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Types of Insurance Jobs


Become a life and health or a property and casualty salesperson

Customer Service

Work in an agency or insurance company to assist customers


Assess the loss or damage of any and all insurance claims


Work part-time for a local insurance agency or company







Entry Level



Health and Medical




Loss Control



Premium Audit

Product Manager


Risk Management


Workers’ Compensation

What are the Best Jobs in Insurance?

There are many paths that folks can take in the insurance industry. The most obvious might be to work for your local insurance agency, but beyond the small business walls, the options are nearly unlimited. Insurance companies are large organizations containing departments for education, advertising, risk management, actuarial, software engineering, sales, and many other types of positions.

These are some great insurance jobs in different areas:


Insurance Actuary

If you love math, statistics, and big data, then an actuarial position may be for you. Insurance companies must take many different factors into consideration when setting their rates. Your job is one of the most important in the company, as the work you do will directly affect the profitability of the organization and its products.

Salaries for Insurance Actuaries start at around $60,000 and increase to $100,000 or more for more experienced employees.


Insurance Claims Adjuster

Any time there is a claim on an insurance policy, an insurance adjuster will look into the matter and determine the “value” of the loss or damage. If you love to help people in a time of need, this may be the job for you.  To become an insurance adjuster, you may need an insurance adjuster license from your state. 

Salaries for Insurance Claims Adjusters start near $40,000, and can be much higher depending on the type of adjusting and location that you choose. Learn more about becoming an insurance adjuster.


Insurance Software Engineer

Software engineers and developers aren’t generally the jobs you think of when it comes to insurance, but they are becoming more necessary as technology advances. Every insurance company has behind the scenes software that keeps the business running smoothly and profitably. Engineers don’t just work for Silicon Valley startups, they keep our largest corporations moving every day.

Salaries for Insurance Software Engineers start at around $70,000, and can be as high as $140,000 as you gain experience in the industry.


Insurance Agency Owner

Owning your own insurance agency is the quintessential insurance job. Agency owners generally manage small to medium size companies serving local markets. These folks generally have insurance sales backgrounds and have either worked in other insurance agencies or started their own from scratch. This job requires you to manage employees, customer relationships, and insurance company affiliations, on top of the everyday tasks of running your own business. To become an insurance agent, you will need your insurance licenses from your state.

Salaries for Insurance Agency Owners can range anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or more. The range is massive, as the scope of this position is entirely up to you, your team, and your ambitions. Learn more about becoming an insurance agent.

How to Get a Job in Insurance

The steps for getting the insurance job you want may vary depending on the position, but these steps will help you to get started:

  1. Identify the position you want – Do some basic research on the types of positions that appeal to you, and select between one and three that you like most.
  2. Education pre-requisites – Most entry-level jobs in the insurance industry don’t call for any higher education requirements, but more senior-level or specialized positions may require you to have a background or specialized degree.
  3. Insurance licensing – If you will be working for an insurance agency or have any involvement in the sale of insurance products, you will need to have your state insurance license. If you will be selling life insurance or other financial products, you will generally need to have your FINRA Series 6 and Series 63 licenses as well.
  4. Put together your resume – Your resume should be tweaked for every job you apply to. Check out our article on creating the perfect insurance resume.

Find an open position and apply – Using our Insurance Job Board, find the perfect position for you and apply as soon as you find it!

Is Insurance a Good Career?

The insurance industry is one that tends to keep its employees for many years if not decades at a time. It’s not uncommon to see folks celebrating 15, 25, even 40 year work anniversaries within companies. This longevity in career tends to come from the industry’s well-paying positions, great long-term benefits, and excellent working conditions for its employees. There has been consistent growth in the number of jobs in the insurance industry since 2016. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 2.7 million people work for insurance companies, brokerages, agencies, and other related groups in 2018. Overall, insurance is an excellent career choice for many people. With its relative ease-of-entry, great employment history, and bright industry outlook, there is a place for almost anyone who wants to work in insurance.