How to Get Your Colorado Real Estate License

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Getting your Colorado Real Estate Broker License is the first step to becoming a real estate broker in Colorado. Nowadays, this process can be done almost entirely online. You will still need to take your Colorado real estate license exam in person, but the rest of the process can be completed entirely online!

This article outlines how to become a real estate broker in Colorado in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner. You’ll learn how much it will cost, how long it will take, what is on the exam, and much more.

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How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Colorado

Becoming a real estate broker in Colorado is as simple as getting your license, finding a broker sponsor, and getting to work selling real estate! As long as you fulfill the below requirements, you are already on your way to your goal.

Colorado Real Estate License Requirements

The requirements to become a real estate broker in Colorado are:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted alien
  • Be 18 years of age or older

How to Get Your Real Estate Broker License in Colorado

Step 1. Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

To start, you must complete an approved pre-licensing course.

Colorado requires that real estate brokers complete 168 hours of pre-license coursework prior to sitting for their exam. This coursework will consist of six classes. 

These six required classes are:

  • 48 hours of Real Estate Law & Practice
  • 48 hours of Colorado Contracts & Regulations
  • 8 hours of Trust Accounts & Recordkeeping
  • 8 hours of Current Legal Issues
  • 24 hours of Real Estate Closings
  • 32 hours of Practical Applications

Most people choose to take their pre-license education course online. The majority of online courses are self-paced and include study materials like real estate practice exams and flashcards. Some also come with a “guarantee” that you will pass the exam on your first attempt if you complete their course. These benefits are all dependent on the education provider and package you choose, so be sure to get the course that best suits your needs.

Remember that the point of these courses isn’t just to check a box and complete a requirement, but rather to prepare you to pass your exam and become a better broker.

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Colorado does not require the final pre-license exam to be supervised by a proctor. This is not the same as the state exam. This test is provided by your pre-license education company and is an indication that you have completed and retained the information from your pre-license education course.

Similar to the state exam, this test is closed-book and closed-note. You are allowed a basic-function calculator and scratch paper, but no cell phones or outside internet access.

Step 2. Colorado Real Estate License Exam

After you’ve completed your pre-license education, it’s now time to take the Colorado Real Estate Exam.

The fee to take the exam is $44.95 per attempt.

The Colorado Real Estate Exam consists of 154 questions. This includes 80 for the National section and 74 for the State section. 

You will have 230 minutes (3 hours and 50 minutes) to complete the entire exam. The National section time is 120 minutes (2 hours), and the State section time is 110 minutes (1 hour and 50 minutes).

A passing score for the Colorado Real Estate Broker Exam is 60/80 on the National section and 53/74 on the State section.

Immediately after completing your exam, you will receive a scoring document that states whether you passed or failed. If it is marked “Fail,” then you will see a breakdown of your score in the different areas of the exam. If you decide to retake the exam, use this as a guide for your studies.

How Hard is the Colorado Real Estate Exam

The passing rate for the Colorado Real Estate Broker Exam is 75%. This test is purposefully difficult, but not impossible. Be sure to pay attention during your pre-license course and take studying seriously. If you put the proper effort forth, we know that you can pass on your first attempt!

You can register to take your exam on the PSI Colorado Real Estate page. On this page, you will find some other helpful resources as well, including the Candidate Handbook and Content Outline.

Before taking the exam, check out StateRequirement’s guide on How to Pass the Real Estate Exam. This in-depth guide works as a great partner to your pre-license course to prepare you to pass on your first attempt!

Step 3. Fingerprinting and Background Check

After passing your exam, the next step is to complete your fingerprinting and background check. The Colorado Division of Real Estate requires that all applicants have a background check performed before they can become a licensed real estate broker in Colorado.

Licensees will need to make an appointment with IdentoGO, who will transmit the applicant’s fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for processing. The report will be received by this office. Please input the service code 25YNY1.

The fee to complete your fingerprinting services is $39.50.

Completing and turning in your fingerprints will begin the background check process. The Colorado Division of Real Estate will review any findings in your background report to ensure your eligibility. During this process, they may reach out to you to provide additional information or documentation to clear up any findings.

For those who have criminal offenses or judgments against them, there’s a possibility that you may not be eligible for a real estate license in Colorado. If this is the case, you can access the Preliminary Advisory Opinion application online. Use this application to obtain an opinion regarding the potential effect that previous conduct, criminal convictions, or actions against a professional license may have on a formal application for licensure. To access the PAO application form, select “Create/Continue Application for NEW License.” You should then select the “Preliminary Advisory Opinion” application group and the “REB” application type.


If you aren’t sure whether you are eligible for a real estate license based on your history, check out our article on Real Estate License Eligibility.

Step 4. Obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance

Once you have done your fingerprints, it is time to get your errors and omissions insurance. The Colorado Division of Real Estate requires that all candidates for an affiliate broker license obtain an errors and omissions insurance policy before applying for a license.

The Colorado Division of Real Estate selected RISC to provide the state group E&O insurance policy, which is issued by Continental Casualty Company, a CNA insurance company. The program is designed specifically for Colorado brokers and exceeds state minimum requirements. The state group program offers affordable E&O insurance to each and every active licensee by spreading the risk over a large number of insureds.

Step 5. Real Estate Broker License Application

Now that you’ve met all requirements and completed all steps, it is time to apply for your Colorado broker’s license. You will need to apply within 12 months of passing the state licensing exam.

The fee for this application is $200.

You will need to apply for your license via the Colorado Division of Real Estate’s Online Services page.

In making your broker’s license application, you might need to include the following:

  • Diploma or other proof of high school graduation (or equivalent)
  • Proof that you have satisfactorily completed the 168 hours of pre-licensing courses
  • Proof of exam pass results
  • Proof of your errors and omissions insurance policy
  • Proof that you have had your fingerprints done (submitted through IndentoGO)

Step 6. Application Review

Once you’ve completed your application, you will only need to wait for your background report to come back as a pass. In most cases, this process should take at least 10 business days. After this, you should receive an email from CDRE with a license document. If you have any questions at this point, you should contact CDRE at (303) 894-2166 or


Be sure to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment. You’ve put in a lot of work and effort and deserve a celebration!

CDRA – Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

Mailing Address:

Colorado Division of Real Estate
1560 Broadway, Suite 925
Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: (303) 894-2166



Colorado Real Estate License FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Colorado?

The total estimated cost for obtaining a real estate license in Colorado, including the real estate course final exam and the entire licensing process, ranges from approximately $830 to $1,045. This estimate includes all Colorado fees, which are about $480, and the cost for real estate pre-licensing education, which is estimated between $349 and $564.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Colorado Real License?

It may take three to six months to obtain your real estate license in Colorado, which is overseen by the state’s Real Estate Division. This timeframe includes pre-license education and exam preparation. A full-time commitment to studying can help you finish in as little as two months, but take your time to prepare to succeed in your real estate career.

How to Get a Colorado Commercial Real Estate License?

To sell commercial real estate in Colorado, you only need a standard Broker license; there’s no separate commercial real estate license. You can start by passing the Colorado broker’s exam, then choosing a sponsoring broker that specializes in commercial deals. Working with an employing broker experienced in commercial transactions can help your career in this specific sector.

Are There any Real Estate Jobs Open Around Me?

To find real estate licensing jobs in Colorado, such as associate broker positions, visit StateRequirement Jobs. This resource offers a comprehensive listing of current real estate agent job openings in your area, providing a convenient way to explore opportunities in the Colorado real estate industry.

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