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In many states, individuals are required to obtain a license in order to work as an insurance adjuster. Taking an insurance adjuster course can help you prepare for the licensing exam and meet the state’s requirements.

By taking a course, you gain a solid understanding of the industry and the necessary skills, which are essential for building a good reputation in the industry.

In this buyer’s guide, we list our recommended insurance adjuster courses. Continue reading to find out which of the courses will best suit your adjuster licensing requirements.

Insurance Adjuster Courses

Insurance adjuster courses can help you learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become an adjuster. These courses prepare you for passing state licensing exams, which are required in most states before becoming a licensed insurance adjuster. Some courses may be delivered online, with live or webinar options.

Below is a list of our recommended adjuster licensing courses:

Best Insurance Adjuster Courses
AdjusterPro 4.8/5 BEST OVERALL VALUE
  • Comprehensive state-specific courses and exams
  • Flexible learning options
  • Xactimate training
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Kaplan Financial Education 4.7/5 BEST OVERALL VALUE
  • Live or on-demand state-specific courses
  • Performance and time-tracking tools
  • QBank quiz database
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ExamFX 4.5/5
  • Online courses with flexible course formats
  • Exam and quiz simulations
  • One year access to continuing education (CE) courses
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A.D. Banker 4.4/5
  • Web-based and online class options
  • Practice exam simulations
  • A la carte learning tools
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AdjusterPro Course

AdjusterPro is a leading education provider of online courses, exam prep, and CE programs for insurance claims adjusters. AdjusterPro offers a variety of courses to help individuals prepare for state licensing exams, improve their skills, and meet their CE requirements.

AdjusterPro Pros

  • Comprehensive state-specific courses: AdjusterPro offers a wide range of courses on various aspects of insurance adjusting. The courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the insurance claims process.
  • Flexible learning options: The online courses can be completed at your own pace. This allows you to fit your studies around your existing work or family commitments.
  • High pass rates: Over 60% of students who complete AdjusterPro’s courses report passing their state licensing exams on the first try.
  • State exams: Depending on your location, you could be able purchase a course that comes with your state’s insurance adjuster exam. This will ensure that you are ready to file your license application as soon as you complete your course.
  • Xactimate training: AdjusterPro offers courses on Xactimate, a popular estimating software used in the insurance industry. Xactimate training helps you learn to create accurate estimates for property damage claims.

AdjusterPro Cons

  • Limited physical locations: AdjusterPro primarily operates online, which means that it doesn’t have physical locations in all states. This can be a drawback for those who prefer in-person training.
  • No job placement services: AdjusterPro doesn’t offer job placement services, but it does have job search resources for students as part of the training program, such as job boards.

AdjusterPro Summary

To sum it up, AdjusterPro offers a comprehensive range of courses, certifications, and licensing services. These offerings cater to both new and experienced professionals in the insurance adjusting industry.

Although AdjusterPro only delivers online programs, it provides high-quality, engaging, and up-to-date content that enables you to enhance your skills and knowledge, ultimately helping you succeed in your career.

Learn more about AdjusterPro’s course offerings by reading our full AdjusterPro Review.

Kaplan Adjuster Course

Kaplan is one of the most recognized names in the industry. Kaplan adjuster courses provide quality insurance adjuster pre-licensing education, valuable learning tools and resources, impressive test pass rates, and budget-friendly pricing.

Kaplan Adjuster Pros

  • Live or on-demand state-specific curriculum: Kaplan offers a live or on-demand instruction curriculum covering various aspects of insurance adjusting. This allows students to choose the format that best suits their needs while preparing them to handle various types of claims.
  • QBank quiz database: One of the best features in Kaplan insurance courses is the QBank, which is a collection of more than 650 study questions categorized by subject matter. This tool allows you to gauge your understanding of the material as you test your knowledge through self-assessment quizzes.
  • Performance and time-tracking tools: Kaplan provides an online course tracker as you complete the modules within the course. This tracker is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen so that you always know your required number of hours.
  • Exam prep: The courses are designed to help students pass their adjuster licensing exams. Kaplan provides resources like practice exams and test-taking strategies to improve the chances of success.

Kaplan Adjuster Cons

  • Cost: Kaplan’s adjuster courses can be relatively expensive compared to other providers. 
  • Limited hands-on training: The courses include interactive exercises and simulations, but may not offer as much hands-on experience as some people would like.
  • Forced progression: Kaplan offers courses in a step-by-step approach, which forces students to complete one module before moving on to the next. Some students may prefer a self-directed course that allows them more flexibility.

Kaplan Adjuster Summary

Kaplan’s adjuster courses have both pros and cons. Since Kaplan has a long-standing reputation in the educational field and has been providing professional courses for decades, it offers pricier packages. The high cost is attributed to the quality of education you receive.

Learn more about Kaplan’s adjuster course offerings by reading our full Kaplan Adjuster Course Review.

