A.D. Banker Insurance Pre-License Course Review

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A.D. Banker Insurance Pre-License Course Review

Preparing for your state’s insurance licensing exam is very important. Taking a pre-licensing course is required in most states and a great way to learn everything you need to know to pass the test. A.D. Banker provides multiple options and tiers to suit any learning style and schedule. Whether you are looking for a streamlined approach or a classroom environment, you will find it with A.D. Banker.

Ready to take the next step? Read on to learn more about A.D. Banker’s highly-rated insurance pre-licensing courses.

A.D. Banker Insurance Pre-License Course – 4.4 / 5

A.D. Banker is great for those who know how they learn best and can commit to a study program- scoring a 4.4/5. With many options to choose from, including self-directed courses and facilitated classes, this course will prepare you to pass the insurance licensing exam.

A. D. Banker ($129 – $275 + state fees)

A.D. Banker Pros and Cons

A.D. Banker has been providing pre-license and continuing education for 40 years, making them one of the most experienced companies in the industry. While some features may not work for all learners, there are a lot of great benefits to taking a course with A.D. Banker.

Pros of A.D. Banker

Here are some of the best features that students rave about after taking an A.D. Banker course.

  • Web Class Option – The Online Course through A.D. Banker includes everything that you need to satisfy your state’s pre-license education requirements as well as prepare for the state licensing exam. If you want to take your preparation to the next level, the Web-Based Class packages offer all the same features plus a live, instructor-led course that you can access for up to six months.
  • Packages Save Money – There are numerous tier options available for both Online courses and Web-Based classes. The costs are comparable with many other highly ranked insurance pre-license education companies. If you think A.D. Banker’s test prep is the right course for you, investing in a package will get you access to additional learning resources, such as flashcards, and save money in the process.
  • A La Carte Learning Tools – After you complete your required pre-licensing course, you can purchase additional learning tools from A.D. Banker even if you didn’t take your initial course there. These a la carte tools can also be added to your course or package deal to customize your education experience. If you understand how you best learn and what tools you will benefit from, A.D. Banker is a great option for you. The flashcards are repeatedly mentioned as a great resource for studying in order to pass the insurance exam.

Cons of A.D. Banker

  • Jargon in Online Course – If you are taking the Online Course, be prepared to learn and interpret some industry jargon yourself. The class is full of terms specific to the insurance industry. If you are a true beginner with no prior knowledge and want to prepare for your insurance licensing exam, opting for the instructor-led Web-Based Course will be much easier for you to follow and likely to lead to your passing score on your first test attempt.
  • Need to Be Self-Motivated – Many of the benefits of an A.D. Banker course work for those who can be disciplined enough to study and take advantage of the flexibility of this program. The Online Course is the only thing that will satisfy the state pre-license education requirement and you must score at least a 70% on the included Certification Exam in order to be able to take your official state licensing exam. If you don’t do well pacing yourself to complete the modules or study well on your own, this part of the course will be difficult for you.
  • Learning Tools Are Expensive – While there are numerous valuable resources offered a la carte from A.D. Banker, they are pricey when you consider that they are an add-on and do not actually count towards your required pre-licensing education. This is especially true of the flashcards, which cost the same for individual lines as they do for multiple lines. The best option to use these tools is to purchase a package that includes them.

A.D. Banker Pricing and Packages

There are two main types of packages offered by A.D. Banker: Online Course and Web Class. Within those two options, there are three tiers that offer more features as you go up.

Online Course:

Web Class:

A.D. Banker Online Course Silver Package

This is the most bare-bones of the offerings from A.D. Banker, but also one of the most affordable at $129.95. It includes just what you need to satisfy your state-required pre-license education and prepare for the state insurance licensing exam.

Just because it is the most basic package doesn’t mean that the Online Course Silver Package doesn’t have some great features. It includes all course modules, which are designed to be interactive and highly engaging. After each chapter, you will take a chapter exam. This exam shows you which questions you missed so that you can review the material as needed before moving on to the next chapter.

There are also practice tests, a study manual which is a great resource to print for note-taking purposes, an online note-taking option, customer and material support, and a glossary of searchable terms and phrases.

One of the great features included in all A.D. Banker packages is the Guarantee to Pass exam. If you score at least an 80% on this exam, you are guaranteed to pass your state licensing exam within 3 days or you get a refund on all of your course materials. A.D. Banker has a strong pass rate, but it’s nice to know that the financial investment in your course is backed by this guarantee.

Who is the A.D. Banker Online Course Silver Plan best for?

