Real Estate Agent Job Description

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Real Estate Agent Job Description

One of the most important steps to build your real estate team is making sure that your real estate agent job posting will get talented and qualified candidates lining up to work with you. Find out how to craft the perfect real estate agent job description and use this easy-to-follow template to get a new agent on your side.

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Real Estate Agent Job Description

Potential real estate agent job candidates want to know the ins and outs of the job, as well as what to expect. Here is a sample real estate agent job description from SR Brokerage that you can use to post today. Simply customize to your specific job opening and you are ready to go!

SR Brokerage is looking for a real estate sales agent to join a successful real estate team. This person is motivated and personable. Experience as a real estate sales agent is preferred but not required. SR Brokerage is a local, reputable brokerage that works hard for clients and supports team members in their professional development. We are members of the National Association of Realtors®.

Real estate agent job responsibilities include:

  • Advising and guiding clients through the home buying or home selling process
  • Meet with clients to determine their financial situation and property needs, then make recommendations based on this analysis
  • Evaluating the real estate market, including recent real estate transactions, comparable properties, and the local area
  • Make recommendations on sales price and purchase price to clients
  • Market for-sale properties, including listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), conducting open houses, arranging tours for potential buyers
  • Negotiate with other real estate sales agents on behalf of your clients
  • Work with appraisers, inspectors, loan officers, and others during the home buying or home selling process as required
  • Prepare and submit all purchase paperwork and other required documentation
  • Network with other real estate professionals as a member of the National Association of Realtors®
  • Maintain an active real estate state license

Real estate agent job requirements include:

  • Have an active real estate sales agent or broker state license
  • Have a valid state driver’s license and personal transportation
  • Able to work independently to meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Enjoys working as part of a team

This position is for a full-time or part-time agent, offers a competitive commission-based pay structure, and benefits (401k, health insurance). To apply, send your resume to

To create a job posting that will attract top candidates, check out: StateRequirement Jobs.

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Real Estate Agent Job Description Template

You can also create your own custom real estate job posting that includes the information candidates need and want to know about your company and the position. Customize your real estate job description using this fillable template.

Real estate agent job posting: List the specifics of the job, such as:

  • full-time or part-time
  • pay
  • benefits
  • Include what makes this opportunity better for potential candidates than others they may see on hiring sites. This can be highlighted by describing better compensation, a more flexible schedule, an experienced team, or company values

Real estate agent job responsibilities: Include 8-10 core real estate agent duties. For a real estate agent, these often include:

  • their work to market and sell properties
  • any responsibility the new real estate agent will have to participate in professional organizations or other networking
  • any other job duties that you feel are relevant

Real estate agent job requirements: Include the required licenses or education. For a real estate agent, these include:

  • state real estate sales agent or broker licenses
  • You can also list years working as an agent if you are looking to hire a real estate sales agent with experience.

Real estate job application: Include the next steps for interested applicants. You can choose to offer an application via the posting site or redirect the candidate to your own website. It is a good idea to include an email for follow-up or additional questions to get the best applicants.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent Job Posting?

Great real estate sales agents sift through a lot of job openings to find the best ones. The top real estate agent job descriptions have a few things in common.

Detailed Job Responsibilities and Requirements

A real estate agent interested in joining your team will want to know exactly what is expected of them in the role. This is even more important if you want to attract experienced agents since they know what other teams or brokerages ask their agents to do. Whether you are looking for an agent with years of experience or someone just starting out, make sure they understand their duties.

Describe Company Culture

One of the best ways to set your real estate agent job description apart from the others is to show potential applicants what it is like to work at your brokerage or on your team. List the company values, describe what networking opportunities you can provide to your team members, or other ways that this is the best job posting available.

Outline pay structure and benefits

If you are offering a commission-based position, the pay will vary depending on the individual agent’s sales record. If you have a target range for sales, you can include that so that applicants know what to expect in the role. If you provide benefits, such as health insurance or a 401k plan, include these in your job posting to generate interest from career-minded applicants.

Real Estate Agent Job Posting

When beginning your real estate agent job description, it can be helpful to start with the actual details of the job itself. Consider the following questions when crafting your real estate agent job description.

  • Is this a full-time, part-time, or hybrid position?
  • What is the pay structure? If commission-based, can you provide an expected range?
  • Are there benefits included in the position, such as health or dental insurance or a 401k plan?
  • Will the agent be working for a large brokerage or as part of a smaller team? 
  • Is this an entry-level position or are you looking for someone with more experience? 
  • Is there a specific location for this job?
  • What makes your firm different from others? Values, mentorship, training opportunities?
  • Is there a remote work or work-from-home option available?

Real Estate Agent Job Responsibilities

It is important to list the responsibilities that you will expect new hires to meet. This helps match interested applicants with your job posting for the best fit. Discussing these responsibilities is also a great way to determine if the candidate has the right knowledge during the interview process. A few responsibilities that you may ask your agent to complete include:

  • Represent buyers and sellers
  • Make recommendations based on client needs
  • Market research
  • Travel to/from for-sale listings
  • Show clients potential properties
  • Prepare and submit legal documents related to purchase offers
  • Market client properties for sale
  • Actively network to bring in new clients

Real Estate Agent Job Requirements

This section does not need to be lengthy but should be very detailed. If you have specific requirements, make sure to list them. This can save both you and the applicant time if they do not have the required licensing or experience. You can also list preferred qualifications.

  • Education
  • State License
  • Member of National Association of Realtors® (or willing to join)
  • Years of experience, preferred or required
  • Hard Skills, such as computer experience or language skills
  • Soft Skills, such as team-oriented or an independent worker

Make sure that you know what is required by law for a real estate sales agent in your state. As the hiring manager or broker, you are responsible for hiring new agents that meet the requirements for a real estate sales agent license in your state and maintain an active license.

For information on state real estate agent requirements, StateRequirement recommends: How to Become a Real Estate Agent.

Real Estate Agent Job Applications

Now that you’ve generated interest from qualified candidates, you need to make sure they have a clear path to actually applying for the open position. You can provide an email address or link to your fillable application. Many job sites have the option to offer a Quick Apply or other link that makes it easy for candidates to submit an application right away.

If you have additional application instructions, such as including a resume or cover letter, including them next to the link or email for the application will make sure that applicants have the information they need.

Real Estate Agent Job Description

You’re ready to find the next great real estate sales agent to build your business. Whether you craft the perfect real estate agent job description using our guiding questions or use our template or sample, your detailed real estate agent job description will ensure your job posting attracts top talent and builds a professional and successful real estate team.

Real Estate Agent Job Description Template

  • Real estate agent job posting:
  • Real estate agent job responsibilities:
  • Real estate agent job requirements:
  • Real estate job application:

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