Northwest Registered Agent Review

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Northwest Registered Agent Review

Starting your own business requires a lot of hard work, attention to detail, and creativity. One of the best ways to start on a successful path is to let an LLC formation service take care of creating your LLC. This allows you to focus on business growth, rather than stacks of paperwork. With so many companies out there, it can be hard to know which one is the right one for you.

Read about the ins and outs of working with Northwest Registered Agent to see if starting an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent fits your business needs.

Northwest Registered Agent – 4.7 / 5

Northwest Registered Agent is a top-rated premium LLC formation service, with great customer support and commitment to data privacy.

4.7 out of 5 starsNorthwest Registered Agent ($29 + state fees)

Northwest Registered Agent Pros and Cons

Northwest Registered Agent Pros

  • Privacy by Default® Service– Northwest Registered Agent goes above and beyond to keep customer data private. This includes minimizing the data they collect, putting their own address and identifying information on filing forms whenever possible, and never selling your data. In a tech-oriented environment, this commitment to digital security and privacy sets Northwest Registered Agent apart from other companies.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – One of the hallmarks of Northwest Registered Agent is their responsive customer service and support. Whether you have a simple question or need an expert to walk you through the filing process, the Corporate Guides® who answer the phones and send emails are available and knowledgeable.
  • Free Resources – Northwest Registered Agent has some of the most comprehensive free resources available for those creating an LLC. Not only do they outline their services, they also reference the specific regulations in each state that govern LLC formation. You can know that your forms will be complete and accurate when you work with Northwest Registered Agent.

Cons of Northwest Registered Agent

  • Expensive – Northwest Registered Agent is one of the more expensive LLC formation services on the market. Their outstanding customer support and privacy protection policies are worth the higher cost for many happy clients.
  • Monthly Service Costs More – Unlike many of its competitors, Northwest Registered Agent offers a monthly VIP service that only requires a small payment to get started. However, you are still required to pay the state fees, which are spaced out over 12 months and included in the monthly fee. After a year of the monthly service, you will have paid significantly more than paying the higher up-front annual option.
  • Expensive Add-On Services – Many of the additional services offered for those, not on the Monthly VIP plan cost a lot compared to some of Northwest Registered Agent’s competitors. There is not a mid-level option available; you have to pay for the 12 month VIP subscription plan or the cheaper annual plan with its pricey add-ons.

Should I Form an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

We recommend Northwest Registered Agent for businesses who need the best data privacy protection policies and ongoing customer support. Just be ready to pay for these premium services, which come with any plan through Northwest Registered Agent.

Should I form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent?

We recommend Northwest Registered Agent for businesses who need the best data privacy protection policies and ongoing customer support. Just be ready to pay for these premium services, which come with any plan through Northwest Registered Agent.

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Northwest Registered Agent Pricing and Packages

Unlike most of its competitors who offer multiple tiers with increasing services provided, Northwest Registered Agent has two main options available when you hire them: Monthly subscription and Annual plan. Both offer the same LLC formation service with additional items included in the Monthly VIP package. The annual package does have additional add-ons that you can purchase.

It is noteworthy that Northwest Registered Agent offers everything that you need to form your LLC with the state yourself for free on their website. This includes an Operating Agreement template and state-specific information to make sure you submit the right documents to the right place. You do need to create a free account to access these resources.

Northwest Registered Agent Pay Up Front Annual Package

To create an LLC with your state, the Pay Up Front Annual package from Northwest Registered Agent takes care of all the formation steps, with additional services available as add-ons. This package includes:

  • Filing the Articles of Organization
  • Same Day Processing
  • Business Address Use
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Registered Agent Service
  • Annual Report Reminders

Northwest Registered Agent will help you with your required Articles of Organization, the document submitted to your state’s authority.

The annual plan also includes the Registered Agent service that Northwest Registered Agent is famous for providing to its customers. They sometimes advertise it as free, but you will pay for it in the higher overall cost of working with Northwest Registered Agent. This service comes with all of their LLC formation options.

When working with Northwest Registered Agent, clients always have the option to have their own address listed on official documents, the business address of Northwest Registered Agent, or another address that they provide. This is part of the Privacy by Default® service that comes standard for every customer.

If you want additional services, you will have to pay for them separately as add-ons, which can get very expensive. Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS costs between $50 and $200 when added to the annual plan but comes with the monthly VIP package. You can also get a Certificate of Good Standing, required by most banks to set up a business account, and additional filing services depending on your industry.

The services provided with the Pay Up Front plan start at $225 for the filing and Registered Agent service. As you add more services, the plan gets more expensive. This cost does not include the state filing fee, which varies by state.

These fees are typically between $40 and $520.

Who is this Northwest Registered Agent Pay Upfront Annual Package Best For?

