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Written by: Katie Begley

    Earning your real estate license requires completing the required prelicensing education and then passing the real estate exam. While many educational options exist for a prospective real estate agent, only a few focus solely on real estate education. For an educational provider that lives and breathes real estate, consider the classes offered by Real Estate Express.

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    This provider's diverse course offerings, including self-paced and live stream classes, offer something for every type of learner. Its money-back guarantee also provides a full refund if you don't pass your state exam.


    Real Estate Express Pros and Cons

    Choosing a real estate education course requires you to consider your preferred learning style, your other commitments, and any extra features you want to purchase to optimize your studying time. Fortunately, Real Estate Express offers packages and options that’ll suit a variety of learners.


    Pros of Real Estate Express

    Real Estate Express offers its students several great features:

    • It Has Self-Paced and Instructor-Led Learning Options. Successful real estate agents know how to work efficiently and effectively — a trait that makes a self-paced learning environment ideal for those entering the real estate industry. Real Estate Express delivers its courses online — either self-paced or via live stream with the guidance of an instructor. Based on our review of leading real estate education companies, Real Estate Express offers the widest variety of packages and delivery formats. No matter which option you choose, you can access all of the material right on your home computer or laptop.
    • It Includes Rigorous Course Material. Classes from Real Estate Express will prepare you for the challenging real estate exam with real-world examples that test your application of what you just learned vs. “memorize-and-forget” questions. The company’s Q&A sessions with instructors and experts also offer valuable insights into working as a real estate agent. In addition, the higher-tier course packages come with professional development resources to help you build a real estate career.
    • It Offers Competitive Pricing. Real Estate Express offers multiple course packages at a variety of price points. Its well-priced, higher-tier packages deliver a particularly strong value. The company’s money-back guarantee also helps ensure your financial investment will result in a passing score or you’ll receive a full refund.


    Cons of Real Estate Express

    But, Real Estate Express may not suit everyone. Here are a few things to consider before you enroll in one of its classes:

    • Its Courses Are Text-Heavy. The class materials rely on written text to deliver most of the information. This can include online documents or a hard-copy textbook, which comes with the company’s highest-tier package. If you prefer a more interactive experience, you may want to consider another provider that offers in-person classes or modules that require more student participation.
    • It Lacks an In-Person Option. Few real estate education providers offer in-person classes, and Real Estate Express is no exception. But, the company does offer a live stream course run by an experienced instructor. While this format can give you the opportunity to engage with an actual person, it may not deliver the full classroom environment some students seek.
    • Its Final Exam Requires a Proctor. After completing a self-paced course, some students may feel frustrated that they must coordinate with a proctor to take their final exam. But, it’s a necessary step to ensure all Real Estate Express students receive a quality education and maintain the company’s strong reputation in real estate education. You must prepare yourself for this final hurdle as you complete your course.
    Should I take a real estate class from Real Estate Express?

    We recommend Real Estate Express classes for students who feel comfortable navigating online modules -- either self-paced or via live stream. While expensive, the company's higher-tier packages can prove especially beneficial for those seeking to continue their education and professional development beyond the required state course.

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    Real Estate Express Pricing and Packages

    Real Estate Express offers four packages for self-paced education and three packages for instructor-led classes.

    Here’s an overview of Real Estate Express’s pricing and package tiers:



    The Real Estate Express The Basics Package

    If your top priority involves finding a budget-friendly option, The Basics package has everything you need to meet your state requirements. It includes the course itself, which meets the hourly requirement in your state, as well as state-approved instructor support. You can reach these instructors via email or phone to answer any questions you may have. But, because this isn’t live instructor support, you may need to wait up to a full day to receive an answer.

    This online course means you’ll need a computer or tablet to access your materials as well as internet access to move through the class, complete the modules, and take the proctored final exam. This package also includes three additional books on real estate: Principles of Real Estate PracticeThe Real Estate Math Handbook, and Real Estate Express’ Quick-Start Guide. Because you can access them as ebooks, you can easily take these materials with you as you progress in your real estate career.

    The price represents one of the best aspects of this package. At $169, it’s the least expensive option from Real Estate Express. Look for a coupon code or special savings deal to make it even more affordable.

    Who is this package best for?

    The Real Estate Express The Basics package suits budget-conscious students who want to complete their required courses at their own pace.


