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Written by: Katie Begley

    Finding a great real estate class is the first step on the road to becoming a real estate agent. It must not only satisfy your state’s prelicensing education requirements but also prepare you to pass the challenging real estate exam on the first attempt. Whether you prefer a self-paced course or want more interaction with your instructors and classmates, there’s a real estate class that’ll perfectly suit you.

    Read on for insights on the best real estate classes to help you get started in this exciting career.

    Our Picks for the Best Real Estate Classes
    Best Overall

    Visit The CE Shop

    Price Range: $209 – $399

    Best for Live Classes

    Visit Real Estate Express

    Price Range: $169 – $345

    Best for Comprehensive Real Estate Education Kaplan Financial Logo

    Visit Kaplan

    Price Range: Varies by State

    Visit The CE Shop

    Price Range: $209 - $399

    The CE Shop earned our top ranking among real estate education providers based on its flexible course formats, multiple offerings, and high exam pass rates. With options ranging from the basic requirements in your state to business-focused resources, The CE Shop has something for every student looking to start a career in real estate.


    Overview of the Best Real Estate Education Providers

    The CE Shop: Best Overall

    As our top recommendation for real estate education, The CE Shop provides self-paced course formats perfectly suited for working professionals seeking the flexible work schedule real estate agents love. All of its packages come with extra resources, adding to the overall value of its already budget-friendly offerings. The high real estate exam pass rates of The CE Shop students make the company our go-to provider for real estate education.

    The CE Shop packages start at $209.

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    Real Estate Express: Best for Live Classes

    The live, online classes offered by Real Estate Express provide one of the best options for students who like the convenience of virtual learning, but still want some interaction with instructors and other students. These intense courses run for two weeks, meeting for eight hours each day via a live stream class. Real Estate Express also offers self-paced classes, exam preparation, and professional resources that can prepare you to become a top real estate agent.

    Real Estate Express packages start at $169.

    Kaplan: Best for Comprehensive Real Estate Education

    Kaplan® offers one of the more expensive real estate education programs, but it has the broadest range of classes tailored to every direction your real estate career can go. The classes for prospective real estate agents cover everything you need to know to pass the state licensing exam and start your real estate career. What sets Kaplan apart are the classes and resources it offers if you want to later become a broker, appraiser, home inspector, wholesaler, or professional in a different aspect of real estate.

    Kaplan packages and pricing vary by state.

    The Pros and Cons of the Best Real Estate Education Providers

    The CE Shop

    The CE Shop Pros

    • It Provides Flexible Course Formats. All packages from The CE Shop are self-paced and flexible. The company also provides a custom scheduling tool to help you map out your course and start studying.
    • It Offers Multiple Packages. The CE Shop has options for students who just want to satisfy their state requirements as well as packages for students looking to build a real estate empire. In addition, all of its packages come with extra study tools like flashcards and webinars.
    • Its Students Achieve High Pass Rates. Approximately 75 percent of The CE Shop students pass their state real estate exam on the first attempt. Of the states that provide pass rate data, students from The CE Shop beat the state average every time.

    The CE Shop Cons

    • It Doesn’t Offer Courses in All States. Classes from The CE Shop are only available in 38 states and Washington, DC. Fortunately, it has helpful resources to determine what’s available for your situation.
    • It Doesn’t Have an In-Person Option. The CE Shop delivers all of its classes online, including its self-paced courses and courses taught via live stream, virtual classrooms. If you prefer an in-person class, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
    • Its Higher-Tier Packages Are Expensive. As the included features in its course packages increase, so does the price. Top-tier packages from The CE Shop cost more than some competitors’ offerings, but they come with so many great benefits for your career that they still provide strong value. If budget is a top priority, stick with this provider’s basic package to get just what you need for your state license requirements.

    The CE Shop Summary

    The CE Shop earned our top ranking among real estate education providers because it offers multiple options for students who like online learning ─ whether at their own pace or as part of a virtual classroom.

    The high exam pass rates of its students really set The CE Shop apart from its competitors. The real estate licensing exam is challenging and can get expensive if you have to take it multiple times. While The CE Shop’s higher-tier packages can seem expensive, the extra resources they include provide additional value and they cost less than retaking the state real estate exam.

    The CE Shop offers four packages: Courses-Only, Standard, Value, and Premium. The higher-tier packages suit students seeking resources to help them build a business while the lower-tier packages include just what’s needed to satisfy state education requirements plus some study tools for exam preparation.

    Make sure you do some research to determine if The CE Shop offers state-approved courses in your state. Its online “Find Your Courses” tool can help you navigate and find the right classes for you.

    The CE Shope Real Estate Classes

    This real estate education provider has multiple flexible course offerings and packages, great study resources, and helpful online tools. Its students also boast high real estate exam pass rates, making The CE Shop our top recommendation.

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    Real Estate Express

    For the most individual course offerings available on the calendar, consider a class from Real Estate Express. All of its classes use an online platform with both self-paced courses and instructor-led, live stream classes available.

