Kaplan Real Estate Class Review

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Kaplan Real Estate Class Review

Whether you want to pursue a real estate license for the first time or enhance your skills as a real estate agent, finding the right real estate education provider is an important step. Partnering with a reputable and supportive real estate education company can mean the difference between passing the real estate exam on your first attempt and delaying your entry to this exciting career. We reviewed the top offerings from powerhouse professional education provider Kaplan® to learn more about the pros and cons of working with this company.

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Kaplan Real Estate Education 4.2 / 5

With self-paced online courses, on-demand lectures, and live virtual classrooms, Kaplan Real Estate Education has a flexible course offering for anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education Pros and Cons

Taking a real estate education course can help you learn the basics of being a real estate agent, prepare for the challenging real estate licensing exam, or further your professional education.

Pros of Kaplan

Kaplan’s real estate classes ideally suit certain students and situations because:

  • It Offers Diverse Classes on All Industry Topics. One of the main benefits of learning through Kaplan’s real estate education classes is the ability to return to the same company throughout your entire real estate career. You can take the initial course, and then return for continuing education, networking, and professional development opportunities as you grow your real estate career and business.
  • It Includes Complimentary Partnerships and Trials. Kaplan is a big name in professional education, so it makes sense that it has partnerships with many other professional organizations and services. Purchasing a course package from Kaplan comes with great freebies, such as a six-month trial of real estate news provider INMAN SELECT®.
  • It Educates All Kinds of Real Estate Professionals. Kaplan knows real estate inside and out. The company offers educational courses for real estate agents, home inspectors, appraisers, brokers, and wholesalers. No matter which direction your career may take you, Kaplan can provide the education and resources you’ll need.

Cons of Kaplan

But, Kaplan’s not a fit for everyone. Consider these factors before you choose Kaplan for your real estate education:

  • Its Courses Are Expensive. Kaplan is one of the most expensive options for real estate education. Even its most basic packages cost nearly $100 more than some competitors. Its top-tier packages, while great, don’t offer much more measurable value than the more economical offerings from other companies that include many of the same features.
  • It Lacks an In-Person Option. Kaplan delivers all of its real estate education online. This includes some live courses facilitated by an instructor and some self-paced modules. Kaplan requires all of its students to study the material on their own and log into their courses for the designated hours to satisfy their state’s requirements.
  • Its Offerings Differ by State. Because states regulate real estate licensing, it’s no surprise that the requirements can differ by state. Kaplan offers very different courses and pricing for each state, depending on the hours required and delivery format. It even contracts classes out to other companies in some areas, making it difficult to really understand and navigate all of the options available through Kaplan.

Should I take a real estate class from Kaplan Real Estate Education?

Kaplan Real Estate Education suits students willing to make a larger financial investment in order to work with a professional education company capable of supporting them throughout their career.

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Kaplan Pricing and Packages

The packages and pricing offered through Kaplan Real Estate Education differ from state to state. The example below of real estate education in Texas highlights the various features offered at different package tiers.

The Kaplan OnDemand Solution Package

The Kaplan OnDemand Solution package satisfies the state real estate education requirement, which totals 180 credit hours in Texas. This introductory package includes everything students need to know and learn about their duties and responsibilities as a real estate agent — all taught by knowledgeable instructors.

Students have on-demand access to the course’s prerecorded videos, making this package one of the most flexible offerings because you can access the material when and how it suits your schedule. It does, however, require some discipline to study and learn the material throughout the course.

This package also includes access to Kaplan’s Interactive Study Group — a live session with faculty and students to discuss topics and questions as you prepare for your final exam and get ready to pass the state real estate licensing exam.

If you want more information on real-world scenarios and tips to become a top real estate agent, consider the Kaplan Career Launcher OnDemand package. This adds eight hours of intense training based on real-world scenarios. It also comes with eight weeks of coaching after you complete your course to get your career off on the right foot.

At $449 for the OnDemand Solution package and $649 for the Career Launcher OnDemand package, these mid-tier options cost more than those offered by many other real estate education companies. That’s a theme you’ll see running through all of Kaplan’s package options.

Who is this package best for?

