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Taking the insurance exam can be a breeze with the right pre-licensing course. With comprehensive test preparation, you can be ready to pass the test on your first attempt.
There are a lot of options on the market, but you want to make sure that you are spending your time and money wisely. ExamFX has trained over 7.5 million students over the past 25 years and are highly recommended by past students and our review.

Is the ExamFX Insurance Pre-License Course the best choice for you? Read on to find out!

ExamFX Insurance Pre-License Course – 4.5 / 5

ExamFX provides outstanding insurance pre-license education–scoring a 4.5/5. The four-course options, self-study, video study, live online and live in-person, provide a solution for every student. With a 93% pass rate by ExamFX students and a money-back Guarantee Exam included in every package, ExamFX is a highly-rated course.

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4.5 out of 5 starsExamFX ($149 – $339 + state fees)

Pros and Cons of the ExamFX Insurance Pre-License Course

With a strong reputation among insurance agents, companies, and students, ExamFX has a lot of unique features that make it great for working students who want to advance their careers or start a new career in insurance. Consider all of the pros and cons of the ExamFX Insurance Course before starting on your new career.

ExamFX Insurance Pre-License Course Pros and Cons
Four Package Options Price
Multiple Study Tools Study Aids Not Customizable
Exam Simulations
Guarantee Exam

Pros of Taking an ExamFX Insurance Course

ExamFX offers a lot of options that other test preparation companies don’t have. Here are a few of our favorite features of the ExamFX Insurance pre-licensing education course.

Four Package Options:
No matter what kind of course format you need, ExamFX has an option that will work with your schedule and learning style. Many other companies offer two or three packages: self-paced, instructor-led, or a hybrid of the two. ExamFX also has an in-person insurance pre-license course package. For students who need extra accountability or instruction, this format can be exactly what they need to pass the exam on the first time up.

Multiple Study Tools:
All of the study packages through ExamFX come with access to interactive modules, practice exams, and instructor support. The higher tier packages add in flashcards, OnDemand video lectures, audio guides, study guides, and even in-person training. Many of these tools are also available to purchase a la carte from ExamFX, such as flashcards, an exam tip sheet, and additional practice tests. All of these materials are based on your state’s information and the line of insurance that you are preparing to test for at your exam.

Exam Simulations:
Every package offered by ExamFX comes with exam simulations. Taking a practice exam is one of the top tips to get ready to pass the insurance exam. The practice tests are all computer-based, just like the real insurance licensing exam will be when you take it. You can set up for your exam simulation in a separate room, free from personal electronics and other study materials to really make the most of your simulation experience. If you want additional preparation, you can also purchase more practice exams from ExamFX as a supplement to your course. This emphasis on practice tests as an essential part of preparing for the exam is one of the reasons why ExamFX students boast such a high exam pass rate of 93% overall.

Guarantee Exam:
Speaking of practice exams, ExamFX is so confident that their course will prepare students to pass the insurance licensing exam that they guarantee passing on the first attempt to students who score 80% or higher on their Guarantee Exam at the end of the course. If you score an 80% or higher on the Guarantee Exam and do not pass the actual insurance licensing exam, ExamFX will provide a full refund of your course costs. You must take the insurance licensing exam within three days of your Guarantee Exam, however, so just be sure that you are ready and registered for the actual test.


Go through your course modules and take additional practice exams to make sure that you are ready to score high on the Guarantee Exam. Not only will it help prepare you for the actual insurance license test, it will make sure that you have the money-back refund option available, just in case.

Cons of Taking an ExamFX Insurance Course

Many of the features of an ExamFX insurance pre-license course are great, but they do come at a high cost when compared to other insurance education providers. Consider the following aspects of enrolling in an ExamFX course before making your decision.

ExamFX is one of the more expensive insurance pre-license education providers on the market. Their course packages range from $149.95 for the self-study package to $339.95 for the live in-person package. Their courses have a lot of great features, including multiple practice tests, an in-person class option, and a money-back guarantee for students who score high on their Guarantee Exam. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that still boasts high pass rates, you may want to consider a highly-rated insurance pre-license course from Kaplan Financial.

Study Aids Not Customizable:
As you progress through the course, you continue to have access to flash cards, practice tests, and a lot of other great resources. These study aids are not customizable, however. Students are not able to concentrate on the sections where they are still having difficulty. For example, taking a practice test requires you to go through the entire mock exam, rather than just spending time on one particular section. This is a great way to get a good feel for the test, but does take time away from focused studying.

Pricing and Packages

ExamFX offers more package options than many of its competitors. Whether you want a self-study course or like the added benefit of having an instructor (either virtually or in-person), there is an ExamFX insurance pre-license course that has just what you need.

