or marketing purposes. You may, however, want to place the LLC designator somewhere near your logo to show your business is a registered legal entity. The main requirement for a logo is that it doesn’t infringe on the rights of any other individual or business.

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