The Kaplan OnDemand Solution package suits students seeking to create their own schedule and access course materials at their convenience.

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The Kaplan Home Study Solution Package

If you prefer written textbooks over video lectures, then the Kaplan Home Study Solution package may provide the best fit for you. It covers the same state-required information as the OnDemand Solution package but delivers it via portable document format (PDF) files you can save, print, and access electronically. This package also comes with additional activities and quizzes to keep the material engaging and help you study the concepts you’ll need to know as a real estate agent.

In addition, this package includes access to Kaplan’s Interactive Study Group. These live webinars help make the course interactive when you have questions while still maintaining the flexibility of a self-paced study class that many students need.

The Career Launcher Home Study package, another option in this course format, includes eight more hours of training and eight weeks of coaching. At $389 for the Home Study Solution package and $589 for the Career Launcher Home.

Who is this package best for?

The Kaplan Home Study Solution package suits students who prefer to study written materials as they prepare for the state real estate exam.

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The Kaplan Live Online Solution Package

The Kaplan Live Online Solution package represents the company’s top-tier real estate education offering. Like Kaplan’s other offerings, this package satisfies the credit hours required for your state and comes with a lot of great study tools. 

But, Kaplan doesn’t deliver all of the required credit hours through live, online classes. You’ll use the same platform as the Home Study Solution package with some material available in a live, online format. In the case of Texas, Kaplan delivers 120 credit hours through independent online study and 60 hours through live, online webinars. The virtual classroom portions should build on the knowledge you gain during your independent home study. Kaplan’s Interactive Study Group provides another great way to engage with instructors and fellow students.

Students who want a hard-copy textbook to study will love that this package includes that resource. Once you purchase the package, Kaplan will send you a textbook to use as you complete your course.

An expensive option for real estate education, the Live Online Solution package costs $889 while the Career Launcher version costs $1,089. Either package represents a significant investment in your career as a real estate agent. When you consider the numerous resources and increased access to knowledgeable instructors included with this package, you may find the higher cost worthwhile.

Who is this package best for?

The Kaplan Live Online Solution package suits students seeking increased access to a live instructor and their classmates to discuss questions and interact in real time.

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Kaplan’s Reviews Across the Web

While it’s expensive, many students return to Kaplan Real Estate Education for its great features and top student performance. Here’s what they have to say about Kaplan’s real estate classes.


Trustpilot® gives Kaplan a ranking of 4.2 out of five based on 931 reviews.

Kaplan Alternatives

Kaplan Real Estate Education ranks third for real estate education in our Best Real Estate Classes guide. Here are reviews of two other services we also recommend:

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Ready to take a class from Kaplan Real Estate Education?

Kaplan Real Estate Education is one of the most expensive professional education providers in the real estate industry, but it delivers great courses and resources that help students learn the ins and outs of real estate. If you want extra resources to support your career, consider spending a bit more for one of its Career Launcher packages.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Education Review FAQ

Is Kaplan licensed to teach state-approved courses?

Yes, Kaplan is licensed in each state in which it provides real estate education. This means that any course you take from Kaplan will satisfy your state’s requirements. When Kaplan doesn’t offer a course in a specific state, it can direct you to other state-approved resources.

What do I need to access my Kaplan online course?

You’ll need a computer and internet access. While you can access the course on a tablet or smartphone, not all features are available. Kaplan, therefore, recommends using a desktop computer. If you plan to use a business computer or network to complete your course, talk to your information technology (IT) department before beginning the class. Someone from IT may need to enable the website for you.

Is Kaplan the same as J.Y. Monk Real Estate School?

J.Y. Monk Real Estate School changed its name to Kaplan Real Estate Education in 2019. While the company updated most of its real estate education materials and correspondence to reflect this name change, you may still occasionally hear Kaplan referred to as J.Y. Monk.

Who teaches the classes in Kaplan’s Live Online packages?

All instructors at Kaplan have professional real estate experience and additional training and experience teaching. They can provide first-hand knowledge of the real estate industry, what it’s like to work as a real estate agent, and what students need to know as they enter this career. They also understand and apply best practices required to teach an online, professional education course.

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