Self-Study Package

If your priority is to save money as you complete your state-required insurance pre-license course, ExamFX’s Self-Study Package is a fantastic option. It costs $149.00 before any additional state fees. The course is self-paced and provides an interactive online learning portal with all information that you need to pass the state insurance licensing exam.

The Self-Study package includes practice exams as well as the ExamFX Guarantee Exam. If you score at least an 80% on the Guarantee Exam, you are guaranteed to pass your state licensing exam (taken within three days of the Guarantee Exam) or ExamFX will refund the cost of your course.

To make the most of the Self-Study course package, you need to be able to motivate yourself to stick to a study schedule and go through the online course. You do have access to the course material for 60 days, but you shouldn’t wait until the end to start studying. If you need extra incentives and motivation to work on your pre-license education, one of the instructor-led courses may be a better option.

Video Study Package

For those who are self-motivated but learn better with visual and audio information, the ExamFX Video Study Package may be the best fit. It does cost a little more, starting at $209.95. The course comes with OnDemand video lectures, flashcards, and ListenUp! Audio files.

One of the great tools included in the Video Study package are the online flashcards. You can purchase these separately, but buying the package can save you money over buying the Self-Study Package and separate study tools a la carte from ExamFX.

Live Online Package

The package with the best value is the ExamFX Live Online Package. At $319.95, it is a larger investment. Compared to purchasing all of the additional resources on their own, however, the package results in a 14% savings.

As its name suggests, the Live Online package is the first of ExamFX’s live courses. Students are able to log into their online learning portal and attend virtual classes with instructors teaching live. During a two-day course, students can ask questions, clarify important topics, and get top exam tips to make sure that they are ready to pass the exam on their first attempt.

The Live Online Package is by far the best option for most students, especially those who need the extra motivation of an instructor and class of other students to make studying for the insurance exam a priority. Just keep in mind that the time spent in the online classes does not satisfy your state required class time on its own. You still need to complete the course modules and take the exit exam to be able to sit for the actual state insurance licensing exam.

Because this package includes live classes, it is a little bit less flexible than the self-paced courses. You should check the course offering schedule. The Life and Health lines are usually offered on Monday and Tuesdays, while the Property and Casualty as well as the Personal Lines are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays. When registering for a Live Online course, you should plan on attending class virtually from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Time on both days.

Students still have access to all of the resources included in the Self-Study and Video Study package, such as the online portal and practice exams. The ability to ask questions of a live instructor can really help students make the most of other study tools from ExamFX.

Live In-Person Package

The most comprehensive study package offered is ExamFX’s Live In-Person Package. This option includes everything that ExamFX can provide: an online learning portal, flashcards, practice tests, access to instructors, Video and Audio study tools, and a printed study guide. Instead of meeting with instructors virtually, however, students attend an in-person class.

At $339.95, this package is the most expensive that ExamFX offers and is one of the priciest available across multiple insurance pre-license education providers. However, having in-person learning can make the difference between passing and failing the insurance licensing exam for many students. Knowing that you have taken all available steps to pass on your first attempt (and save time and money on retesting) make this a worthwhile investment.

Not all states offer the Live In-Person classes. For the states that do, the schedule can vary based on availability. Check with ExamFX to find out if your state has a live in-person testing site and learn about the upcoming class dates. Classes are usually held over two days and students are expected to attend both days, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, with a one-hour lunch break each day.

You may need to complete some additional online training to meet the required pre-license education hours in your state. Fortunately, ExamFX understands the requirements in each state and can help you navigate them to get ready to take your state exam. The package includes any additional training, as well as the exit exam required to get your certificate of completion.

What Makes ExamFX Insurance Pre-Licensing a Good Course?

Many students looking at insurance pre-licensing education wonder which features are important and what makes one course better than another. Consider the following areas when you compare insurance pre-licensing education classes.

Insurance Exam Preparation

The first thing you should look for is how many students who complete the course actually pass the state insurance licensing exam. To do this, the course must:

  • Be a recognized pre-licensing education course in your state that provides the required hours of study or instruction
  • Include material needed to pass the state exam

When registering for a course with ExamFX, you will need to provide the state that you plan to seek licensure in as part of the registration process. This is to ensure that you are only completing courses that are recognized and approved by your state licensing authority. Some states do not offer Live In-Person courses, so you will not see this as an option when registering in that state.

This attention to detail really sets ExamFX apart from other education providers. You can be sure that every step you take during your course is preparing you for the exam and becoming licensed in your state.

The pass rate reported by ExamFX students is 93% overall on the insurance licensing exam.

Compare this pass rate to the overall insurance pass rate of 60% across all lines, as reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The state insurance licensing exam tests a lot of very specific and detailed information, which is one of the reasons that so many students look for a reputable pre-license education provider like ExamFX.