Businesses who need just the initial start-up documentation to create their LLC with the state and have a Registered Agent.

Try Northwest Registered Agent Pay Up Front Annual Package

Northwest Registered Agent Monthly VIP Package

For VIPs who want the most services on an ongoing basis, the Monthly VIP package from Northwest Registered Agent requires less upfront for its top-notch service and resources. The plan includes everything from the annual package as well as:

  • State Filing Fees
  • EIN Business Tax Number
  • Operating Agreement or Bylaws
  • Banking Resolution
  • Annual, biennial, or periodic state filings (Year 2 and beyond)

The Monthly package only requires $37 to get started, making this a very attractive package for business owners who want to get started without paying a lot upfront. It does include the state filing fee, but only if you keep the monthly plan for 12 full months. If you terminate it any earlier, you will have to pay any outstanding balance of the state filing fee only.

Some of the documents included for Monthly VIPs, such as the Operating Agreement template and Banking Resolution, can be found for free among Northwest Registered Agent’s business resources. It can be helpful to have a professional complete these and submit them on your behalf, but if you are paying the higher overall costs just to have access to these documents, it may be better to save your money and use the company’s free versions.

Just like the Pay Up Front annual plan, the Monthly VIP plan comes with the Privacy by Default® service that sets Northwest Registered Agent apart from other LLC formation providers. This commitment to data security and privacy is important for many businesses and well worth the premium prices of a Northwest Registered Agent package.

This plan is more expensive overall at $444 annually, spaced out over 12 months of $37 monthly payments. It does include some great extras, however. To add all of these services to the Pay Up Front plan could cost more in the long run.

Who is this Northwest Registered Agent Monthly VIP Package Best For?

Businesses who want access to Northwest Registered Agent’s expert services throughout the entire LLC formation and operation process or those who want to pay less upfront to create their LLC.

Try Northwest Registered Agent Monthly VIP Package

Northwest Registered Agent Free Resources

If you want to handle your LLC formation yourself, you can still benefit from Northwest Registered Agent’s valuable tools and resources. You will need to create a free account to access most of them, including template documents for Articles of Organization, Operating Agreements, Meeting Minutes, Banking Resolutions, and others.

Some of the best resources are the guides that walk you through the steps to start an LLC in your state. They also reference the laws and regulations that you are required to follow as a business owner so that you can keep up to date on filing deadlines and changes that may impact your business.

One of the benefits of creating a free account with Northwest Registered Agent is that if you decide to use any of their services in the future, all of your information is ready to go into their system. This ensures that nothing is lost as you begin to hand off the more paperwork-oriented filing and compliance tasks to Northwest Registered Agent’s experts.

Who is this Northwest Registered Agent Free Resources Best For?

Businesses who are willing to DIY their LLC formation but want a helpful step-by-step guide and templates during the process.

Try Northwest Registered Agent Free Resources

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews Across the Web

Better Business Bureau

BBB ranks Northwest Registered Agent 4.3/5. Many customers commented on their personal customer service as one of the best parts of working with Northwest Registered Agent.


TrustPilot ranks Northwest Registered Agent 3.7/5. There were not a lot of reviews on this trusted website, but the few that were listed were satisfied customers.

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

We rank Northwest Registered Agent as #3 in our review of the Top LLC Services. Other services that competed against Northwest Registered Agent were:

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Northwest Registered Agent Review FAQ

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent provides LLC formation servicesRegistered Agent services, and other business services to help your business start or grow. The company has exceptionally great customer service, with the company leadership often following up personally when a customer has a specific need or issue. Northwest Registered Agent complaints are few and far between because the company is so transparent about what it provides, how payment is structured, and what policies it enforces.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Do Other Business Formation?

Although their company is named Northwest Registered Agent, this company actually does much more than just serving as a Registered Agent for new or existing businesses. They can create an LLC, Non-Profit Organization, Corporation, and provide legal forms. They do include the Registered Agent service for all of their paying customers.

Is a Registered Agent Worth It?

All LLCs are required to have a designated Registered Agent when they file with the state. This can be you as the business owner or a third-party, such as Northwest Registered Agent. This person or entity’s information is included in the publicly available information about your business. This includes your address and other identifying information. Many businesses choose to have a third-party Registered Agent to keep their information confidential. Northwest Registered Agent takes data security a step further and makes sure to include their information whenever possible with any correspondence and on any forms. Your data is kept private and not included on things such as emails or letters unless required by law.

Why is Northwest Registered Agent So Expensive?

Northwest Registered Agent is a premium LLC formation service, with fantastic customer support, exceptional services, and high prices to match. They also include the Registered Agent service with all paid plans. If data security and access to customer support are top on your list, the extra costs of working with Northwest Registered Agent may be well worth it for you and your business.

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