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As you prepare to become a real estate agent, it’s important to select the right prelicensing education provider. From taking your required courses to studying for the real estate exam, choosing a company with a solid track record of high pass rates will ensure you spend your time and money wisely as you work toward passing the real estate exam.

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The CE Shop 4.7 / 5

Its easy-to-use course formats, diverse package options, and high exam pass rates among its students make The CE Shop our top recommendation for real estate education.

4.7 out of 5 starsThe CE Shop ($209 – $399)

The CE Shop’s Pros and Cons

As one of the industry leaders in career education, The CE Shop provides required and supplementary courses for every phase of your real estate career. If you’re a prospective real estate agent, you can navigate through its state-specific offerings to learn more about your state’s requirements as well as begin a class.

Pros of The CE Shop

Choosing The CE Shop as your real estate education provider offers several benefits:

  • It Provides Flexible Course Formats. Real estate agents often thrive working flexible hours and dictating their own schedule. To accommodate this preferred work style, The CE Shop offers students a fully online course they can access at their own pace as they juggle other commitments. All packages from The CE Shop also come with a custom scheduling tool to help you create and stick with a study plan.
  • It Offers Multiple Packages. While the CE Shop offers four different course packages, even its most basic package comes with lots of extra features. All packages include the required coursework, flashcards, instructor-led webinars, and additional professional resources. Its higher-tier plans also include courses to help you build a business and continuing education classes.
  • Its Students Achieve High Pass Rates. All real estate agents must pass the real estate exam, which is why you should consider the high pass rates of The CE Shop’s students. The CE Shop publishes its students’ overall pass rates as well as a more detailed report by state. Approximately 75 percent of its students pass on their first attempt and 91 percent pass within three attempts after completing one of its courses. Of the states that provide real estate exam results data, The CE Shop’s students beat the overall state pass rate every time. These impressive statistics make The CE Shop one of the industry’s top educators.

Cons of The CE Shop

But, working with The CE Shop may not suit everyone. Here’s why:

  • It Doesn’t Offer Courses in All States. While The CE Shop offers great courses, they aren’t available in every state. The CE Shop currently offers real estate prelicensing classes in 38 states and Washington, DC. You may be able to obtain your real estate license in multiple states, depending on the applicable reciprocity and portability laws. Fortunately, The CE Shop can help you navigate those requirements as well.
  • It Doesn’t Have an In-Person Option. The CE Shop delivers all of its self-paced classes online, which some students may struggle with to prepare for their exams. If you prefer in-person learning in a classroom, you’ll need to find it elsewhere. The CE Shop’s courses are interactive, but they’re still not the same as learning from an instructor in person.
  • Its Higher-Tier Packages Are Expensive. After reviewing the overall cost of The CE Shop’s more comprehensive packages, the higher cost may dissuade some students. Each package offers helpful resources and even some additional courses — and their value increases right alongside their price. But, stick with the basic course-only package if budget is your main concern.

Should I take a Real Estate Class from The CE Shop?

We recommend The CE Shop for prospective real estate agents who want a quality learning experience from a company they can work with long after finishing their initial course, such as on their continuing education and professional development. If The CE Shop offers classes in your state, it’s a good option to consider.

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The CE Shop Pricing and Packages

The CE Shop offers four different course packages, ranging from the basic required coursework to a comprehensive guide to starting your own business as a real estate agent.

Here’s an overview of The CE Shop’s main pricing and package tiers:


The CE Shop Courses-Only Package

If you want the most budget-friendly course offered by The CE Shop, this basic package offers just the required courses plus a few extra resources to help you take full advantage of your time and materials, such as a study schedule and glossary of terms. The CE Shop Courses-Only package isn’t the cheapest option on the market at $209, but it does provide excellent material that’ll help you prepare for the real estate exam. To save some extra money, look for a promotional code when you register.

All real estate classes from The CE Shop use its online platform — LEAP — to deliver interactive and engaging lessons to students. Rather than relying on text-heavy, portable document format (PDF) files, its classes use visual aids and real-world examples to help students learn and apply the real estate concepts they’ll need to know for their exam.

This plan included digital flashcards, a study schedule, a real estate glossary, and access to instructor-led webinars — core offerings of all course packages from The CE Shop.

Who is this package best for?

The CE Shop Courses-Only package suits students who want access to the company’s excellent course materials without spending a lot on a higher-tier package.

Try The CE Shop Courses Only Package

The CE Shop Standard Package

With several additional resources, The CE Shop Standard package makes a great option for students who want to include focused test preparation in their study plan. This package comes with the company’s “Exam Prep Edge” interactive study tool for both the national and state-specific portions of the test. This tool not only focuses on the information you need to know for the exam, but also provides feedback as you work through various modules. If you’re struggling with a specific area, for example, it’ll tailor your study plan to spend more time on that topic.