    Real Estate Express Pros

    • It Has Self-Paced and Instructor-Led Learning Options. All you need to access a Real Estate Express course is your laptop, but that doesn’t mean it only has one learning option. With everything from self-paced modules to instructor-led livestream classes, Real Estate Express offers more course formats than any other provider we reviewed.
    • It Includes Rigorous Course Material. Most states have a minimum number of required credit hours for new real estate agents, but the material covered also should help you prepare to pass the real estate licensing exam. Real Estate Express incorporates real-world scenarios in its course materials and hosts helpful Q&A sessions to ensure you’re ready to pass the real estate exam.
    • It Offers Competitive Pricing. You’ll find a price point for every budget at Real Estate Express. It also has a money-back guarantee that’ll provide a full refund if you meet its performance requirements, but don’t pass your state exam.

    Real Estate Express Cons

    • Its Courses Are Text-Heavy. All of the packages from Real Estate Express use a written book ─ either online or a hard copy ─ to deliver course material. If you learn best via interactive courses, you may want to consider a different option.
    • It Lacks an In-Person Option. Students who know they need in-person, classroom learning won’t find it with Real Estate Express. This company delivers its live stream classes virtually but does give students direct access to the instructor and other students.
    • Its Final Exam Requires a Proctor. Taking a proctored final exam is pretty standard with most real estate classes. Prepare yourself for this requirement at the end of your course ─ even if you completed the material and met the state-required credit hours entirely on your own.

    Real Estate Express Summary

    Real Estate Express has the most varied course offerings available of the companies we reviewed. It offers budget-friendly introductory packages as well as higher-tier packages with valuable extras. Its live stream course is one of the only such offerings on the market that includes live access to an instructor. If you learn best through interaction, you may want to spend more for the live stream class because Real Estate Express tends to provide text-heavy course materials.

    The company’s money-back guarantee helps protect your financial investment ─ especially if you choose its pricier livestream classes or a top-tier package. As long as you meet its performance standards on your final exam, you can take your state real estate exam knowing you’re eligible for a refund of your course costs if you don’t pass.

    Real Estate Express Classes

    For students who want live classes delivered virtually, Real Estate Express is the way to go. Look for a class that includes access to instructors and peers for the most interactive experience.

    Kaplan Real Estate Education

    Kaplan is one of the best-known brands in professional education. While expensive, it offers classes tailored to every kind of real estate career you may want to pursue.

    Kaplan Real Estate Education Pros

    • It Offers Diverse Classes on All Industry Topics. After you complete your initial real estate class, you can return to Kaplan for continuing education and professional development. It even offers packages that’ll satisfy your educational needs for the first year of your real estate career.
    • It Includes Complimentary Partnerships and Trials. Kaplan has a large network of professional resources available to its students. These can prove particularly helpful as you begin a career in real estate.
    • It Educates All Kinds of Real Estate Professionals. Even if you start as a real estate agent, you can take classes from Kaplan Real Estate Education to become a broker, appraiser, home inspector, or wholesaler. Wherever your career goes, Kaplan can go with you.

    Kaplan Real Estate Education Cons

    • Its Courses Are Expensive. Given Kaplan’s reputation in the professional education market, it’s no surprise its classes are expensive. While it does have great partnerships and a broad network, Kaplan Real Estate Education doesn’t offer much more value than its budget-friendly competitors.
    • It Lacks an In-Person Option. All classes from Kaplan Real Estate Education require some self-paced study, including its instructor-led, live stream classes. Make sure you feel comfortable taking a virtual class before you pay top dollar for a course from Kaplan.
    • Its Offerings Differ by State. The classes available from Kaplan vary widely from state to state. Its pricing also can differ dramatically, depending on the number of required credit hours and the delivery format. Kaplan contracts classes out to third-party providers in some cases, which can make it difficult to understand exactly what you’ll get for your investment.

    Kaplan Real Estate Education Summary

    Kaplan boasts a well-respected brand in education and provides top-quality classes. But, its real value comes from the broad network you can tap into as a Kaplan Real Estate Education student. With access to top instructors, additional professional resources, and free or discounted real estate tools, Kaplan students can consult other real estate professionals ready to help them in their careers.

    Kaplan’s classes are expensive, so expect to pay a hefty price for access to its services. The company’s classes also differ by state in both availability and price. While it may require some research to determine exactly what Kaplan has available in your area, this company might still provide the right option for you.

    Kaplan Real Estate Education Classes

    As one of the most expensive real estate class options, the real value in Kaplan Real Estate Education comes from the access its students have to a broad network of real estate professionals and resources.

    Ready to register for your real estate class?

    Price Range: $209 - $399

    For a great balance of affordability, flexible course formats and offerings, and high exam pass rates, we recommend The CE Shop. It delivers all of its classes online ─ the perfect format for a professional interested in becoming a real estate agent.

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