How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri

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In order to kickstart your real estate career in Missouri, it’s essential to obtain a Missouri Real Estate License. However, despite the fact that the application process is mainly completed online nowadays, many applicants can still find it quite confusing and complicated.

For this reason, this How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri article will break down the main steps involved in the licensing process, covering everything from educational requirements to exam preparation and having your fingerprints taken.

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Missouri Real Estate License

In order to get your Missouri real estate license and start working in the real estate industry, there are several key steps you’ll need to complete. These include:

  1. Ensuring You Meet the Licensing Eligibility Requirements
  2. Completing the Mandatory Pre-Licensing Education
  3. Passing the Missouri Real Estate Exam
  4. Passing a Background Check
  5. Submitting a License Application

In the sections below, we’ve explored each of these steps in more detail.

Step 1: Meet the Missouri Real Estate License Requirements

Before continuing ahead with your application for a Missouri real estate license, you’ll first need to confirm that you’re actually eligible for it by ensuring you’ve reached the age of maturity, which is 18 years old in Missouri.

This is the sole eligibility requirement in the state because the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) maintains a straightforward approach to the licensing process.

Note: The MREC may refuse to issue a license to anyone known to have been found guilty of certain offenses, such as forgery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, or criminal conspiracy.

This rule also extends to any business entity — like associations, partnerships, or corporations — where such an individual serves as a manager, officer, or general partner or holds a controlling interest.

Step 2: Complete the Mandatory Pre-Licensing Education

In addition to the general requirements outlined above, there are certain educational prerequisites you’ll be expected to meet in order to be able to apply for a Missouri real estate license.

In particular, you’ll be expected to complete 72 hours of pre-licensing education, divided into two distinct courses: a 48-hour salesperson course and a 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice (MREP) course.

You’ll need to finish the 48-hour salesperson course before you can schedule your licensing exam. However, you can take the 24-hour MREP course either before or after the exam, as long as you complete it before you submit your license application.


Even though completing the courses is mandatory, it would be a mistake to think of this step as just “checking a box”. This is because your pre-licensing education is what will prepare you to both pass your exam and become a better real estate agent.

For this reason, we always encourage our readers to invest in high-quality and reliable courses, as their study materials (like real estate practice tests and flashcards) can be invaluable during the exam prep stage.

On top of this, some of the top courses also offer money-back guarantees in the event that you do not pass your exam on your first attempt after taking their course.

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Note: You’ll need to submit your complete application for a license within six months of finishing the 48-hour pre-exam salesperson course. Failure to do so may result in you having to start over.

Step 3: Pass the Missouri Real Estate Exam

The next step you’ll need to complete is to pass the Missouri real estate exam, which is administered by PSI.

The exam has two parts — the national portion and the state portion; you can take these separately or together as a combined exam, and you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable examination fee of $62 regardless.

In order to schedule your real estate exam, you’ll need to head over to the PSI website and make an online reservation. If this is your first time using the platform, you’ll be required to create an account, after which you’ll be shown step-by-step instructions on how to complete the reservation. Alternatively, you can also schedule your examination by calling PSI directly at (888) 818-5829.

In order to pass, you must achieve a minimum score of 75% on the state portion and 70% on the national portion of the exam.

Step 4: Pass the Background Check

All applicants for a Missouri real estate license must undergo a criminal history background check, which involves fingerprinting to access both Missouri state and federal records.

To initiate this process, you’ll need to register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS).

When registering, you must provide the MREC’s four-digit registration number — 0004 — in order to authorize the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) and the FBI to release the results directly to the MREC.

After registering, you’ll be directed to a list of fingerprinting locations available across the state with which you’ll schedule your fingerprinting session by paying a fee of $40.50. This fee is divided as follows: IdentoGO receives $8.50, the MSHP receives $20, and the FBI receives $12. The MREC doesn’t receive any portion of this fee.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring a valid photo ID (e.g., a driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc) to the fingerprinting site in order to be allowed to complete the fingerprinting process.

