Best Insurance Licensing Courses

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Best Insurance Licensing Courses

Working toward your state insurance license requires study and preparation. That’s why choosing the right insurance licensing class is key to making the process smooth and efficient. The best insurance pre-licensing course for you will help you prepare to pass the insurance exam on your first attempt. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive insurance pre-licensing education program or the essentials for test prep, there is a course that will fit your needs.

Check out these highly-rated insurance licensing classes and read our insiders’ tips to choose the right one for you.

Best Insurance Licensing Courses

Best Insurance Licensing Classes
Kaplan Financial Education 4.7/5 BEST OVERALL VALUE
  • Multiple course formats
  • Performance and time tracking tools
  • Customizable study calendar
  • QBank quiz database
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ExamFX 4.5/5
  • Flexible course formats
  • Exam simulations and glossary
  • Personalized study plans
  • One year access to insurance CE courses
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A.D. Banker 4.4/5
  • Live online web class option
  • Exam simulations
  • A la carte learning tools
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ExamFXBest for Flexibility

If you want the most flexibility from your insurance course, ExamFX has four different packages with everything from a self-paced course to in-person learning. While it is one of the pricier options, having so many options is worth it for many students. Their students report an impressive 93% pass rate on the challenging insurance licensing exam as well. If you don’t pass within three days of scoring at least an 80% on their Guarantee Exam, the company will even refund the cost of your course.

ExamFX services start at $149.

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A.D. Banker – Best for Self-Motivated Learners

Education provider A.D. Banker is known for their comprehensive learning packages, with options for online courses and live virtual classes. Their a la carte learning tools are a little bit expensive when purchased alone, but you can get great savings if you opt for one of the popular packages. All of their packages require students to complete the online modules and pass the Certification Exam, so this is a great option for those who can be disciplined to pace themselves and study the material.

A.D. Banker services start at $129.

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Kaplan Financial Course

One of the most recognized names in the industry, Kaplan Financial provides quality insurance pre-licensing education, valuable learning tools and resources, impressive test pass rates, and budget-friendly pricing.

Kaplan Financial is our number one recommendation based on their pricing, course packages that include valuable learning tools, and the performance of their students. If you want to pass your insurance licensing exam on the first attempt, Kaplan is a great company to help you prepare.

Kaplan Financial Pros

  • Time Tracking – As you work through the modules, Kaplan provides a time tracking system to monitor your progress. This helps students make sure that they meet the requirements to get their state insurance license.
  • Flexible Course Format – Kaplan Financial has three different course options, with everything from self-directed study to instructor-led sessions online. All of the learning tools and modules are available when you need them, making this a great choice for students who need flexible scheduling.
  • QBank Questions – One of our favorite learning tools included with Kaplan insurance licensing courses is the QBank, a database of over 650 study questions organized by topic. You can track your mastery of the content as you quiz yourself.

Kaplan Financial Cons

  • Price – Kaplan Financial falls in the middle overall in regards to price. The Basic Self-Study package is easy on your budget, but as you go up to the higher tier packages, they do get more expensive compared to some of their competitors for similar features.
  • Forced Progression – Even in the self-directed courses, students are required to finish all aspects of a module before being able to move onto the next one. This may frustrate some learners who are disciplined enough to monitor their own progress as they study.
  • State-Specific Information Not Integrated – Kaplan Financial courses include all state-specific material that you need to learn. Unfortunately, it isn’t fully integrated into the rest of the course and is taught more as a stand-alone module.

Kaplan Financial Summary

The benefits of choosing an insurance licensing course from Kaplan Financial are numerous, especially if you want or need flexibility and options when deciding on a course.

The learning tools included with the courses, such as the QBank questions, are popular with students. The purposeful design of the course itself, such as including a time tracker, shows that Kaplan Financial keeps the end result in mind for its students: pass the insurance licensing exam.

The price point of a Kaplan Financial class is just okay, especially for some of their higher tier packages. The stellar performance of Kaplan Financial graduates on their state licensing exams–overall pass rate of more than 93%–does make the cost well worth it in the long run.

Kaplan Financial Course

For students who want a balance of benefits and cost, Kaplan Financial is the way to go.

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ExamFX Course

If multiple course options are essential for you, you will love all of the flexibility offered through ExamFX. With four packages to choose from as well as multiple a la carte learning tools, every student will find something that works for their schedule from this top insurance licensing education provider.