    The Real Estate Express Exam Preparation Package

    Taking practice tests represents one of the best ways to prepare for the real estate exam. That’s why Real Estate Express designed a course around this important concept. Its Exam Preparation package satisfies your state’s education requirements and prepares you to take the state real estate exam. Beyond the course itself, this package includes additional ebooks, instructor support, and dozens of practice tests and flashcards to help you study.

    Real Estate Express is so confident its Exam Preparation package will prepare students to pass the real estate exam that it offers a full refund to anyone who fails the test after completing this course with exam preparation. Its money-back guarantee provides some additional reassurance that this package, which costs a bit more at $228, represents a good investment.

    Who is this package best for?

    The Real Estate Express Exam Preparation package suits students who want extra exam prep with practice tests, flashcards, and the company's money-back guarantee.


    The Real Estate Express Ultimate Learning Package

    The Ultimate Learning package includes everything you need to become a real estate expert — from the required, 60-hour state course and practice exams to flashcards, instructor Q&A sessions, and Real Estate Express’s money-back guarantee. It also provides a printed textbook and a one-year membership to McKissock Learning, a professional development sister brand of Real Estate Express. This membership grants access to webinars, additional courses, job search tools, and networking opportunities that’ll get your real estate career off to a great start.

    With a price tag of $435, this package isn’t cheap. But, it includes so many great features that many students interested in making real estate a full-time career find the additional cost worthwhile. If you want access to the professional resources from McKissock Learning — valued at more than $400 by themselves — then spending more on this package can actually save you money in the long run.

    Who is this package best for?

    The Real Estate Express Ultimate Learning package suits students who want the best preparation to help them pass their real estate exam and then continue their professional development in the real estate industry. While expensive, it offers the best value based on its many included features.


    The Real Estate Express Livestream Package

    Self-directed, online learning may not suit all students. Fortunately, Real Estate Express offers a Livestream package for these learners. The class meets virtually for two weeks, five days per week, eight hours per day. Given the intense schedule, this format works best for full-time students who don’t need to juggle additional work or home responsibilities during the day.

    Students must register for a specific two-week, live stream class. Once you sign up, you’ll receive your live stream login information and course materials. Within a week of completing the class sessions, you must then take a proctored final exam.

    At $435, the Livestream package costs the same as the Ultimate Learning package. It includes most of the best features from Real Estate Express, such as the real estate ebooks, course materials in portable document format (PDF) files, a printed textbook, practice exams and flashcards, and the company’s money-back guarantee. But, this package doesn’t include the professional development resources from McKissock Learning so you’ll need to purchase those separately.

    Who is this package best for?

    The Real Estate Express Livestream package suits students seeking an interactive learning experience and live access to instructors via online classes.


    Real Estate Express Reviews Across the Web

    Students who take classes from Real Estate Express value its diverse course offerings and exam preparation. Here’s what they have to say about its real estate courses.


    Indeed® gives Real Estate Express a ranking of 4.3 out of five based on 203 reviews.


    Real Estate Express Alternatives

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is Real Estate Express legit?

    Yes, Real Estate Express is accredited by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). It offers state-approved real estate education courses that’ll satisfy the hourly requirements in most states. Make sure to select the state in which you plan to pursue licensure to gain access to the right course and state-specific information.


    What states approve Real Estate Express courses?

    Real Estate Express courses are fully approved in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

    You can verify that your state approves Real Estate Express courses by searching the list of providers on your state’s Real Estate Commission website. Real Estate Express makes this easy to do by including links on its state FAQ page.


    How does Real Estate Express’s money-back guarantee work?

    The Exam Prep feature, which you can purchase separately or as part of a package, includes the money-back guarantee. Real Estate Express guarantees that students who score at least 80 percent on the final course exam within 180 days of purchase will pass their state licensing exam on the first attempt or receive a full refund. Students must take the state exam within 30 days of scoring 80 percent or better on the course exam. This guarantee isn’t available in Florida, New Jersey, or Tennessee due to state regulations.


    Can I print my course materials?

    You can print your downloadable course materials and PDFs when allowed by your state. If your state doesn’t allow you to print course materials, Real Estate Express will disable this feature in your module. Both the Real Estate Express Ultimate Learning package and the Livestream package come with a printed textbook. This can prove helpful for studying when you don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, such as during commutes or breaks.


    Ready to take a class from Real Estate Express?

    $169 - $435

    Whether you want a self-paced, online course or an instructor-led, virtual classroom, Real Estate Express can help you start your real estate career. The company's budget-friendly packages suit students seeking to pass their state exam and earn their real estate license. But, consider one of its higher-tier packages for the best value and access to valuable, professional development resources.

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