This package costs $269, but the opportunity to take additional practice tests and assessments as you go merits that higher cost. One key way to prepare to pass the real estate exam involves periodically evaluating your knowledge via practice tests. Spending a little bit more on your prelicensing education may mean the difference between passing the test on your first attempt or having to go back for a second try.

This package also includes a “Pass Guarantee,” which means The CE Shop will reimburse your exam fee if you have to retake it after completing your course.

Who is this package best for?

The CE Shop Standard package suits students who want tailored test preparation materials that include additional practice tests and focused study questions to help them get ready for exam day.

Try The CE Shop Standard Package

The CE Shop Value Package

If you plan to start a real estate business, The CE Shop Value package is the way to go. Real estate agents often must take responsibility for their own business needs — from networking and advertising to tracking their operating expenses and sales. That makes it extremely important for new real estate agents to learn the ins and outs of running a business. The “Building Business” courses included with this package cover everything from developing a business plan to building a contact database.

This package costs $309, but that’s a significant saving over purchasing each individual “Building Business” course separately. If you only want — or need — a single “Building Business” course, you could consider buying it as a standalone course. However, this package can save you a lot of money if you want a comprehensive guide to creating a successful real estate business.

Who is this package best for?

The CE Shop Value package suits students who not only want to build their real estate career, but also value resources that can help them create and run their own small business.

Try The CE Shop Value Package

The CE Shop Premium Package

State laws require real estate agents to keep up with continuing education and further their professional knowledge throughout their careers. Most states have a periodic, continuing education requirement real estate agents must meet in order to maintain their license. The CE Shop Premium package includes a post-licensing course that’ll satisfy this state-specific requirement.

With a price of $399, this is The CE Shop’s most expensive package. That’s because it’ll take you all the way through your first required continuing education course. While you can always come back later to register for the post-licensing course, you may not get to take advantage of the savings offered by this package. If you’re set on a career in real estate, purchasing all of your requirements with this package can save you money and time in the long run.

Who is this package best for?

The CE Shop Premium package suits students who want a package that covers all of their professional licensing and development needs through the first year — from passing the real estate exam and building a business to completing their continuing education.

Try The CE Shop Premium Package

The CE Shop’s Reviews Across the Web

The CE Shop has a reputation for innovative course materials and students with high exam pass rates. Here’s what past students have to say about its classes.


Trustpilot® gives The CE Shop a ranking of 4.7 out of five. Moreover, 94 percent of the 6,279 reviews on the website reported The CE Shop’s courses as “good” or “excellent.”


Indeed® gives The CE Shop a ranking of 4.3 out of five based on 90 reviews.

The CE Shop Alternatives

While The CE Shop earned the top ranking in our Best Real Estate Classes guide, here are reviews of two other services it competed against:

For more information on how these service providers compare to each other, check out our Best Real Estate Classes guide.

Ready to register for a real estate class from The CE Shop?

If you seek self-paced, interactive, and interesting courses, it’s hard to beat the quality of real estate education from The CE Shop. While it doesn’t offer courses in all states, you’ll enjoy cost savings and extra study tools if you can take advantage of one of its packages.

4.7 out of 5 starsThe CE Shop ($209 – $399)

The CE Shop’s Real Estate Class Review FAQ

What do I need to access The CE Shop’s online courses?

The CE Shop delivers all of its courses online so you’ll need a computer with internet access. You also can use a tablet to access course materials. The CE Shop recommends students use the most recent version of the Google Chrome™ browser for the best experience with its courses.

What state courses are offered by The CE Shop?

The CE Shop has real estate courses approved in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, and Wisconsin. But, The CE Shop doesn’t offer courses in these states: Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Do I have to complete the courses all at once?

No. You can work on each course at your own pace, saving your work as you go. But, if you take practice tests, try to complete the entire test in one sitting. The CE Shop’s courses do, however, expire based on state guidelines. The expiration time can range from three to 12 months, as outlined in the terms and conditions you’ll review before you register for a class.

Is there an app for The CE Shop?

No, The CE Shop doesn’t have an app to deliver its course materials. Instead, students must log in to its LEAP online platform. While you can use the internet browser on your tablet or smartphone to log in, a desktop computer offers the best way to view and navigate through these courses.

Can I print my course materials?

You can print supplementary materials in most cases. But, a few states don’t allow students to print the state-specific portion of their course materials. Even if you print course handouts, you’ll still need to spend the required amount of time logged in, studying the online documents, and taking the post-course exam. You can use any printed materials for additional study to become a knowledgeable real estate agent.

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