ExamFX Pros

  • Four Package Options – ExamFX offers more course options than any other provider that we reviewed. They are also the only provider to have an in-person learning option, which some students find invaluable.
  • Multiple Study Tools – If you opt for a lower tier package but still want some of the most popular study tools, you can purchase them a la carte. This customization helps students get exactly the tools that they need to study for and pass the state insurance licensing exam.
  • Guarantee Exam – In addition to multiple practice exams, ExamFX has a Guarantee Exam at the end of each course. If you score at least an 80% on this test, the company guarantees that you will pass your state exam within three days or they will give you a full refund.

ExamFX Cons

  • Price – ExamFX is one of the most expensive insurance education providers on the market, likely because they have the most comprehensive course options available. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly insurance licensing course, you may be limited to just the lower-tier packages.
  • Study Aids Not Customizable – Combing package options with a la carte tools can create a custom study experience, but the materials themselves are not customizable. This means that you can’t isolate the individual topics that you want to focus on as you go through the modules.

ExamFX Summary

If price isn’t a factor for you, the course offerings from ExamFX provide the most choices, as well as one of the only in-person learning options available. The study tools are also top-notch, such as the multiple practice tests, flashcards, study guides, and video and audio lessons. Keep in mind that not all resources are included in the more basic packages and that in-person learning options vary by state and availability.

With the included Guarantee Exam, you can rest assured knowing that ExamFX stands behind their test prep and will refund the cost of your course if you do not pass the state exam, provided that you demonstrate your knowledge on their end-of-course Guarantee Exam.

While the tools and interface of the ExamFX course is one of the best out there, the higher cost may be enough to deter some students who don’t need all of these extra features. If you still want to go with this education provider, look into one of their lower-tier packages and then add on the a la carte tools that you need.

ExamFX Course

ExamFX is perfect for students who want options, with everything from self-directed courses to in-person learning. Just be prepared to pay a little more for these outstanding services.

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A.D. Banker Course

For a budget-conscious student, A.D. Banker’s insurance pre-licensing courses deliver on both price and performance. With multiple options and tiers available, learners can use the packages to save money while preparing for their insurance licensing exam.

A.D. Banker Pros

  • Web Class Option – If you want to pace yourself through the required modules but still want an instructor to help explain concepts, the Web Class option combines the flexibility of self-directed learning with the benefits of a live instructor, many of whom are insurance professionals.
  • Packages Save Money – Take advantage of savings through A.D. Banker’s course packages. With three tiers available in both the Online Course option and Web Class option, purchasing a package is great for your budget compared to a la carte.
  • A La Carte Learning Tools – All of the resources available through A.D. Banker can be purchased a la carte. This means that even if you completed your requirements through another provider or went with a lower tier package from A.D. Banker initially, you can still get their popular flashcards or study guides closer to test time.

A.D. Banker Cons

  • Jargon in Online Course – There are a lot of industry terms throughout the online insurance course. If you are new to insurance, you may be happier with a package that includes access to an instructor, such as the Web Class, to help make sense of the vocabulary.
  • Need to Be Self-Motivated – All students who take an insurance licensing class through A.D. Banker have to complete the self-paced online modules to satisfy their state’s insurance licensing pre-education requirement. If you struggle to keep yourself on track, you may be happier with a company that provides an instructor-facilitated course.
  • Learning Tools Are Expensive – While great resources, the learning tools are pricey when purchased a la carte. Your best option financially is to buy a higher tier package that includes everything that you may want or need as you study.

A.D. Banker Summary

This is a great course option for students who can be disciplined enough to study through the insurance agent class required by their state and to get the knowledge they need to pass the state insurance licensing exam. We should emphasize that successful A.D. Banker students need to be self-motivated, so make sure that you are ready to keep yourself on track before choosing this insurance licensing course.

The price point for the lower tier course options is fantastic and will be a hit with students looking to find the most financially efficient path to becoming an insurance agent. As you go up, however, you can expect to pay more than other popular providers, such as Kaplan Financial. The most expensive way to study with A.D. Banker is to purchase the learning tools a la carte, which we don’t recommend unless you are only using them as a supplement after completing your requirements somewhere else.

A.D. Banker Service Course

These courses work best for students who are self-motivated and can keep their studying on track to learn everything they need.

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The insurance classes from Kaplan Financial are StateRequirement’s top recommendation – scoring a 4.7 out of 5. The pass rate for Kaplan Financial students is an impressive 93+%!

4.7 out of 5 starsKaplan Education Company ($129 – $249)

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