ExamFX Adjuster Course

ExamFX is another reputable provider of online education and training courses. It offers pre-licensing, exam prep materials, and CE courses for insurance adjusters.

ExamFX Adjuster Course Pros

  • State-specific online courses with flexible formats: ExamFX offers a thorough curriculum with online self-study, live online classes, and on-demand video lectures covering various aspects of insurance adjusting. 
  • Interactive learning tools: ExamFX utilizes interactive learning tools, like quizzes, flashcards, and exam simulations. This can help you to retain and apply the information you learn.
  • Exam pass guarantee: ExamFX offers a money-back guarantee for those who complete the program and do not pass their adjuster licensing exam on the first attempt; subject to certain terms and conditions.

ExamFX Adjuster Course Cons

  • Cost: ExamFX’s adjuster courses can be more expensive than some other providers, and additional costs may be associated with live online classes and other optional resources.
  • No in-person classes: ExamFX does not offer in-person classes, which may be a disadvantage for students who prefer face-to-face instruction.
  • Non-customizable study materials: Throughout the course, you will come across various study tools, such as flashcards, practice exams, and other resources. However, these study materials lack customization options, thus preventing students from focusing on specific areas they find challenging.

ExamFX Adjuster Course Summary

ExamFX provides educational services for insurance professionals, including adjuster courses. Overall, ExamFX is a great option for its flexible formats and exam simulations. 

What’s best is that it offers an exam pass guarantee. It may be one of the more expensive course providers, but the in-person learning option is worth the higher cost for many students.

Learn more about ExamFX’s insurance courses by visiting our in-depth ExamFX Insurance Course Review.

A.D. Banker Adjuster Course

A.D. Banker is also a well-established provider of insurance and financial services education, offering pre-licensing, exam preparation, and CE courses for insurance adjusters.

A.D. Banker Adjuster Course Pros

  • Online course and web class options: The online course includes flexible, self-guided learning to help you meet the licensing requirements. The web class option includes the same features of the online course plus the advantages of a live instructor that you can access for up to six months. 
  • Customizable study plans: You can create customized study plans based on your learning needs and preferences, helping you to focus on the most relevant and essential content.
  • Practice exams: Practice exams that simulate the actual adjuster licensing exams are included, helping you to become familiar with the exam format and identify areas where you may need to improve.
  • A la carte tools: A.D. Banker includes valuable resources and a la carte tools in its packages.

A.D. Banker Adjuster Course Cons

  • Cost: A.D. Banker’s adjuster courses can be pricier than some other providers. Some of the learning tools are also expensive if they are add-ons. The best option is to purchase a package that includes these tools. 
  • Jargon in online courses: There are a lot of industry terms throughout A.D. Banker’s online courses. If you are new to insurance, you may opt for a package that includes access to an instructor, such as the web class, to make it easier for you to follow these terms. 

A.D. Banker Adjuster Course Summary

A.D. Banker’s adjuster course is a well-rounded program that prepares students for their adjuster licensing exams and careers in the insurance industry. Although the online courses are jargon-filled, this company also offers instructor-led web-based classes for beginners.

Learn more about A.D. Banker’s insurance courses with our A.D. Banker Insurance Course Review.

Ready to Start Your Insurance Adjuster Education?

For insurance adjuster courses, such as pre-licensing, exam prep, CE, and Xactimate training, StateRequirement recommends:

4.8 out of 5 starsAdjusterPro

Best Insurance Adjuster Courses FAQ

What is an insurance adjuster course?

An insurance adjuster course is designed to help you prepare for a career as an insurance adjuster or to improve your skills if you’re an experienced adjuster. These courses cover topics on anything-adjuster related, such as claims handling and risk analysis.

What are the benefits of taking an insurance adjuster course?

Taking an insurance adjuster course can provide many benefits, such as gaining knowledge and skills to succeed in the insurance industry, meeting licensing requirements in some states, increasing employment opportunities, and earning potential.

What should I look for in an insurance adjuster course?

When looking for an insurance adjuster course, there are factors to consider such as the course’s reputation, course content and formats, costs, and any additional benefits offered, such as certifications or job assistance.

Can I take an insurance adjuster course online?

Yes. Most insurance adjuster courses are offered online, providing flexibility and convenience for people with busy schedules or who prefer to learn at their own pace.

How can an insurance adjuster course increase my chances of finding a job?

Yes. Since insurance adjusters are required to obtain a license or certification to practice, completing an insurance adjuster course may be a prerequisite for obtaining such credentials, which can significantly improve your employability. Browse through available insurance adjuster jobs at our StateRequirement Job Board.

What is the best online insurance adjuster course?

We recommend AdjusterPro, which covers the state-specific exams and courses for insurance adjusters. AdjusterPro is different from other education providers because it solely focuses on adjuster training, including Xactimate software instruction and support.

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