How To Become An Insurance Adjuster In Nebraska

Written by: Kevelyn Rodriguez

    What Kind Of Insurance Adjuster Will You Be?

    There are four main types of insurance adjusters: staff adjuster, independent adjuster, catastrophe adjuster, and public adjuster.

    Each of these positions accomplishes essentially the same task: assess the damage to property brought about by some event and make an evaluation of what monetary value the insurance claim should carry.

    The big difference between these different types of adjusters is who pays them, and in the case of the public adjuster, who they are advocating for. Staff, independent, and catastrophe adjusters all require the same type of license, while a public adjuster license is a little different in its specifications.

    • Staff Adjuster – Works directly for an insurance company
    • Independent Adjuster – Works for a third-party company who performs insurance adjuster work and is contracted by an insurance company
    • Catastrophe (CAT) Adjuster – An independent adjuster who travels to an area that has been largely affected by an event (usually severe weather) and performs claims adjuster services en masse
    • Public Adjuster – Is an advocate for the insurance customer, not the insurance company (requires a different type of license)

    This article will cover a standard insurance claims adjuster license (sometimes known as an independent adjuster license), not a public adjuster license.

    How To Get Your Insurance Adjuster License In Nebraska

    The State of Nebraska does not offer a Resident Insurance Adjuster License and does not require a license to practice insurance claims adjusting within the state.

    This doesn’t, however, mean that your work is done.

    Nebraska may not offer or require a license for you to transact claims adjusting work, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still get a license.

    Two questions may arise after that last statement: how do I get a license if they don’t offer one, and why do I need one if they don’t require it?


    Designated Home State Insurance Adjuster License

    There are three states (Texas, Florida, and Indiana) that offer what is called a Designated Home State license. Essentially, what this type of license does is offer people that live in a non-licensing state, like Nebraska, the opportunity to “designate” Texas (or one of the other two) as their “home state”. This allows them to apply and obtain a Texas Insurance Adjuster License as if they were an in-state resident of Texas.

    There are at least two very compelling reasons why a person would choose to get a designated home state license:

    • Employment – Many potential employers of claims adjusters will look specifically for applicants who are already licensed. In fact, even if they aren’t specifically looking for licensed individuals, picking between a licensed applicant and an unlicensed applicant with all else being equal makes the choice pretty simple.
    • Catastrophe (CAT) or Travelling Adjusters – If an adjuster wishes to work on CAT claims there is a good chance they will need to travel across state lines to reach the location where the job is. To operate in states other than your home state, you will need to have an adjuster license in the state you are traveling to. Applying for a non-resident license requires that you have a resident license in your home state, but if your state doesn’t offer a license, then you will need a designated home state license.

    The bottom line is this: if you wish to work in insurance claims, you should have a license to do so, and in Nebraska only way to do that is to get a designated home state license.


    Recommended Course

    StateRequirement recommends Texas as the state where you should get your designated home state license



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