Tailor Brands Review

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Tailor Brands Review

Tailor Brands offers an all-inclusive LLC formation service that has helped over 30 million businesses get started.

It offers three packages, as well as a variety of optional add-ons. These include an Employer Identification Number (EIN), registered agent service, and LLC operating agreement service.

In this Tailor Brands LLC review, we break down the pros and cons of forming your LLC with Tailor Brand, consider the types of businesses that will benefit the most from using their service, and offer alternative options.

Tailor Brands LLC Services – Overview

Tailor Brands is the third best LLC formation service in our Best LLC Services review.

This is because it’s an ideal option for the businesses that are looking to establish a strong online presence, rather than for the ones that are simply looking to form an LLC in the most affordable way.

If you are solely interested in forming your LLC and are not looking to add any of the optional services or addons, you can definitely find cheaper alternatives.

Having said that, Tailor Brand’s services make it a great opportunity for the small businesses that can afford to purchase its more premium packages.

These come with a variety of e-commerce tools, including a website and logo builder, business mailbox, and domain registration service.

Recommended LLC Service

Tailor Brands’ online business tools and specialist services can help you improve your business’s brand image and increase your online sales after you form your LLC.

4.1 out of 5 starsTailor Brands ($199 + state fees)

Pros and Cons of Tailor Brands

Pros of Tailor Brands

  • Solid trustpilot ratings (4 stars)
  • Highly reputable: Has served over 30 million customers
  • Name availability search: This includes checking with federal trademark records to ensure no IP rights have been infringed
  • LLC operating agreement service
  • Annual compliance service
  • Business tools & services: Logo creation, digital business cards, business mailbox, website domain, etc.
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Expedited processing service
  • Large number of add-on services

Cons of Tailor Brands

  • No free one year registered agent service. This is also relatively expensive compared to other providers ($199 per year)
  • No monthly payment option
  • Compliance handling costs $199 a year, whereas some competitors offer it for free (e.g., Northwest)
  • No “free” formation option unlike some competitors (e.g., Bizee.)
  • No phone or live chat support

Tailor Brands Summary

All in all, Tailor Brands is an affordable, consistent, and legitimate brand that offers a top-tier LLC formation service.

Having said that, it can be quite expensive, especially if you choose to take advantage of its optional services.

If you are a small business that is solely interested in forming an LLC, you will likely benefit from choosing a cheaper, alternative service.

If, however, you are not operating on a really tight budget and are interested in expanding your online presence, we believe Tailor Brands is an outstanding choice.

Tailor Brands LLC Pricing and Features

Tailor Brands comes with three packages. Its most premium package offers post-formation services, such as logo creation and website building.

Tailor Brands Lite Package

$0 + state fees

The Lite package offers basic LLC formation, with no additional benefits:

  • LLC Formation: Tailor Brands will complete and file your Articles of Organization — also known as the Certificate of Formation — with your Secretary of State
  • Standard Processing Times – This means that your Articles of Organization will be filed with your Secretary of State within 14 business days

This package is best for microbusinesses and small entrepreneurs who are solely interested in forming an LLC while controlling costs as much as possible.

Tailor Brands Essential Package

$149 + state fees

The Essential package includes everything in the Lite package, plus:

  • Annual Compliance Handling – Tailor Brands will assist in your annual or biennial compliance paperwork and ensure that your LLC is always in good standing
  • LLC Operating Agreement – This is an internal document that shows the ownership, voting guidelines, and other important policies of your business. We highly recommend you create an operating agreement even if it is not a requirement in your state

This package is best for people starting a business that don’t need lots of bells and whistles, but also want a bit of backup when it comes to annual compliance.

Tailor Brands All-in-One Elite Package

$199 + state fees

The Elite package includes everything in the Essential package, plus:

  • 1-year free domain: It’s a good idea to get this when registering your LLC as you will need a domain name (i.e., website name, etc.) that matches your business name
  • 8 free logos: You can get eight customized logos free-of-charge through the Tailor Brands logo maker. These can be downloaded in JPG, PNG, and EPS formats
  • Website builder access: You can use the Tailor Brands website builder to create your own website. Different degrees of customization are available depending on whether you use the automated or advanced editing mode
  • Digital business card: This easy-to-use feature allows you to store all of your contact information in one place. You can choose your own colors and design to make sure it aligns with your brand image
  • Expedited processing: This means that Tailor Brands will file your Articles of Organization with your Secretary of State within two business days

If you are going to form an LLC with Tailor Brands, we recommend choosing the Elite package. Its large variety of add-ons can go a long way in helping you expand your online presence and brand image.

