How to Get a Real Estate License in Arizona

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In order to kickstart your real estate career in Arizona, it’s essential to obtain an Arizona Real Estate License. However, despite the fact that the application process is mainly completed online nowadays, many applicants can still find it quite confusing and complicated.

For this reason, this How to Get a Real Estate License in Arizona article will break down the main steps involved in the licensing process, covering everything from educational requirements to exam preparation and having your fingerprints taken.

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Arizona Real Estate License

In order to get your Arizona real estate license and start working in the real estate industry, there are several key steps you’ll need to complete, including:

  1. Ensuring You Meet the Licensing Eligibility Requirements
  2. Completing the Mandatory Pre-Licensing Education
  3. Passing a Background Check
  4. Passing the Arizona Real Estate Exam
  5. Finding a Sponsoring Broker
  6. Submitting a License Application

In the sections below, we’ve explored each of these steps in more detail.

Step 1: Meet the Arizona Real Estate License Requirements

Before continuing ahead with your application for an Arizona real estate license, you’ll first need to confirm that you’re actually eligible for it by ensuring you meet the following prerequisites according to A.R.S. §32-2124:

  • Be honest, truthful, and possess the required character and competence for this role’s duties
  • Have not had a real estate license denied in the year preceding your application, or a license revoked within the two years immediately prior to your application
  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of application

Additionally, the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) also encourages prospective applicants to obtain and review the Candidate Handbook and Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form (LI 214/244) before continuing with the rest of the application process.

If you would answer yes to any of the questions contained within Form LI 214/244 (e.g., due to conviction of a felony/misdemeanor or denial of a professional or occupational license, etc), you’ll need to include the Disclosure Document Checklist (LI-400) alongside your application later on.

Step 2: Complete the Mandatory Pre-Licensing Education

In addition to the general requirements outlined above, there are certain educational prerequisites you’ll be expected to meet in order to be able to apply for an Arizona real estate license.

In particular, you’ll be expected to complete 90 hours of ADRE-approved pre-licensing education (either in-person or online) which is finished by passing your Arizona real estate school final exam.

In addition to this, you’ll also be required to complete a 6-hour Contract Writing Course. This is the salespersons applicant equivalent of the 3-hour broker management clinic that real estate brokers must complete during the application process.

Unlike the mandatory pre-licensing education, this can be completed at any time before you submit your application for licensure, even after you’ve taken the exam.

However, we recommend against delaying this 6-hour course as it’s quicker and easier to complete both of these requirements at the same time.

Keep in mind that you should receive a Certificate of Completion with an authorized signature for each of these educational requirements — be sure to keep these safe as you’ll need them later on in the process when you submit your application (see Step 5).


Even though completing the courses is mandatory, it would be a mistake to think of this step as just “checking a box”. This is because your pre-licensing education is what will prepare you to both pass your exam and become a better real estate agent.

For this reason, we always encourage our readers to invest in high-quality and reliable courses, as their study materials (like real estate practice tests and flashcards) can be invaluable during the exam prep stage.

On top of this, some of the top courses also offer money-back guarantees in the event that you do not pass your exam on your first attempt after taking their course.

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Note: Be aware that these pre-licensing requirements may not apply if you can demonstrate certified license history from another state. For more information on this, see the ADRE’s page on Out-of-State License Recognition.

Step 3: Pass the Background Check

Once this is completed, the next step in the licensing process is to have your fingerprints taken and pass a background check. In order to do so, you’ll be required to apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) and pay a $67 filing fee.

This can either be requested by mail using the Non-IVP paper application packet or online through the AZDPS Public Services Portal. Note that if it’s your first time using this online platform, you’ll be required to sign up and create an account.

As part of this application, you’ll be required to indicate the specific purpose for which you’re applying for this card. You can find the relevant reason “AZ Dept. Real Estate” located under the “Other Agency Codes” at the bottom of the third page.

Note: After submitting your application, it typically takes between eight and 10 weeks for you to be able to obtain your Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Step 4: Pass the Arizona Real Estate Exam

With your Fingerprint Clearance Card in-hand, you’ll be ready to sign up for and pass the Arizona real estate exam. This five-hour exam, which is administered by Pearson VUE, includes 180 scored multiple-choice questions specific to the practice of real estate in Arizona.

In order to schedule your real estate exam, you’ll need to head over to the Pearson VUE website, make an online reservation, and pay a $75 fee. If this is your first time using the platform, you’ll be required to create an account, after which you’ll be shown step-by-step instructions on how to complete the reservation.

In order to pass the Arizona real estate exam, you’ll need to obtain an overall percentage score of at least 75%. You’ll find out how you performed in the score report you received immediately after completing the exam.

