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Bizee Review

Whether you are starting a new full-time business or taking your side hustle to the next level, working with a filing service to set up your Limited Liability Company (LLC) can save time and money.

It can also help keep your paperwork organized to meet all filing deadlines and requirements. You can start an LLC with a budget-friendly plan or an all-inclusive service. We’ve researched the features and services offered from Bizee, an LLC formation service that offers multiple packages to create an LLC.

Read our Bizee review to see if forming an LLC with Bizee is the right path for your business.

Bizee – 4 / 5

Bizee is highly rated by StateRequirement for its easy filing platform and included free services that business owners love.

Bizee ($0- $299 + state fees)

Bizee Pros and Cons

Bizee Pros

  • Easy to Understand Interface – Bizee takes care of all of the filing requirements for a new LLC, but still makes it easy to understand the steps. The company walks you through state and IRS filing to Registered Agent services and compliance requirements.
  • Lots of Freebies – You can create an LLC through Bizee for free! All you need to pay are the required state fees. Other free services included are a year of Registered Agent services through Bizee and online order tracking. If you want just the bare necessities for getting your business started, you can do it with Bizee for a low cost.
  • Learning Center – Bizee doesn’t just help you create an LLC, they want to make sure that you are successful. The Learning Center resources available on their website cover everything from starting a food truck to calculating sales tax. Most of these resources are available for download once you create a free Bizee account.

Cons of Bizee

  • Frequent Up-Sells – If you opt for the free Silver package or mid-level Gold package, Bizee will advertise additional services throughout the formation process, trying to up-sell you. Some of these may be beneficial, while others may just be add-ons that don’t fit your needs.
  • A La Carte Services Cost More – Bizee offers three levels of service packages. The included services are cheaper when part of the package compared to purchasing them a la carte or as an add-on later. Before you jump on the free option right away, consider if you need any additional services. It may be cheaper, in the long run, to pay for a higher-level package.
  • State Fees Required – This is not specific to Bizee, since all LLCs are required to pay state fees in addition to any costs the formation service charges. However, Bizee’s advertising may be a bit misleading to new business owners. While you can form a business for free, you will still be required to pay the state filing fees.

Should I form an LLC with Bizee?

We recommend Bizee for its free filing service and included features. Just make sure to consider if you need more than the most basic services–their higher-tier plans might be a better deal in the long run for your business.

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Bizee Pricing and Packages

Bizee has three package options, with the lowest Silver-tier being their advertised free formation option. The mid-level Gold package is their most popular option for its balance of cost and services. For businesses needing a full-service package that takes them from business idea to business operations, the Platinum package is a great choice that results in the most savings overall.
You can add on additional services as you need them, shifting from one package to another through the years. Remember that all state fees are an additional cost and these vary from state to state. Bizee makes it easy to find out what fees are charged in your state before you even choose a package.

Bizee Silver Package

If you want to get your business off the ground without incurring any costs other than the required state fees, Bizee provides this filing service for free in the Silver package. This package includes:

  • Preparation and Filing the Articles of Organization
  • Unlimited Name Searches
  • Free Registered Agent Service for a year

All businesses are required to submit their Articles of Organization when creating their LLC. This document outlines how your business will operate and who will take on the various responsibilities for the business. Bizee uses a standard template, which you can then customize for your business. It includes everything required by your state. Once you approve the Articles of Organization, Bizee will file them with your state.

Bizee will also help you decide on a business name. This package includes unlimited name searches with an LLC lookup as you brainstorm ideas. You can also use their Learning Center resources, such as the Business Name Generator, to come up with the perfect name.

The free included Registered Agent service is a fantastic offering from Bizee. All LLCs are required to have a Registered Agent on file to correspond with the state filing authority on their behalf throughout the year Many business owners delegate this task to a third-party service like Bizee. You will need to pay for this service after the first year, however.

You will need to file for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS yourself, as well as set up your business bank account. These extra steps can be cumbersome. If you think you will want help with these formation requirements, opting for a package that includes them may be more economical than adding them on later.

At $0 for the Silver package, it doesn’t get any more budget-friendly than this option. Just be ready for Bizee to advertise great additional services throughout the process. If you are looking for anything more than the most basic LLC formation service, it’s a good idea to consider one of the higher tier packages from the beginning to save money in the long run.

Who is this Bizee Silver Package Best For?

Business owners who a service to take care of the essentials required to form an LLC with the state for the least cost possible.

Try Bizee Silver Package

Bizee Gold Package

The most popular option from Bizee, the Gold package includes everything needed to create your LLC and get operations up and running. This includes everything from the Silver package as well as:

  • EIN Business Tax Number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Lifetime Company Alerts
  • Online Access Dashboard
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support
  • Business Banking Account
  • Business Tax Consultation

One of the top benefits of choosing the Gold Package is that Bizee will take care of all required steps to get your business established with the IRS. Having your tax paperwork in order can save you headaches later and help you avoid any fees or penalties from making mistakes when trying to do it yourself. You can even get tips on how to take advantage of tax write-offs for your business with the included business tax consultation.