This package is great for learners who are self-motivated and who want just the tools they need to satisfy their state’s pre-licensing education requirements and get ready for their exam.

Try A.D. Banker’s Online Course Silver Plan

A.D. Banker Online Course Gold Package

If you want to take advantage of one of A.D. Banker’s most popular study tools for a discounted price, the Online Course Gold Package is the choice for you. It includes everything listed in the more basic Silver package as well as flashcards of key terms and definitions from A.D. Banker. It costs $156.90, which is less than if you purchased the lower-tier package and added on the flashcards separately.

Understanding industry terms is essential to making the most of the rest of your course materials, not to mention passing your insurance licensing exam. That makes this add-on well worth the additional $26.95.

This course also comes with a Guarantee to Pass the exam. If the excellent flashcards don’t help you prepare for and pass your state licensing exam, you can rest easy knowing that you will get a refund. A.D. Banker stands behind their exam prep and education so much that they are willing to give this guarantee.

Who is the A.D. Banker Online Course Gold Plan best for?

If flashcards are a must-have for you, this package offers the popular add-on at the lowest price. You can always pay for them a la carte after you begin studying, but why spend more money when you don’t need to? The Gold Plan is a great value for the resources included.

Try A.D. Banker’s Online Course Gold Plan

A.D. Banker Online Course Platinum Package

This is the top-level online course offered by A.D. Banker. It has everything in the online course, including modules with all material, chapter exams, practice exams, the Guarantee to Pass exam, and the study manual. It also includes the A.D. Banker flashcards, one of the tools called out by multiple students as being particularly helpful.

The Platinum package is great for learners who need some instruction from a teacher, as it includes a subscription to the WebClass. These video modules are mobile-friendly and give real-world examples of insurance principles put into action, described, and taught by instructors who have experienced themselves. The Web Classes can help clarify concepts that may be difficult to understand without an explanation from an actual person.

This option is expensive at $226.85, costing even more than the lowest tier Web Class. If you want access to the WebClass tools, you may want to consider one of the great Web Class packages rather than this more expensive, top-tier Online Course plan.

Who is the A.D. Banker Online Course Platinum Plan best for?

For those looking for extra instruction and clarification from the Web Classes and who want an ongoing subscription for this tool, the Online Course Platinum Plan offers just that.

Try A.D. Banker’s Online Course Platinum Plan

A.D. Banker Web Class Silver Package

The starter plan for the Web Class options comes with a lot of great features. It includes all of the online course material, which is required in many states to satisfy the pre-license education requirement. It offers numerous chapter exams, practice exams, the Guarantee to Pass exam, and great interactive content.

What sets the Web Classes apart is the addition of a live presentation from an instructor. The instructor uses a workbook with facilitated activities. You can retake the class with new instructors for additional learning for up to six months. If you like interactive learning that takes the concepts beyond a computer module, this is the option for you.

All of the Web Class content is intended to aid in instruction, not replace the required Online Course modules. If you only complete the Web Classes, you will not be able to take your Certification Exam or get your admissions ticket to take your actual state licensing exam. This package costs $213.95, putting it in the middle of the course offerings from A.D. Banker.

Who is the A.D. Banker Web Class Silver Plan best for?

Students who want a live, instructor-led course should look into this popular package, which includes web-based classes that you can access and retake for up to six months.

Try A.D. Banker’s Web Class Silver Package

A.D. Banker Web Class Gold Package

Want additional resources from A.D. Banker in addition to the online course and web class? The Web Class Gold Package adds a hard copy study manual to your toolbox, offering additional ways to study and prepare to pass the state insurance licensing exam.

The study manual includes all of the core material needed to prepare for the exam. It also has a Lightning Facts section that provides a quick summary. This is best used as a review after completing the course material and to test your knowledge as you go. The study questions at the end of each chapter are another great way to make sure that you have mastered the material.

This guide is in addition to the workbook provided by the Web Class instructors and the printable study manual that comes with the online course. The Web Class Gold Package costs $248.95. Unless having a hard copy study manual means the difference between passing and failing for you, it may be worth looking into other packages or even a la carte study tools if you want to spend the additional money.

Who is the A.D. Banker Web Class Gold Plan best for?

If you want a hard copy study manual that includes Lightning Facts for quick study, review questions after each chapter, and all of the must-learn concepts, this is a great package for you.

Try A.D. Banker’s Web Class Gold Package

A.D. Banker Web Class Platinum Package

If you want to go big with your insurance pre-license education, the A.D. Banker Web Class Platinum Package is as top tier as it gets. This comprehensive study package includes all of the online course materials, the Guarantee to Pass exam, and the hard copy study manual.

