Kaplan Bar Review

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Kaplan Bar Review

When it comes to the different options for bar exam preparation, Kaplan’s name is often included in the mix of top choices. But does it deserve to be here, and what exactly do its courses offer?

In this Kaplan Bar Review article, we’ll walk you through the different bar exam prep packages Kaplan offers, as well as compare it to some alternatives in order to help you figure out which course is the best choice for you.

Recommended: Interested in getting started? We recommend Kaplan’s bar exam preparation materials, which come with a free retake guarantee, interactive and flexible learning, and lawyer-led tutoring. 

4.7 out of 5 starsKaplan ($1,699+)

Is Kaplan Bar Prep Right for You?

Kaplan’s bar prep courses are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of students, making them an ideal choice for most people preparing to take the bar exam.

Whether you prefer self-paced study with on-demand materials, interactive online classes, or in-person instruction, Kaplan should offer the right resources to accommodate your learning style and schedule.


  • Wealth of Resources: Each of Kaplan’s course offerings come with access to over 4,000 MBE practice questions, an expansive library of pre-recorded video lectures, live classes that range from four to seven hours per day, and unlimited essay grading. Students even have the option to add private online or in-person tutoring sessions
  • Four Full MBE Tests: Each course comes with four, full simulated MBE tests, which are essential for building your conditioning and familiarity with this exam’s content and structure for the MBE day of the bar
  • Experienced Staff: Kaplan exclusively employs highly qualified attorneys to act as instructors on its courses. This enriches their teaching with real-world experience, providing valuable practical insights and ensuring your learning journey is tailored specifically to meet your individual needs
  • High Pass Rate: Kaplan’s unique approach to preparing their students for the bar exam has proven to be highly successful for candidates, boasting a UBE pass rate of over 90% for students who completed at least 75% of the assigned coursework in a Kaplan course
  • Wide Availability: Kaplan’s bar prep courses stand out for their flexible scheduling options and extensive coverage across multiple states. This accessibility ensures that students, regardless of their location or jurisdiction, can find the support they need to excel in their bar exam preparation
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Qualifying candidates who complete the course and don’t see an improvement in their official test score can either request a free reactivation of their online resources for an additional 12 weeks or opt for a refund

Recommended Course

Interested in getting started? We recommend Kaplan’s bar exam preparation materials, which come with a free retake guarantee, interactive and flexible learning, and lawyer-led tutoring.

4.7 out of 5 starsKaplan ($1,699+)


  • No Self-Study Option: While Kaplan’s courses provide students with a wealth of live and on-demand resources and assistance, the lack of a self-study alternative could pose challenges for individuals. If you prefer to set your own learning pace, or have commitments that don’t align with structured course schedules, the limited flexibility in this sense may be an issue

Kaplan Bar Prep Pricing and Features

Kaplan offers three distinct packages — each tailored to different learning objectives and preferences.

Package 1: Bar Review ($2499)

Kaplan’s Bar Review course includes the following key features:

  • An intensive 160+ hour, 8-week long course, either live online or on demand
  • Classes led by expert attorneys to provide structure and guidance
  • Four bar practice exams
  • Personalized study plans based on your performance
  • Four printed prep books (UBE states)
  • Two printed, state-specific prep books (non-UBE states)
  • Email support from a team of attorneys, with responses within three business days
  • Access to the Kaplan’s Private Law Student Community

Right For: Students looking for a more accelerated pace of study, for example those that may have limited time to prepare before their exam date.

Package 2: Bar Review Flex ($2499)

With the exception of access to live online classes, this package includes all the features and content of the Bar Review course.

The primary difference between these two packages lies in their duration — where the standard package takes place over the course of eight weeks, the Bar Review Flex course instead lasts 12.

This allows students to have a more relaxed and manageable study schedule, reducing the intensity and pressure of studying for the bar exam at no extra cost, while still benefiting from all the resources and support provided in the standard Bar Review course.