Step 5: Submit a License Application

After passing the state real estate exam and satisfying all other licensing requirements, you’ll be ready to move onto submitting your license application.

To do this, you’ll need to download and complete the Application for Real Estate License form, and then submit it along with a fee of $100 to the MREC in one of two ways:

  • By Mail: Send it to the Missouri Real Estate Commission, P.O. Box 1339, Jefferson City, MO 65102
  • In-Person Delivery: Drop it off at the MREC office at 3605 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109

Keep in mind that you will not need to attach your background check results as they’ll get sent directly to the MREC. Having said that, you will need to attach your pre-licensing education completion certificates for both courses, as well as your exam results.

Step 6: Application Review

If you’ve managed to get this far, congratulations! With your application submitted and all the other licensing requirements satisfied, in most cases you should receive a letter from the MREC containing a license document within 10 business days.

Be sure to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment. You’ve put in a lot of work and effort and deserve a celebration!

Note: If you have ever held a real estate license in another state or jurisdiction, you provide a certification of licensure from the licensing authority of each state or jurisdiction in which you were licensed (even if the license has expired).

Missouri Real Estate License Renewal

In order to keep your license valid and continue working as a real estate sales agent, you’ll need to renew your license every two years.

This renewal process requires you to complete at least 12 hours of continuing education (CE) courses that have been approved by the MREC; a minimum of three of these 12 hours must be from a core course focused on fair housing.

Once you complete these educational requirements and are ready to actually renew your license, you will need to go to the MREC’s online portal and complete the following steps:

  • Log In: You’ll need to log in using your PIN number and license number, which you can find on the renewal application or postcard you received via mail
  • Verify Your Information: You’ll then need to check your name, address, phone number, and email address in order to make sure it’s accurate. If any information is incorrect, you’ll need to make the necessary updates via the Change of Address form and wait at least 72 hours for the records to be updated before you attempt to renew again
  • Review Statements: Next, you’ll need to carefully read the provided statements and confirm your agreement by checking the box before clicking on the “CONTINUE” button. If you disagree with any statement, you’ll need to opt for a paper renewal instead
  • Print a Confirmation: Once your renewal is processed, you’ll have to print out the confirmation details for your records

Keep in mind that your renewal comes with a $65 fee. Late renews will incur a penalty of $50 per month or partial month, up to a maximum of $200.

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Missouri Division of Professional Registration

Mailing Address: 

Missouri Real Estate Commission
3605 Missouri Boulevard
P.O. Box 1339
Jefferson City, MO  65102-1339

Phone: (573) 751-2628

Fax: (573) 751-2777



Missouri Real Estate License FAQ

How long does it take to become a real estate agent in Missouri?

Becoming a real estate agent in Missouri usually takes three to six months.

This timeline includes completing 72 hours of pre-licensing education, passing both the state and national portions of the licensing exam, undergoing a background check, and getting your application approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC).

How much does it cost to get a real estate license in Missouri?

To get a real estate license in Missouri, you’ll need to pay $62 to PSI for the examination, $40.50 to IdentoGO/IDEMIA for fingerprinting, and $100 to the MREC for submitting your license application.

You’ll also need to pay for the required pre-licensing education, which generally ranges from $200 to $600 depending on the provider.

Is the Missouri real estate exam hard?

The Missouri real estate exam is considered challenging due to its comprehensive coverage of both national and state-specific real estate practices and laws. Having said that, many candidates successfully pass on their first attempt with thorough preparation and study.

Interested in finding out more? Check out our state-specific How to Get a Real Estate License guide.

What do you need to get your real estate license in Missouri?

To get your real estate license in Missouri, you must complete 72 hours of approved pre-licensing education, pass the licensing exam, undergo a background check, and submit a license application to the MREC.

For more information on this topic, see our How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri guide. 

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