This package also includes an LLC Operating Agreement and Banking Resolution, two documents that you will need to have to set up and use a business bank account. This is an important step to separate your own financial assets from those of your business. Bizee has a partnership with Bank of America to get your business bank account set up. If you prefer to use a different bank, this may not be the service that you need.

The Lifetime Company Alerts provided from Bizee for its Gold Package clients will also help you stay in compliance with filing requirements and deadlines. No matter if you use Bizee for a year or throughout the life of your business, you will get these alerts. You can also check the status of your business services on the easy-to-use online dashboard or by contacting Bizee’s customer service team.

This plan is more expensive at $149 annually. You will save hours of time, however, by having Bizee take care of these additional steps to get your business set up with the IRS and bank. You can better spend that time focusing on growing your business.

Who is this Bizee Gold Package Best For?

Business owners who want Bizee to take care of the financial set up for their business, including tax and bank account information.

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Bizee Platinum Package

The Platinum package with Bizee includes everything you could need when creating your business. In addition to the top-rated services already offered with the Gold Package, you will also get:

  • Business Contract Templates
  • Expedited Filing
  • Domain Name + Business Email

If you are ready to focus on marketing your business and growing right from the start, these services are essential. The Business Contract Templates cover everything from independent contractors to employee agreements. You can also find templates for bills of sale, terms of service, and privacy policies. All the templates have been reviewed by Bizee’s legal team so you can be sure that they will work for you if ever challenged in court.

The expedited filing process may be a big factor for some business owners and states. If you want to get things going as soon as possible, the expedited filing service can cut down your processing time from weeks to days. Keep in mind that Bizee cannot control the state’s processing time, so you may still end up waiting for a while if the state has any backlogs or delays. This feature just puts your file at the top of Bizee’s pile.

One of the best values in the Platinum package is the domain name and business email address service. You can expect to pay $100 or more from other providers for your own website hosting and email. Including it in this package is a great way to save money.

This package fromBizee costs the most at $299 annually. While it is expensive, the Platinum package is the best value overall for the services it includes. Remember that state fees are separate from the package cost, although they are paid at the same time to Bizee. Do not be surprised to get a bill of up to $500 or more depending on your state when you choose this all-inclusive package.

Who is this Bizee Platinum Package Best For?

Business owners who are ready to grow their business with easy-to-use templates and contracts, as well as website hosting and business email.

Try Bizee Platinum Package

Bizee Reviews Across the Web


TrustPilot ranks Bizee 2.7/5. Many users commented that reading through all provided documents and information helped them make the most of their experience. Bizee Reviews with a positive rating often included Bizee customer support personnel by name, commending them for their help.

Bizee Alternatives

We rank Bizee as #2 in our review of the Top LLC Services. Other services that competed against Bizee were:

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Time to form your LLC?

If you want help getting the first steps of your LLC formation going, the free service through Bizee is just what you need. Their additional services are best used as part of a package for greater savings.

Bizee ($0- $299 + state fees)

Bizee FAQ

Is Bizee worth it?

Bizee is one of the only LLC formation services with a completely free filing option (plus state fees). This package only includes what is needed to get your LLC formed with your state. You will still need to obtain your own EIN, business bank account, and a business website, license, or email if you need them. If you just want to get that first step done by the professionals, using Bizee is definitely worth the cost of $0 to form your LLC. You do need to pay for the services in the Gold and Platinum packages, but the costs are comparable to many other LLC formation services in the industry. Choosing a package is more budget-friendly than paying for those additional services a la carte.

Can you cancel Bizee?

You can use Bizee’s services for one year, which is a popular option for business owners who just want to get through the formation stage and then take care of their annual filing requirements independently. Other businesses like the ongoing Registered Agent service or business domain and email hosting services. They opt to renew their Bizee plan each year to continue using these features.

Should I use a Registered Agent?

When forming your LLC, you are required to designate a Registered Agent. Because this individual or company is publicly filed, many business owners like to have a third party such as Bizee provide this service. It provides some protection for your personal information as well as maintains continuity if you do choose to move or relocate while running your business.

Are There Hidden Fees with Bizee?

Bizee advertises their Silver Package as being completely free. While they do not charge a fee for their services, you will need to pay the applicable state fees. Once you go into your LLC formation steps, this is very clear before you choose a package and pay. One of the top criticisms with Bizee’s services is that many of the add-on services are expensive for what you get. The happiest clients are those who have used Bizee for their LLC formation, then gone on to run their business themselves. Visit our StateRequirement LLC guide for more information about your state’s annual requirements, filing process, and deadlines.

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