Tailor Brands Customer Reviews

Tailor Brands Trustpilot Reviews (3.9/5)

A recurring theme that came up on Trustpilot was the outstanding customer service that Tailor Brands offers.

Most Helpful Review:

“I can’t go into deep detail of my issue but in all honesty they handled it 1000x better than I could have expected. It let me know they actually care about their customers and I won’t go anywhere else.”

This is great when considering that Tailor Brands does not offer live chat or phone support.

Tailor Brands Capterra Reviews (3.5/5)

Most positive reviews on Capterra related to how user-friendly Tailor Brands’ features are.

Most Helpful Review:

“It took just a few minutes to create a few potential new logos for our business. Super easy to use, customizable, and cheap.”’

Most reviewers seemed satisfied with spending a bit of extra money in order to obtain access to quick and easy-to-use business tools that allowed them to get things going after forming their LLC.

Tailor Brands BBB Reviews (1/5)

Most negative reviews and complaints on BBB related to unexpected costs and further charges following LLC formation, as well as delays in the LLC formation process.

Most Helpful Review:

“I paid for an $451.00 for a LLC and they tried to deduct another $298.00 from my Bank account.”

We found that even the most negative reviews often had “happy endings” (i.e., refunds and/or other solutions were almost always offered.).

Having said that, this was not always immediate, and sometimes took several days or even weeks.

Tailor Brands Alternatives

If you aren’t sure that Tailor Brands is the right service for you, there are a few other alternative services that you can consider.

Tailor Brands is ranked as the third best LLC formation service in our LLC Buyers’ Guide. You can check out the table below to see how they compare to the other services we have reviewed.

Best LLC Services
Northwest 4.7/5 Best Value for Money
  • Best privacy protection
  • One year free registered agent service
  • Outstanding customer support
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ZenBusiness 4.2/5
  • Online business document dashboard
  • Decent customer reviews
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Tailor Brands 4.1/5
  • Online business tools (i.e., logo maker, digital business card, website builder, etc.)
  • Expedited filing and great support
Bizee 4/5
  • Free LLC formation
  • Learning center with free information
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LegalZoom 3.6/5
  • Extremely reputable
  • Offers legal services
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Tailor Brands Review FAQ

How much does it cost to form an LLC with Tailor Brands?

How much it costs you to form an LLC with Tailor Brands will depend on what package you choose:
Lite ($0 + state fees)
Essential ($149 + state fees)
Elite ($199 + state fees)

How long does Tailor Brands take to form an LLC?

The standard time it takes Tailor Brands to file your LLC with the Secretary of State is 14 business days. This can be reduced to two business days if you choose the “expedited processing” option. Note: These times are not reflective of when your LLC will be formed, but of when the Secretary of State will have received all required documentation and will start to process your application.

Should I form an LLC with Tailor Brands?

Yes. Forming an LLC with Tailor Brands is a great option, especially if you are looking to expand your online presence and improve your brand’s image.

Is Tailor Brands LLC legit?

Yes. Tailor Brands has reportedly served over 30 million customers and has great reviews on Trustpilot.

Is Tailor Brands better than Bizee?

Whether Tailor Brands is better than Bizee or not for you will depend on what you are looking for. Generally speaking, Tailor Brands is better as an all-inclusive package, whereas Bizee is better for businesses that are purely interested in forming their LLC in the most affordable way. This is because Bizee offers free LLC formation, as well as a one year free registered agent service.

Does Tailor Brands offer a free registered agent service?

No, it does not. If you are interested in LLC formation services with free registered agent services, we recommend having a look at the Tailor Brand Alternatives listed above (e.g., Bizee, Northwest Registered Agent, etc.).

How can I contact Tailor Brands’ support team?

You can contact Tailor Brands’ support team by emailing them at: support@tailorbrands.com. Alternatively, you can leave a message through the Tailor Brands’ website by clicking on the “Help” icon on the bottom right of the page.

Is Tailor Brands expensive?

Tailor Brands is not the most expensive service, but it is undoubtedly not the most affordable either. We like to think of it as a good value-for-money service that offers significantly more to the businesses that can afford its most premium package.

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