What We're All About

Here at StateRequirement, we're trying to make insurance agent licensing as easy as it can be.

Exams, fingerprints, applications, background checks, etc...  These are all steps that may be required of you to get your producers license in your state.

Some states are a breeze. Their websites are clean, simple, laid out well, and there are only a few steps are required to get your license. Others can leave you feeling like you're swimming in a sea of red tape. Then there are states that make you think, "This site looks like it was last updated before the Y2K scare!"

We can't take any of the steps away, but we have assembled them all into one page, and gently placed them in front of you.

Go ahead and find your state's page, follow the steps to get your license, and start your new career in insurance today!


We would love to hear what you think, whether you love us, hate us, or have a suggestions to make us better.