What sets the Web Class Platinum Package apart is the addition of the popular flashcards. You can get them digitally or hard copy and in Spanish or English. Students use the flashcards to quiz themselves on key terms and definitions, one of the most important aspects of preparing to pass the insurance licensing exam and be effective as a licensed insurance agent.

This package is the most expensive offering from A.D. Banker at $275.90 but comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect for this top-tier plan from a reputable education provider. If you have the budget to purchase all of these useful tools, the package is the way to go.

Who is the A.D. Banker Web Class Platinum Plan best for?

Those looking for all of the top tools and resources to prepare for their state insurance licensing exam will find it in the A.D. Banker Web Class Platinum Plan.

Try A.D. Banker’s Web Class Platinum Package

A.D. Banker Reviews Across the Web

Students who have completed an A.D. Banker insurance pre-licensing course have commented on the features they love, the parts that prepared them for the difficult insurance licensing exam, and if they would recommend the course to friends interested in becoming an insurance agent.


Indeed ranks A.D. Banker Insurance Training 4.6/5. Out of a total of 27 reviews, Flexible Class Hours and Affordable were mentioned in over half of the reviews.


72 reviews on Birdeye give A.D. Banker a combined rating of 3.6/5. 30 of these reviews gave the education provider a 5 Star rating.

A.D. Banker Alternatives

We rank A.D. Banker as #3 in our review of the Insurance Pre-licensing Education Courses. Other services that competed against A.D. Banker were:

For how these services compare, check out our Best Insurance Pre-licensing Education Course comparison.

Ready to Start Your Pre-License Education Course?

For self-motivated students who are ready to dive into the terms, definitions, and content they need to master in order to pass the state insurance licensing exam, A.D. Banker is a great choice. Whether you like the self-paced Online Course or the instructor-led Web Class, there is a plan and tier at A.D. Banker that meets your needs.

A. D. Banker ($129 – $275 + state fees)

A.D. Banker Insurance Pre-License Course Review FAQ

What is Included in an A.D. Banker Course?

The features included will depend on your package and tier, but all A.D. Banker courses include the online modules and activities, chapter tests, practice exams, printable study manual, searchable terms and phrases, online support, and online taking. They are also mobile-friendly and have an audio option. All A.D. Banker courses come with the Guarantee to Pass the exam, which guarantees a student’s successful performance on the state licensing exam or their money back, given that they score at least an 80% on the Guarantee to Pass exam within three days of taking their official test.

Is A.D. Banker the Best Insurance Education Course?

A.D. Banker is a great course for self-motivated students who will be able to take advantage of all the great tools included with the course. They do have a lot of industry terms in the course materials, so you should be comfortable learning this material. Taking the time to understand the vocabulary and definitions will help you pass the exam, which is why A.D. Banker puts such an emphasis on it in the modules and with their extra study tools. Courses with A.D. Banker can be online and self-directed or online and instructor-led. You should have access to the internet and a computer in order to complete any of the A.D. Banker courses. If this sounds like you, then A.D. Banker might be the best insurance education course for you. You can read about our other insurance course reviews to compare and decide which option is best for you.

Is it Hard to Pass the Insurance Exam?

Preparation is key when it comes to passing the state insurance exam. Across all insurance lines, the overall pass rate is around 60% as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. A.D. Banker does not publish their pass rates, but individual states do provide some data. The Virginia State Corporation Commission reports that A.D. Banker graduates had a 77% pass rate on the Life and Annuities & Health Exam and an 80% pass rate on the Life and Annuities Exam when taking these tests for the first time. This is well above the national average and one of the highest pass rates reported during the same time period in the state. Learn more about how you can pass the state insurance licensing exam on your first attempt.

Does the A.D. Banker Course Satisfy My State’s Pre-licensing Education Requirement?

A.D. Banker provides a state guide that shows exactly how their courses fit into your state’s insurance licensing path. Most states require that students complete the online course modules and pass a Certification Exam with a score of at least 70%. After they pass this exam, they will be issued an admissions ticket and be able to schedule their state insurance licensing exam at an independent testing center. Find out more about the path to becoming a licensed insurance agent in your state.

How Much Does A.D. Banker Cost?

Courses through A.D. Banker range from $129.95 for the most basic package to $275.90 for the most comprehensive course offering. All courses satisfy the state pre-licensing education requirements and may include additional study tools and resources that will help you prepare for your state licensing exam. Students can purchase some of these tools and resources a la carte from A.D. Banker, although buying them as part of the package is almost always the best way to save money while getting access to A.D. Banker’s top recommended features.

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