If you pass, you’ll receive a link to the real estate license application, while if you fail, you’ll instead be provided with information on how to schedule a reexamination.

Note: To avoid having to retake this exam, you’ll need to apply for a real estate license within one year of the date you passed, as passing scores are only valid for this period.

Step 5: Submit a License Application

After passing the Arizona real estate exam, you’ll be sent an email containing a number beginning with either the letters “SA” or “BR” which can be used to create an account for the Licensee Login.

This is ADRE’s online platform where you can pay the $50 license fee as well as upload a scanned copy of your application as a PDF for the Department to review.

In addition to this application, you’ll also be required to submit all of the following:

  • Your original Passing Exam Score Report
  • The Certificate of Completion for your 90-hour real estate salesperson pre-licensing course
  • The 6-hour Contract Writing Certificate of Completion
  • A copy of the front and back of your proof of Legal Presence (e.g., your passport or birth certificate)
  • A copy of the front and back of your Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form (LI-214/244)
  • Disclosure Document Checklist Form (LI-400) — only submit this if you answered yes to and questions on the previous form

Step 6: Find a Sponsoring Broker

The final step you’ll need to take before you can begin to sell insurance with an “active” license is to find a sponsoring broker. This is a licensed real estate professional who supervises and mentors you, ensuring you comply with essential legal and ethical standards.

While it’s a legal requirement for new real estate licensees to work under a sponsoring broker in Arizona, it’s important you don’t treat this as just a rule you need to follow.

This is because these real estate brokers provide essential training, support, and access to valuable networks that will help you to learn the industry, avoid pitfalls, and grow your business effectively.

Note: After you find a sponsoring broker you like, they’ll need to access the ADRE online system and accept the “hire on” option in the Online Licensing & Renewal System to approve their appointment as your designated broker.

Step 7: Application Review

If you’ve managed to get this far, congratulations! With your application submitted and all the other licensing requirements satisfied, in most cases you should receive a letter from the Arizona Department of Real Estate containing a license document within a few business days.

Be sure to take some time to celebrate your accomplishment. You’ve put in a lot of work and effort and deserve a celebration!

Note: If you’re not sure what’s happening with your license and it’s been longer than expected, you can reach out directly to the Arizona Department of Business and Professional Regulation by phone or through their Message Center.

Arizona Real Estate License Renewal

In order to keep your license valid and continue working as a real estate sales agent, you’ll need to renew your license every two years.

For each renewal, you’ll also be required to complete 24 hours of ADRE-approved continuing education courses, broken down as follows:

  • Agency Law (3 hours)
  • Contract Law (3 hours)
  • Commissioner’s Standards (3 hours)
  • Disclosure (3 hours)
  • Fair Housing (3 hours)
  • Real Estate Legal Issues (3 hours)
  • Elective Credits (6 hours)

You’ll need to report all CE credits you’ve completed online using the Licensee Login — this can be done at any time and doesn’t need to be left until the end of a renewal period. It’s also worth noting that you’ll only be able to take up to nine credit hours of CE per day.

We always encourage our readers to think of the post licensing course they take as an investment in their future Arizona real estate career — higher quality, more reliable course content is a central part of ensuring you continue to grow professionally.

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Arizona Department of Real Estate

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Arizona Real Estate License FAQ

How long does it take to become a real estate agent in Arizona?

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in Arizona typically takes around three to six months. This should be enough time to complete the required pre-licensing education, pass the Arizona real estate exam, and to undergo a background check.

For more information on this topic, you can have a look at our How to Get a Real Estate License in Arizona guide.

How hard is the Arizona real estate exam?

The Arizona real estate exam is considered challenging but manageable with proper preparation. It consists of 180 questions and you’ll need to score at least 75% overall in order to pass.

Many find the test difficult due to the breadth of topics covered, including real estate laws, practices, and calculations.

What is the best way to get your real estate license in Arizona?

You’ll need to start by completing the required 90-hour pre-licensing course from an accredited school and contract writing class.

Next, thoroughly study the course materials and take advantage of practice exams to prepare for the state exam. After passing the exam, prospective real estate agents need to submit a license application (plus their pre licensure education certificate and salesperson education certificate) and find a sponsoring broker to activate your license.

How much is a real estate license in Arizona?

Excluding the cost of the pre-licensing course, you’ll be required to pay $67 for fingerprinting, $75 for the real estate exam, and the license application fee of $50.

However, your overall real estate license cost can vary greatly depending on the pre-licensing provider that you end up selecting.

For more information, have a look at our state-specific Real Estate License guide.

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