NAICS Code Lookup

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NAICS Code Lookup

If you’re looking to have your business get approved for government contracts, qualify for certain loans, or even receive business tax breaks, getting a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code may be the right choice for you.

NAICS codes are used to categorize your business. It is important to locate and select the six-digit NAICS code that best represents your type of business or activity.

This NAICS Code Lookup article will guide you through the process of determining your business’ NAICS code. By using our NAICS Code Lookup tool, you can search for a NAICS code by keyword or browse through a list of NAICS codes to help you classify your business.

NAICS Code Lookup

Use our NAICS Code Lookup finder to get the correct NAICS code for any business.

What is a NAICS Code?

The NAICS coding system is used to classify businesses by industry. NAICS (pronounced as “nakes”) code was created by the federal and statistical governments of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Through the NAICS coding system, these government agencies are able to categorize businesses so they can analyze and publish economic data.

The NAICS code system was introduced in 1997 to replace the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. You can renew or make changes to your NAICS code every five years. The last update was made in 2017 and will affect new changes in 2022. The next scheduled review of NAICS will be for a 2027 revision.

NAICS codes provide businesses with tools to quickly and accurately conduct research on specific industries. Locate and choose the proper NAICS code by using our NAICS Code Lookup tool that best represents your company:

What are the Common NAICS Codes?

NAICS codes depend on what industry your business is in. For example, if your conducting business in the finance, insurance, and real estate sector, you’ll find these business codes:

  • 52200 – Finance: banking and credit intermediation
  • 52400 – Insurance carriers and related activities
  • 53100 – Real estate
  • 52310 – Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities (including funds and trusts)

Use our tool to help you make informed business decisions. Our tool provides accurate information related to a specific niche or industry.

How to Use NAICS Code Lookup

NAICS codes are self-assigned; this means that no one assigns you a NAICS code. It’s up to you to figure out and get one for your business especially if it’s a requirement in your state.

Simply follow the steps below to get a NAICS code for your business.

Step 1: Do a NAICS Code Lookup

To determine the correct NAICS, simply use our NAICS Code Lookup tool on this page. If you’re forming an LLC, you can visit our NAICS Code for LLC page for more details.

Step 2: Select Your Industry

In the NAICS code lookup search bar, enter a keyword that best fits your primary type of business activity. There will appear a list of industry titles containing that keyword with the corresponding NAICS codes.

For example, once you enter a key search phrase such as “real estate” or “insurance”, you’ll find a list of NAICS codes that will match your query.

Step 3: Determine Your NAICS Code

Choose the NAICS code that best reflects your primary type of business activity. If your business has multiple revenue-producing activities (products, services, etc.), then you can select multiple codes as long as they accurately represent your business.

If you think you’re unsure of identifying your NAICS code, you can contact the US Census Bureau for assistance via phone at (888) 756-2427 or via email at

Why Should You Use NAICS Codes For Your Business?

Having a NAICS code for your business not only classifies your business, but also lets you have access to several government programs, tax incentives, and loan opportunities to help your business expand.

For example, if you qualify as a small business according to the standards of the Small Business Administration (SBA), you are eligible for small business contracts. These contracts are set aside by the federal government exclusively for small businesses.

Furthermore, using NAICS codes help to create a niche market for your business.

If you’re working towards forming a small business, you might need to assign a NAICS Code. Our NAICS Code for LLC article can help you expand your business and save time by identifying competitors and targeting the right customers.

NAICS Code Lookup FAQ

Can I choose my own NAICS Code?

Yes. NAICS codes are self-assigned. However, you need to determine the most appropriate NAICS code for your business by using our NAICS Code Lookup search tool.

Is there a fee for assigning a NAICS Code?

No. Finding your NAICS code is free and should be simple by using our NAICS Code Lookup tool.

How do I look up a company’s NAICS Code?

You can use our NAICS Code Lookup finder to search for a NAICS code being used for a specific company or industry.

What if I choose the wrong NAICS Code for my business?

You can change your code by filing a NAICS code change online via your proper state agency’s official website. There is no filing fee for this service. However, you must wait for five years before you can change or renew your business’ NAICS codes. The last update was made in 2017 and will start with new revisions in 2022, with a potential revision date in 2027.

Why do some NAICS Codes only have 5 digits?

According to NAICS, the 5-digit codes would represent the level at which the system is comparable among the US, Canada, and Mexico. The sixth digit allows for each of the countries to have greater classification detail. Below are the designations of each digit:
First two digits – economic sector
Third digit – subsector
Fourth digit – the industry group
Fifth digit – the NAICS industry
Sixth digit – the national industry

What is a list of NAICS Codes?

You can use our NAICS Code Lookup search tool to find a list of NAICS codes. You can search NAICS codes by industry. For example, if you’re in the real estate sector, you’ll likely to find related codes as seen below:
53 – Real Estate Rental and Leasing
5311 – Lessors of Real Estate
5312 – Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers

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