Right For: Students seeking a more gradual and flexible approach to their exam preparation who don’t mind sacrificing live classes for on demand video lessons, such as those with a busy schedule and other commitments.

Package 3: Bar Review Convenience ($3999)

The Bar Review Convenience package is Kaplan’s most expensive option. It includes all the features of the standard Bar Review course, plus:

  • Personal tutoring (1-on-1)
  • The option for a free second bar course within five years
  • The ability to give a free Bar Review Course to a friend entering the field of Public Interest
  • A 12-month Lawline Unlimited Membership — Kaplan’s continuing legal education (CLE)
  • An $800 gift card
  • Access to a team of attorneys to guide you through the bar preparation process

Right For: Students looking to take the bar exam in a number of different states.

Optional Extras

After selecting your Kaplan course, you can choose from a number of optional extras to add to your bar exam package for an even more tailored and personalized approach.

Bar Review Plus ($500)

This addition, which takes place prior to a Kaplan Bar Review Course, includes the following features:

  • Weekly on demand programs for a semester in the run up to the base course
  • Supplemental assignments, quizzes, and a set of MBE flashcards
  • Access to all additional resources for a semester

Right For: Students looking to give themselves the best opportunity to build their confidence and consolidate their understanding.

MBE JumpStart ($999)

Another addition that you can make to your bar review course to ensure you’re ready is the MBE JumpStart.

By including this addition as part of your bar review course, you’ll benefit from a far more tailored preparation experience, including:

  • An orientation session with a local legal education director
  • A thorough assessment of your study plan
  • Four hours of personal tutoring (1-on-1)

Right For: Students seeking a personalized bar exam preparation experience, particularly those who would benefit from individualized guidance and targeted tutoring.

Kaplan Bar Prep Reviews

The bar prep courses offered by Kaplan have received highly positive reviews, with the company receiving an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 across more than 5,400 reviews on Trustpilot.

In particular, many reviews highlight the thoroughness of the practice resources and the excellence of Kaplan’s teaching — with many Reddit users also praising its bar prep courses for its extensive content and adaptable approach.

Example 1

“Kaplan does a great job of displaying high-yield content in an easy to digest manner. Their q-bank has tons of practice questions to test your current knowledge level and offers a tutor mode to give explanations to each answer option.” — Andrew

Example 2

“Their method of teaching was very concise, the programme structure made it possible for everyone to learn at their own pace. The videos were very helpful in my studies.” — Joshua

Overall, Kaplan’s is known for the reliability of its courses to deliver positive outcomes, with students commonly experiencing substantial score improvements surpassing their expectations.

On top of this, reviews of Kaplan’s courses seemed to suggest that most students were happy with its prices — generally agreeing that they’re reasonable considering the value and quality they offer.

Recommended: Interested in getting started? We recommend Kaplan’s bar exam preparation materials, which come with a free retake guarantee, interactive and flexible learning, and lawyer-led tutoring.

4.7 out of 5 starsKaplan ($1,699+)

Kaplan Bar Exam Prep Alternatives

Now that you’re familiar with Kaplan’s bar prep offerings, we’ll take a look at some of the top competitors to give you a well-rounded understanding of the different options available to you.

Alternative 1: BarMax

Developed by graduates of Harvard Law School, BarMax offers a variety of options crafted by professionals that cater to a range of learning preferences, objectives, and budgets.


  • Diverse Instruction Methods: BarMax offers its students access to a diverse array of instruction methods, including over 50 hours of lectures developed by Harvard alumni, a bank of more than 1950 real Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) questions, essay questions, and performance tests sanctioned by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE)
  • Personalized Writing Feedback: As part of the program, students have the opportunity to receive individualized feedback on their writing from former bar examiners, giving them actionable guidance and areas to focus on
  • Lifetime Access: Upon purchasing BarMax’s prep course, you’ll gain lifetime access to its resources, although the company is confident this is far longer than the majority of its students will need to use it before they can pass the bar exam


  • No Live Classes: Although the self-paced nature of BarMax’s courses makes them great for more independent learners, the lack of video lectures and live classes make it less helpful for students looking for more direct instruction in their studies

Alternative 2: Barbri

With a selection of three unique packages available, Barbri offers personalized solutions that aim to meet the individual needs of any student.


