How to Renew Your Delaware Insurance Adjuster License

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Keeping your Delaware adjuster license in good standing with the state is simple. This article gives a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your Delaware adjuster license renewal and complete your continuing education requirements in the state of Delaware.

How to Renew Your Delaware Insurance Adjuster License

Delaware adjuster license renewal is required of all license-holders every two (2) years before the expiration date. The expiration date of your license is set on the last day of February of each even-numbered year, either February 28th or February 29th during a leap year.


If you got your Delaware adjuster license on October 20 2020, your first expiration date would be on February 28th, 2022. After that, your next renewal period would be a full two (2) years, ending on February 29th, 2024.

Your license expiration date is not affected by the date on which you originally obtained your license. With that being the case, your first renewal period may not be a full two years.

Follow these simple steps to renew your Delaware adjuster license:

Step 1. Complete Your Delaware Adjuster Continuing Education

In Delaware, you are required to complete a total of twelve (12) hours of continuing education (CE), including three (3) hours of ethics or consumer protection coursework, to upkeep your adjuster license.

Your continuing education hours are completed by taking adjuster CE courses. These courses are generally held online and taken on a self-paced basis.

Recommended Course

For Delaware insurance adjuster continuing education courses, StateRequirement recommends:

4.7 out of 5 starsKaplan Education Company

There are some instances where you may find in-person continuing education courses available, so find what suits you best and get your hours in before your expiration date.

It’s best to finish your continuing education courses at least a week before your expiration date. This will give the CE company time to report your hours to the Delaware Department of Insurance.

Most CE providers use your license number and NPN number to automatically report your CE hours to the state. If you take an in-person course or an online class from a lesser-known company, be sure to ask if they report your hours when your course is completed.

If you’re not sure what your license number or NPN number is, use the Delaware Insurance License Lookup tool.

Step 2. Apply for Your Delaware Adjuster License Renewal

After you have completed your adjuster continuing education, you will renew your Delaware adjuster license online through an application on NIPR’s website.

There is an $100 fee to renew your Delaware adjuster license.

After you complete your renewal application, the Delaware Insurance Department will email you once your license renewal has been approved or if you need to submit other documents.

The Delaware Department of Insurance will send you an email about ninety (90) days prior to your expiration date allowing you to renew your license.

You are not required to retake the adjuster license exam on renewal, although your continuing education course may require you to take a short knowledge quiz to complete your CE hours.

Renewal After Expiration

If you find yourself in a situation where your expiration date has passed, but you haven’t yet renewed, you may still be able to renew. This comes down to how much time has lapsed since your expiration date.

Within 30 Days

If you complete your continuing education and renewal application within 30 days after your expiration date, you will only need to pay the $100 renewal fee, plus a $200 late penalty fee, for a total of $300 in fees.

Over 30 Days

If your license is not renewed by the last day of your birth month or your 30 day grace period the license will then expire and have a 365 day reinstatement period from the last day of your birth month with a $400 fee.

Delaware Adjuster License Continuing Education Requirements

You must complete:

  • Twenty-Four (24) total hours of continuing education
  • Three (3) hours of the total must be in the subject of Ethics or Consumer Protection

You can find how many hours you have completed using the NAIC Adjuster Continuing Education Lookup tool.

All adjuster continuing education must be provided by a state-approved education company. We recommend Kaplan Education Company to help you fulfill your adjuster CE requirements.

Delaware Department of Insurance Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Delaware Department of Insurance
Producer Licensing Division
Suite 101, 1351 West North Street
Dover, Delaware 19904

Phone: (302) 674-7300



Delaware Insurance Adjuster Renewal FAQ

How do I renew my insurance adjuster license?

All states regulate licensing for all insurance adjusters and insurance agents. The requirements for each state vary, but they have similar steps and processes that apply to all adjusters (whether you’re working as an independent adjuster, public adjuster, or are employed by an insurance company). See the steps above for a detailed adjuster license renewal process in your state.

Do insurance adjuster licenses expire?

Yes. The deadline for renewal varies by state. So it’s best to know your state’s requirements, such as completing your continuing education (CE) courses and when to pay your renewal fees, to ensure your license remains valid.

How much does it cost to renew my insurance adjuster license?

Delaware will charge a fee to renew your insurance adjuster license. The renewal fee is $100. You can pay renewal fees online via credit or debit card using the state’s renewal service, or by mail via check or money order.

What states have reciprocity for adjuster license?

Once you complete your initial adjuster license requirements, you can apply for reciprocity in other states. In insurance licensing, this is a common move since you may also need to work out-of-state. However, you still need to follow your state’s adjuster license renewal guideline in Delaware. Many states that offer reciprocity will accept CE and renewal documents from your licensing state without requiring additional licensing documentation or fees.

Do I need to take an exam to renew my adjuster license?

You only need to pass the insurance adjuster exam as a pre-licensing requirement. To renew your adjuster license, you will need to take CE courses and pay renewal fees as required by Delaware.

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