ExamFX stands behind the effectiveness of its test preparation. They believe so strongly that their courses will get students ready for the test that they guarantee a passing score on the real exam for students who score at least an 80% on the Guarantee Exam at the end of their course. As long as students score at least 80% and take the real exam within 3 days of their Guarantee Exam, ExamFX will refund the cost of their course if they do not pass the state licensing exam.

Ease of Use

ExamFX provides four different study options and has something that will work for every type of learner and every situation. Whether you want your course to be completely self-paced or prefer the help of an instructor working through the course material, there is an insurance pre-license package that provides just what you need.

You should be comfortable navigating through an online portal to get your course materials. If you think you will need assistance with this, you should consider one of the instructor-led courses or even the in-person learning option. You will still need to complete online portions, such as the additional training or the required simulation exam. Having in-person access to an instructor can make these portions easier to navigate so that you can focus on studying.

Cost vs. Value

ExamFX is one of the more expensive options available for those looking to complete their state insurance pre-license education. The high pass rates and numerous features included in the courses make it a worthwhile investment for many.

ExamFX does offer one of the best in-person learning options. While the Live In-Person Package is the most expensive course from ExamFX, the value of having an instructor by your side as you prepare for the state insurance licensing exam is enormous. Many students feel that it is better to invest their money up front in a quality course that provides the learning environment they need rather than have to take the insurance exam more than one time.

The Guarantee Exam through ExamFX makes sure that as long as you demonstrate that you are ready to take your test, the provider will guarantee that you pass on the first attempt. This money-back guarantee can help alleviate any test day jitters.

How Does the ExamFX Insurance Course Score?

Overall, ExamFX’s Insurance Pre-Licensing Education Courses score a 4.5 out of 5 based on these criteria (Insurance Exam Preparation, Ease of Use, Cost vs. Value). ExamFX is a great option for its exam preparation and ease of use. It is one of the more expensive course providers, but the in-person learning option is worth the higher cost for many students.

What is the Best Insurance Pre-Licensing Education Course?

The best insurance pre-licensing education course is the one that prepares you to pass the state insurance exam. With ExamFX’s high pass rate of 93% and all of the package options, many students turn to this reputable education provider for their requirements. Once you decide which course is right for you, select your state, and schedule your course (if using a Live Online or Live In-Person option), you are on your way to passing the insurance license exam!

Ready to Start Your Pre-License Education Course?

Look no further for a quality study package that will help you pass your insurance license exam on your first attempt. ExamFX has the best in-person course option on the market, with multiple study tools available in this package or a la carte from the company. They even guarantee that you will pass after scoring well on their Guarantee Exam, included in every study package, or they will give you a full refund. ExamFX is one of our top-rated insurance pre-license courses.

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4.5 out of 5 starsExamFX ($149 – $339 + state fees)

ExamFX Insurance Pre-License Course Review FAQ

What is Included in an ExamFX Insurance Licensing Course?

The specific items included in your course will depend on which package you purchase. All packages include:
60 Days Course Access
Interactive Learning Portal
Online Exam Simulations
Guarantee Exam
Instructor Support
The Video Study Package also comes with access to OnDemand video lectures, ListenUp! Audio files, and online flashcards.
For those who prefer live lessons, the Live Online Package includes two days of live online training in addition to everything offered in the Self-Study Package and Video Study Package.
The Live In-Person Package replaces the two days of online instruction with two days of in-person instruction, though it is only offered in some states. It also includes a printed study guide that covers all of the information on your state exam.

What are the live classes like?

ExamFX provides two different course options with live instruction: the Live Online Package and the Live In-Person Package. For both courses, students should block off two entire days to attend their class. You will be prompted during registration to choose a course date that works for your schedule. The in-person class takes place in a traditional classroom setting, while the online course can be completed anywhere that you have access to the internet. Try to minimize distractions while taking your course. This is especially important during your end-of-chapter quizzes, simulation exams, and practice exams. This might mean that you need to go to another location, such as a library, to get the most out of your study time.

Why do I need to provide my state to ExamFX?

Each state sets its own requirements to become a licensed insurance agent, so all insurance pre-license education providers should ask for your state before allowing you to register for a course. ExamFX’s courses are tailored to your state, including the required number of hours and state-specific content within the course material. You will be required to show a course completion certificate before registering for your state licensing exam. You may also be asked to present one at the exam itself.

Is It Hard to Pass the Insurance License Exam?

The insurance exam is challenging, with an overall pass rate of 60% across all insurance lines. This data, provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, shows how important preparation is going into the exam. ExamFX students report a pass rate of 93%. ExamFX also offers the Guarantee Exam with all study packages. Students who score at least an 80% on the Guarantee Exam and take the state insurance licensing exam within three days are guaranteed to pass on their first attempt or ExamFX will give them a full refund of the cost of their course.

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