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Arrow Review

Effective content marketing on social media has become essential to a business’s success due to the vital role it plays in reaching potential customers, building brand awareness, and driving growth. However, successfully managing this can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses with limited resources.

For this reason, many small businesses opt to use a third-party tool such as Arrow to manage their corporate social media accounts on their behalf, which takes the stress out of content marketing and frees up time for other aspects.

This guide will cover the most important factors to help you decide if Arrow is the right choice for your small business, including its pricing, features, and various pros and cons.

Arrow Overview

For small businesses that may lack the time, resources, or energy to continuously create and curate engaging content, we believe Arrow is a game-changer.

This browser extension works seamlessly alongside all popular social media platforms to allow you to quickly and easily access its social selling tools directly from these pages.

We found it to be an excellent all-in-one tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as it allows them to easily establish a schedule of posting curated, industry-specific content on their social media profiles. This is something that, in much larger companies, entire departments may be required for.

Additionally, we found this service to have a very low barrier to entry as its packages due to its affordability and high number of packages.

Recommended Service

You can get started with Arrow for as little as $49 per month. Arrow uses AI in order to offer personalized social media posts, online traffic boosts, and weekly reporting.

4.5 out of 5 starsArrow Now ($49 per month)


  • Automated Content Creation: Excellent for posting compelling content your customers will care about without you ever needing to lift a finger, allowing you to invest more time and effort into other aspects of your business
  • Local Retail: Can target a business’s ideal customer profile within a few miles of its location and ensure your posts are seen by these users. This feature is particularly effective for home services such as plumbers and carpenters, which are often constrained geographically
  • Raises Your Business Profile Fast: Branded content seems to be very effective at introducing your business to new customers and establishing it as an authoritative source — ultimately raising your profile and encouraging more deals
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Arrow’s ability to manage multiple social media platforms simultaneously appears to be a great way of building your business’s social credibility with consistent messaging and branding across all your social channels 
  • Dedicated Support: For any assistance or guidance you may need on how to get started with Arrow’s platform, customers have access to a team of success managers who will even install and run the application on your business pages if necessary
  • Simple and Easy to Use: Arrow is a browser extension that works alongside all major social media platforms. As such, it does not require you to learn how to use a new interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use since it’s only ever a couple of clicks away


  • Cost: While fairly priced for the service provided in return, Arrow’s pricing structure may be a little expensive for small businesses or startups with a limited marketing budget
  • Learning Curve: There is a slight learning curve involved in understanding how to best take advantage of Arrow and most effectively utilize the data and analytics it provides


On balance, our research team believes Arrow to be a highly effective tool for increasing engagement and growing your business. Its automated posting and boosted content can quickly raise your business’s social media profiles, it’s simple and easy to use, and offers dedicated support.

Despite having a few limited disadvantages, these appear to be outweighed by the pros of using the tool.

That being said, it is worth noting that, due to the nature of these disadvantages, we believe Arrow is better suited for smaller businesses, to which these cons will be far less apparent.

For example, the arguably “less personal” sound of AI-generated content only really starts to become an issue for bigger companies, who are less preoccupied with pumping out as much content as possible, and more concerned about maintaining a consistent tone that represents their brand.

Furthermore, while Arrow’s cost might be off putting to smaller businesses, we found that it’s a small price to pay considering it allows them to compete with far larger businesses with entire departments devoted to running their social media accounts in-house.

Recommended: Arrow’s packages can help you drive engagement and growth for your business through tailored posts, profile boosts, and weekly reports.

Arrow Pricing and Features

Arrow offers its content marketing services in three principal packages: Hello, Customer, and Growth.

Identifying which of these packages best suits your needs will depend upon a variety of factors, including your business’s budget, size, and current marketing efforts.

The price points of each of these options, as well as what services are included as part of each package, have been detailed below.

Package 1: Hello

The first package available to Arrow’s customers, “Hello,” is the service’s base option and is best suited for very small businesses looking for everyday posting.

For $49 a month (or $470 a year), this package includes:

  • 5x/week automated posting
  • Unlimited ready-to-use posts, 50,000 business content feeds, 500 content channels
  • Browser extension for self-service
  • Post on Facebook and Instagram (Google Business Profile/LinkedIn in BETA)
  • Dedicated user success manager

Package 2: Custom

The second (and most popular) package offered by Arrow is its “Custom” option — which is priced at $79 a month (or $758 a year).

The “custom” package includes all of the features of the base option in addition to the following extras:

  • Four posts per month boosted for engagement
  • Automate custom content — up to five sources (industry news, corporate blog, industry leaders)

Package 3: Growth

Arrow’s most premium option, the “Growth” package — priced at $129 per month (or $1,238/year) excels at generating leads and is by far the most effective for growing your business.

In addition to the extras of the second-tier package, and all of the base option’s features, it also contains the following extra:

  • Four posts per month boosted for lead generation

Summary Table


Did you know? Selecting an annual plan will save you 20%.

Arrow Alternatives

If you feel like Arrow would not be the right fit for you, there are a number of services that you may benefit from considering. 

These include:

  • — Creates custom social media posts of various content types (e.g., text, images, and videos) based on the prompts you input. By using your cues, Predis uses a stock library to search for images and videos to design a post tailored for you
  • Publer — Most useful for its built-in text and image generation features, though it does also include a few rudimentary content management and post-scheduling tools too. Simply type in a detailed prompt of the content you’re after and click generate: the AI content generation features will then take care of your post’s text (including emojis) and photos
  • Vista Social — Acts as a link between all your social media channels so that you can more efficiently engage with potential customers across all these platforms. The AI text generation features excel at repurposing your posts so that their length and depth are tailored to each platform while maintaining the original message
  • Buffer — Buffer is essentially a notepad for storing post ideas as and when you have them throughout the workday. From here, you can select the best post ideas and bring them to life with the AI text generator

Note: While these tools are effective, none of them are true alternatives to Arrow — which tackles multiple marketing fronts and is more of an “all-in-one” service, compared to the more specialist services these tools offer.

For this reason, we found that most small business owners preferred Arrow for their social media marketing, particularly those only interested in using one service.

Arrow FAQ

What is Arrow for social media?

Arrow is a business-to-business (B2B) platform used for content marketing and social selling. It equips you with tailored, industry-specific content you can schedule to be consistently posted on your company’s social media channels (including up to five posts a week). This ultimately drives greater interaction and growth for your business, with Arrow claiming they deliver a 300% increase in engagement on average.

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a small software module that is added onto your web browser that provides you with specific capabilities or functionalities. In the context of Arrow, this means you are able to access its content marketing and social selling tools directly from your browser, making it more convenient to manage and schedule your industry-specific social media posts.

Where does Arrow’s content come from?

The majority of the content that Arrow provides you with originates from public RSS feeds, which are essentially online collections of freely accessible information. Arrow then curates the content you see to your unique needs by offering bespoke content channels based on a variety of sources, such as your company’s blog, thought leadership within your industry, or even local news relevant to your business.

What support is included with Arrow?

Arrow customers are provided with robust support and can expect to receive prompt assistance through real-time chat or email whenever they may need it. In fact, the company estimates that customers typically receive responses from their support staff within 20 minutes, often even quicker.

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