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Barbri’s bar preparation courses include over 2,000 MBE questions, personalized essay marking, MEE and MPT workbooks, and guidance on the bar application process. Additional courses such as essay workshops are also available for an extra fee
  • Long Track Record: With nearly half a century of experience in bar exam preparation, Barbri continuously refines and adapts its offerings to meet evolving exam formats and student needs. This extensive history ensures Barbri remains a leader in bar exam preparation excellence
  • Flexible Course Offerings: Students have the flexibility to choose from various learning formats, including on-demand lessons, live online sessions, or in-person classes. Unlike some other bar preparation courses, students are even able to switch between formats as they please, providing a tailored learning experience


  • High Price Tag: For what you actually receive with Barbri’s courses, this option is actually quite expensive, with prices that start at $1,999
  • Old School Approach: Despite its extensive experience, Barbri’s traditional, book-centric method of instruction may not appeal to all students, with some finding the video lessons dull and outdated

Alternative 3: Bar Prep Hero

While traditional instructional courses focus heavily on content review, Bar Prep Hero stands out by emphasizing practice, engaging students in a wide array of practice problems and promoting in-depth review of each to cultivate a comprehensive grasp of the material through active involvement.


  • Great for Practice Material: Bar Hero Prep’s courses focus on extensive practice tests, meticulously curating thousands of multiple-choice questions and over 1,600 flashcards to help students get comfortable with the bar exam format
  • Excellent Model Answers: In addition to prioritizing practice questions, Bar Prep Hero offers detailed model answers for each question, which provides invaluable insight into the criteria used by exam graders to evaluate responses
  • Affordability: Bar Hero Prep stands out as the most affordable choice for students, with course prices typically ranging between $100 to $300 — making it an accessible option for those on a budget


  • Lack of Formal Instruction: Bar Prep Hero’s emphasis on practice questions may not suit students seeking structured content review through resources like books, video lessons, or live classes. This is particularly true for those who prefer a more guided learning approach
  • Limited Access to Materials: The budget-friendly offerings of Bar Hero Prep only provide one-year access, which poses a challenge for part-time learners who may struggle to fully utilize the resources before their access expires

For more information on other alternatives, check out our Best Bar Prep Courses guide.

Final Thoughts

On balance, we strongly recommend students take advantage of Kaplan’s prep courses when getting ready for the bar exam.

While there are several other strong options available, we believe Kaplan is the leading choice due to its extensive range of features and resources which go above and beyond those standard offerings.

As if this wasn’t enough, the exceptional value for money of Kaplan’s offerings, considering what you get for the price, only further solidifies its position as the most complete bar review course.

Kaplan Bar Review FAQ

Is Kaplan Bar prep worth it?

Yes, when it comes to bar review courses, Kaplan’s offerings are definitely worth the money for what you receive. Its comprehensive resources, experienced instructors, and high pass rates all make it a top choice for effective bar exam preparation. For more information on this, see our full Kaplan Bar Review.

How long is Kaplan bar prep?

Kaplan bar prep typically lasts for two months, with daily live online classes lasting for four to seven hours, providing structured and intensive preparation. However, students can also opt for courses that last three or even six months if they’re willing to pay a little more.

Which is better Kaplan or Barbri?

Both Kaplan and Barbri offer comprehensive bar exam prep, but Kaplan stands out for its extensive library of relevant material and live online classes, making it a preferred choice for many students. To see our top bar review course recommendations, see our Best Bar Prep Courses article.

Is Kaplan better than Themis for bar review?

Both Kaplan and Themis offer high quality bar review courses with good reviews. However, when you consider Kaplan’s additional resources and live online classes, it makes sense why it’s a commonly preferred option among students looking to succeed on test day.